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Christmas Acrylic Nails

Every year it seems as though the holiday season sneaks up on us quicker and quicker. Once summer is over and school is back in session the holidays are here! There isn’t anything quite like the holiday season. Between the holiday cheer, parties and events, and time with family – there’s so much going on. Naturally, we all want to embrace the holiday spirit as much as we possibly can. Of course dressing with a holiday vibe to your outfits is one way to embrace the season, but don’t forget about your nails this year. We have all done the classic red acrylic nails for Christmas but why not try some out of the box Christmas acrylic nails? Scroll through for some of the most incredible ideas!

1Christmas Edge

Naturally when we think of Christmas acrylic nails we automatically assume they should be red, white and/or green. These holiday nails are such a fun alternative AND they’re just as festive! Great example of how you can use a black and white color scheme if the traditional colors aren’t really your style.

2Blue Christmas Glam

Another color palette you probably didn’t consider for Christmas acrylic nail designs. But how gorgeous are these?! Shades of blue are such a pretty color option, especially when paired with white into the design. To add the Christmas vibe to these nails we adore the snowflake and embellished Christmas tree.

3Edgy Glam Holiday

Is your style edgy? You can keep in line with your personal style personality AND give your acrylic nails the holiday aesthetic with nails like these. The edge comes from the dark matte blue color used and is the perfect combination to white glitter and a single snowflake painted onto one nail. Easy, edgy and chic!

4Snowman Style Acrylics

Opt for a light color palette of pale blue and white for a cute Christmas nail design like this. Using snowman and snowflake art is just as festive as a Christmas tree. This is even a Christmas nail design you can take through the winter season!

5Easy Reindeer Design

We thought this take on a reindeer manicure was too adorable not to include. A great idea to make painting a reindeer design onto nails EASILY. Minimal work necessary here. The use of a muted brown nail polish left solid is a great way to accent the reindeer accent nail.

6Red Candy Canes

While we’ve made it our mission to give you some out of the box Christmas color(s) and design ideas, we had to include some classics like red and white. This Christmas nail art is a modern take on classic elements. Not to mention, this is a fool proof design! Use solid red polish or add some glam with red polish that has some shimmer to it.

7Christmas Color Stripes

These nails give us an updated candy cane kind of vibe – and we’re definitely here for it. Instead of keeping it to the classic red and white striping, throw in some green glitter stripes. The green polish addition elevates the look and makes it even more Christmas-y.

8A Very Chevron Christmas

If these nails don’t get you into the holiday spirit, we’re not sure what will! Don’t be afraid to combine multiple designs, colors and trends into the same acrylic nail look. This is a great example of implementing multiple ideas into on manicure. Plus, when it’s the holidays you can definitely be a little ‘extra’ with your nails.

9Wrapped in Style

Presents are a big part of the holiday season. Whether you’re receiving or giving gifts, there’s a lot of exchanging going on. Why not add that element of the holidays into your Christmas acrylic nails?! The thing we love about this present design is how easy it is to DIY. Choose your color scheme and simply paint stripes on to represent the ribbon + complete with a contrasting bow color (use a stencil if needed).

10All Out Holiday Glam

Another Christmas nail design we’re in complete awe over. We love that they’ve even found a way to bring the clear nail trend into the design – it adds a modern appeal to the overall look, in our opinion. When you can decide on one design for your nails, just bring all of them into play!

11Glitter Christmas Candy

This classic candy cane-like design is a go to for a lot of us during the holiday season. It’s easy to recreate but sometimes you want an updated feel to the look, right? They’ve nailed the update with these nails! Instead of sticking to white and red, opting for CLEAR and red. Simple switch, but adds major style.

12Clear Snowflake Nails

We’ve been talking a lot about the clear nail trend because it’s THAT big of a trend this year. We’re officially obsessed with these clear snowflake nails. They’re so pretty with flecks of iridescent glitter mixed in with a simple white snowflake. Ideal for the woman who wants just a touch of holiday style to her nails.

13Reindeer Reds

If you’ve always love reindeer around the holidays these are the Christmas acrylic nails for you to try this year. They’re glamorous with the use of red glitter polish and rhinestones, and have the cutest reindeer design mixed in. We just love that red nose!

14Christmas Flannel

When you don’t want to go full holiday glam on your acrylic nails, this design is festive with just a touch of glitter. Thinking outside the box here with the implementation of a flannel-inspired design onto the nails. It really plays off of the gold glitter and black reindeer so well.

15Golden Flakes

Proof you don’t have to use red OR green to have a Christmas appropriate nail design. Keep it neutral and glamorous for the holiday season with white and gold – a color palette you really can’t ever go wrong with (no matter the occasion). Make it easy and use a snowflake stencil to get the glitter flakes onto your nails.

16Modern Gold Christmas

We can’t get enough of white + gold nails for Christmas inspired nails. Another great way to bring the color palette into the holiday season. Adding just a touch of Christmas spirit with the modern take on a Christmas tree, we love that they kept it simple on the other nails.

