twisted rainbow stripe glitz

Rainbow Nail Designs

Looking for a way to make a colorful impact with your nail designs? Rainbow nails are perfect for you! It doesn’t get much more colorful than a rainbow. Before you start to think of rainbow nails like you wore when you were a child, we’re going to quickly change your perspective on this nail trend. We found some epic, updated ways to rock rainbow nail designs like you’ve never seen before. Prepare to fall in love with these designs!

1Prideful Rainbow

Rainbow stripes really pop next to black. The dark foundation color adds some edge. We love that they painted the rainbow stripes diagonally for a bit of a different shape added to the design.

2Rainbow, Checked

Rainbow nails don’t have to be the only design element on nails, combine rainbow with a check print for a completely unique design. This design is giving us colorful Burberry vibes and we’re all about it. It’s really all about the placement of the stripes to make sure the rainbow stripes don’t compete with the check print.

3Colorful Chevron

Chevron had a big moment where it was THE design on nails, while it hasn’t been as popular lately this shows us a modern take on the design that makes it feel incredibly current. Using shimmer polishes really elevates the chevron design, especially when the colors are painted on nude polish as the base.

4Chromed Colors

One of the easiest ways to implement rainbow nail design onto nails is by painting each nail in a different solid color – just like this picture shows. The key here, to make sure the design is still cohesive in some sense, is to select the colors that are all in the same color tone. Adding touches of chrome brings some extra style to this look.

5Cloudy Color

Clouds are quickly becoming a nail design trend. While we didn’t see this one coming, we’re definitely not upset about it. Especially when the clouds are painted onto rainbow nails like this. The rainbow on these nails is unique with an ombre fade to intertwine the colors seamlessly.

6Detailed Designs

The detail on these nails is too impressive not to share with you for inspiration. A great example of how you can use the concept of rainbow nails and all the colors as inspiration to really tap into your creative element for an out-of-the-box manicure.

7Clear Colors

Rainbow colors combined with negative space?! Yes, please! Leaving clear space in the center of each nail completely changes the look and feel of colors. We especially love that they used different shades of the same color on each nail for added dimension.

8Rainbow Paint Drip

How cool are these rainbow nails?! We thought the dripping design at the tips of the nails was so unique. Painting the design on the tips gives this a French manicure-like aesthetic. The touch of black at the very ends is an unexpected addition to rainbow.

9Evil Eye Essence

French manicure inspired, but this is anything but your typical French mani. We thought this rainbow nail design was SO fun. Painting the tips of each nail in a different color is such a fresh way to bring the rainbow vibes to your nails. Of course with these nails, the evil eye design is what really makes this look stand out.

10Glimmering Rainbow Designs

Give your rainbow nail designs a glamourous twist by using colorful glitter polish instead of your typical polishes. Painting the glitter in an ombre effect to create a rainbow design gives rainbow a whole new life here.

11Swirling Rainbow

Change up the look of rainbow nails by swapping out the traditional colors for neon hues. The difference in colors is so fun on these nails, of course the design of the rainbow helps too! Neon acts as a great contrast to silver glitter.

12Rainbow Iridescence

If this isn’t a different take on rainbow nail designs – we’re not sure what is! Pastel shades add a fresh lightness to the nails. Applying these iridescent flake-like pieces gives some edge to the light pastel tones.

13Holographic Colors

Iridescent polish gets even more color with rainbow designs painted on top of the polish. We thought this was such a cool way to include rainbow to nails. Mixing rainbow drip and a swirled rainbow stripe isn’t a mix we would normally expect, but we’re really glad someone thought of it.

14Fiercely Colorful

If you love leopard print this rainbow nail design is perfect for your next manicure. Go all out with the rainbow colors by painting rainbow ombre and topping it off with leopard print spots. We love that they really went all out here and even filled the spots with colors.

15Mattified Neon

This is such a unique take on rainbow nails. Using neon gives nails even more of a bright pop. Mixing in a couple of nails with an ombre fade gives the nails more design and a great way to transition the colors.

16Chicly Striped

Rainbow stripes haven’t looked this great before! Keep it simple with your rainbow nails and paint stripes all over the nails like this. We suggest using tape to section off the nails and make it easier to get perfect lines.