17Metallic Holidays

Didn’t we say white and gold are great colors for Christmas nails? We really weren’t kidding – there are so many ways to use the colors in different ways, too. Work with gold glitter and nail decals to make your Christmas acrylic nail design even easier.

18Golden Greens

Few things represent Christmas time like, well…a Christmas tree! This is an updated take on painting a Christmas tree onto nails, doing so on top of solid white polish allows it to really pop and be the highlight of the design. Since it’s the holidays you can’t ever have enough glitter polish mixed into the design.

19Whoville Inspired Nails

The iconic Christmas movie isn’t just going to be on your television this year, you can bring Whoville right to your nails! Get Grinch themed nail decals to make this super easy and simple. No artistic abilities required then. Aren’t these so fun?!

20Holiday Plaids

Bet you didn’t think of plaid as an option for Christmas acrylic nails, did you? Think about it though, plaid is utilized quite a bit throughout the holidays. That’s exactly why it’s a fun design to add to your Christmas acrylic nail list. Apply the plaid design to one, two or all of nails for a look that’s unique.

21Glam with Holiday Glitter

Red + glitter = all the holiday style. We’re all about the way these nails incorporate a variety of different glitter shapes and sizes, adding more depth to the look. Keep it simple with solid red and glitter nails or bring an added touch like they’ve done on these nails with a holly embellishment.

22Pink Snow Style

Pink and white isn’t ‘traditional’ Christmas but it’s definitely gorgeous! This holiday season it’s all about thinking outside the norm to make your Christmas acrylic nails unique to you and your personal style. If you’re a feminine kind of woman use pink and white in a similar design!

23Matte Holiday Nails

These nails aren’t just beautiful, they’re also the perfect way to add holiday cheer to your nails in a less obvious manner. Consider using various types of glitter, like these really large glitter pieces, to nails to change up the feel. The way this gold glitter was applied gives it a disco ball kind of look and adds the right amount of texture to matte red nails.

24Presents for Nails

Another cute way to paint a present onto your nails. Give your Christmas nails a modern feel with the ombre glitter to allow a red present designed nail to really pop. This combination is the perfect pairing for any acrylic nail length and shape.

25Penguin Chic

Ok, how adorable are these penguin nails?! Penguins are cute no matter what they’re on, but there’s something even cuter about them on nails. Leave the base of the nail clear for a fun contrast with the penguin design.

26Pretty Pink Christmas

You didn’t think we were done with pink nail designs for Christmas, did you? These nails are too stylish not to show you in our list. Proof you can be festive for the holidays, even with a pale pink and white color scheme. It’s all about the snow flake and added touch of glam with glitter.

27Red, White and Christmas

One really unique way to make your Christmas acrylic nails unique is to play with various textures of nail polish. These nails are the perfect example of how solid, shiny polish can instantly get a different feel when a design is added over with glitter. The use of glitter gives the shapes almost a 3D type of feel.

28Touched in Holly

This nail design is pretty simple but oh so gorgeous. You can make this your own by using all three or just two of the nail colors, applied to any of the nails you desire. Bring the colors together for a completed design by adding an adorable holly touch to 1-2 of the nails. This would even look great on an all-white manicure!

29Stiletto Holiday Style

Play off of stiletto shaped acrylic nails with red and white polish. Painting glitter onto the nails in various designs, colors, etc. is such a gorgeous way to bring Christmas right to your nails. Including at least one nail with both colors bring some cohesiveness to the overall manicure.

30Rhinestone Reindeers

You’ve seen a couple of different ways to add a reindeer design to your Christmas acrylic nails, but this is probably the most glam way to do so. Talk about using your creativity and implementing rhinestones as a way to design the reindeer. Don’t forget to complete the reindeer embellishment with a red nose!

31Eggplant Holidays

We must admit, at first we weren’t sure about the use of eggplant in Christmas acrylic nails. But when we stumbled across these beauties our minds changed instantly. You can really use any color palette you like with Christmas nails, when you include traditional Christmas elements like snowflakes and reindeers they instantly get a holiday transformation.

32Glittering Ornaments

There have been presents, reindeer and penguins but we couldn’t forget about ornaments! They’re such a simple design to create because it’s a circle with a string/ribbon. Easy, right? We love that this manicure implemented a muted color scheme of grey and white to play off of the gold glitter.

33Santa Clause Nails

Did you think we weren’t going to include a Santa nail design?! Of course not! These nails are a modern take on Santa, and we love it. Breaking up the classic Santa design(s) onto two nails is so cute and really highlights his face and traditional belt.

34Dipped in Snowflakes

Bring your love of French manicure nails through the holiday season with a design like this. Adding a red tip and completing it with a snowflake is all you need to give the classic nail design a Christmas twist. Keep the rest of the nails simple with solid red, or add a red/white striped nail to the mix.

35Snowflake Art

Snowflakes are such a stylish way to bring holiday cheer to your Christmas acrylics. But when we found this take on snowflake design our jaws dropped. It’s unique, edgy and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We’re never ones to shy away from the addition of subtle rhinestones to complete the look either.

36String Light Style

37Christmas Sweater Inspired

38Muted Holiday Details

39The Grinch Themed

40Blue Tree Nails