17Rainbow Ombre

We love a good ombre design so we can’t get enough of this take on ombre. Rainbow colors get a seamless transition with ombre. Using glitter color polish gives this an added dose of glam to the entire design.

18Glamorized Rainbow

Ombre fading gives rainbow designs a modern aesthetic. As you can see here, you don’t have to use ombre on every nail to get the dimension and color transition. Complete the rainbow design with rhinestones for added glam.

19Pastel Hues

These rainbow nails are giving us spring candy feels. You too? This is such a perfect rainbow nail design for the spring season. Simply select your favorite pastel nail colors and paint them, solid, on each nail.

20Primary Matte

Another example of painting nails in a solid polish color and getting a great rainbow design. This option is a bit different because they used primary colors as the focal point. Adding a matte finish makes the look feel a bit more completed.

21Glitterized Rainbow Chic

Rainbow nail don’t have to mean detailed designs, stripes or anything like that. For our glitter lovers, this is a gorgeous way to embrace the trend using just glitter. Multi color glitter makes it super easy to get rainbow inspired nails, too.

22Color Pop Glitz

Painting each nail in a different color is one of our favorite ways to rock a rainbow nail design – primarily because it’s so easy to recreate! Change up this easy design by using glitter polish. There really isn’t anything glitter doesn’t enhance.

23Striped Rainbow Love

How fun are these rainbow nails?! Adding a rainbow ombre stripe down the center of nude nails = we’re in love. Keep it simple with the center stripe or add a little extra love with white hearts painted onto the center of the nails.

24Rainbow French Ombre

French ombre is a hard design to pass up, it’s just so good. Using different color glitter polishes on the ends, to create a French ombre effect, may be one of our favorite ways to adapt the rainbow style.

25Spotted Colors

White polish is one of those go-to neutral colors that always feels fresh and light. Use it as a base for rainbow designs to really let the colors pop. Keep it classic with simple designs like polka dots and stripes.

26Lightened Up Rainbow

Another way to combine white polish and rainbow colors with major style. Painting a couple of nails solid white are a great pair for rainbow striped nails. Don’t you think? We love the addition of one white nail with rhinestones glued down the center in rainbow colors.

27Shining Colorful Stars

We’re all about approachable nail designs and when we stumbled upon this rainbow nail design, we had to share it with you because it doesn’t get much more approachable than this. Adding a single star glitter piece onto nails is SO simple but adds so much more style to the look.

28Rainbow French Tips

It’s no secret we’re in love with all the ways people are using their creative abilities to change French manicures and make them their own. This rainbow design is definitely not an exception. Use any of your favorite colors to make this your own.

29Rhinestone Rainbow

Matte black polish is a great look as is, but let’s face it there are times when we want a little color pop to the edgy color. When those times come, use this design for reference! Applying colorful rhinestones in a line onto nails is all you need for a pop of color.

30Reflective Rainbows

Painting just two nails in a rainbow design are just enough to get a cool design. This is especially true when you create a reflective design like this. We thought this mirror-like take on rainbow design was so unique and fun.

31Touched by a Rainbow

Give your nails a real rainbow look by painting stripes onto the nails to achieve a curved look when they’re next to each other. So pretty! Nude polish is the perfect base for this design, because it doesn’t overwhelm the bright stripes.

32Splashing Colors

White polish gets a major rainbow twist with this manicure. Dots down one side of the nails is pretty easy to DIY, too. Just use a toothpick, small paint brush, or end of pen (something along those lines). Using a stencil can also make this more achievable.

33Paint Splatter Style

34Watercolor Rainbow Vibe

Rainbow gets a watercolor type of twist with this design. Use a sponge to recreate this watercolor vibe. Simply paint the sponge with the colors you want, when you press the sponge onto nails you get this design. Black is a fun edgy feel for the contrast, but white would look just as great!

35Edgy Rainbow

Rainbow but with edge – we’re all about these nails. Ombre rainbow gets that edge by leaving the tips of the nails solid black. Just a touch of black is all you need to get that edgy feel.

36Shades of 3

37French Colors

38Unicorn Color

39Clouds in the Sky

40Zebra’s Stripes