metallic silver ombre coffin

Glitter Acrylic Nails

Ahh glitter. Does it ever get old? We sure don’t think so! Regardless of your age, style, etc. glitter always seems to be appropriate and fun on acrylic nails. Anytime you want to add a little something extra to your acrylic nails glitter is the perfect addition to the nail design. We’re sure you’ve used glitter in your nail designs plenty of times in the past, but it’s time you revive the nail go-to – don’t you think? There truly are countless ways you can apply glitter on your nails, many you probably haven’t ever thought of before. Scroll through some gorgeous ideas to get a little nail inspiration!

1Baby Blue Glitz

Baby blues haven’t looked so gorgeous before. Don’t you agree?! With spring right around the corner we’re all about finding nail inspiration that’s appropriate for the season. Give your nails a monochromatic type of vibe by using a glitter polish that matches the rest of your look.

2Teal Glitter Ombre

If you like nails that are darker, with more edge these nails may be more your vibe. Black coffin shaped nails are splashed with a touch of color when teal glitter polish is painted onto the tips in an ombre effect.

3Glitter + Jewels

Go for the ultimate glam manicure by combining glitter AND rhinestones. Why limit yourself?! We adore how they’ve intertwined blue in these nails with blue glitter, blue and clear rhinestones and blue ombre.

4Copper Glitter

It’s not often we come across nails that utilize brown polish. It’s one of those often forgotten colors very few people utilize. Brown polish is getting an overall when it’s applied to compliment copper glitter ombre polish.

5Glitter Chrome

HELLO SHINE! This is such an unexpected combination we wouldn’t have thought of, but we’re so glad someone did because it’s incredible. Gold chrome polish matched with gold glitter is a major metallic nail moment.

6See Through Glitter

We’ve talked a lot about clear and see-through nails being a huge trend for this year. The fun thing about this trend is you can still add touches of design to the trend to make it unique. Glitter is the perfect way to do this!

7Purple Royalty

There’s something about the dark purple that will always give us those royal vibes. Even if we’re not all the Queen of England (because there’s only one after all!), we can still embrace royal vibes with purple nails.

8Iridescent Edge

Iridescent EVERYTHING seems to be just about everywhere. Have you noticed? We sure have, but we have to say we really love it. Iridescent glitter is that glitter style you can always count on to make a statement with your nails.

9Rose Gold Flakes

The fun thing about glitter acrylic nails is how many different types of glitter is available to us now. These rose gold flakes are a great example of how glitter that’s shaped different from the norm provides a different glitter feel.

10Golden Ombre Neutrals

We really love finding ways to elevate neutral, classic nail colors. Glitter is a super simple way to achieve that. Here they added gold glitter over dark grey polish and it works beautifully.

11Glitter Golden Roses

Aren’t these acrylic nails beautiful? They’re unique, glamorous and modern all at the same time. Gold chrome is a perfect pairing to add dimension to gold glitter polish, as you can see here.

12Neutral Glitz

We told you we love seeing how people are elevating neutral nails. Nude polish doesn’t feel like that classic manicure when gold glitter polish is paired with it.

13Green Envy

If you’ve been hesitant to rock green nails, this may change your mind. Green goes glam with green glitter! Add more style to green nails by combining green glitter with green ombre like they did here.

14Glittering Greys

Grey polish doesn’t feel so ‘grey’ when you add a pop of glitter to the mix. Even when you just paint one accent nail with glitter polish it can really change the manicure entirely.

15Holographic Tone Glitter

If you’re looking for the ultimate glitter manicure – this is it! These glitter acrylic nails are for the woman who just wants to be full on glam with her nails. Iridescent glitter painted all over the nails is the easiest way to accomplish that goal.

16Neon White Glam

Neon pink gets a light, fresh touch when paired with white polish as this design shows us. The colors look great on their own but adding glitter to the designs really is what makes this a stand out manicure.

17Iridescent Glitter Ombre

If you like the iridescent trend but you want something that feels a bit softer aesthetically, these nails are for you. Applying this clear iridescent glitter polish to the ends of nails fading as you get closer to the base of the nail gives that ombre effect that isn’t TOO bold.

18Lovely in Lilac

We’re saying it here first: expect to see a lot of lilac and lavender nails throughout the spring and summer. It’s a trend we can all get behind because it’s SO pretty. Keep it monochromatic with a glitter polish that’s close to the rest of your polish.

19Black and Gold

Mixing opposites = winning manicure. Painting your nails in different colors/textures on every other nail is such a fun way to add dimension to the design. Gold glitter looks so wonderful with matte black polish.

20Glitter Iridescent Designs

The subtle iridescent finish on these nails is complimented with ease by glitter polish. We really love that they added a random mix of glitter nails here. The additional shine adds the feeling of texture to this soft toned manicure.

21Neon Glitzy Ombre

Orange and pink aren’t often colors that are paired up, but when they’re both bright tones like this it’s a combo we really adore! The ombre effect makes the transition feel seamless. Of course there’s no denying the glitter applied to the top takes it to the next level.

22Subtle Gold Glitter

Nude nail polish is one of those colors many of us lean on when we want a manicure that’s pretty neutral. If you like that neutral feel but would like a subtle touch of glam – add a hint of gold glitter polish to the mix.

23Angled with Glitter

Aren’t these glitter acrylic nails so fun? Leaving just a slice of the acrylic clear like this really gives these nails a futuristic type of look. Adding glitter in with the clear portion of the nail is the perfect finishing touch.

24Metallic Neutral Designs

Another way to remix your neutral nails using gold glitter! Opting for gold glitter with a design like this keeps the neutral color palette consistent. We’re in love with this design.

25Orange Neon Glam

Give your nails summertime vibes with neon orange. We like how these nails only incorporate small touches of neon orange to allow the orange glitter accent nail to really pop.

26Peachy Glitz

Soft peach polish is a gorgeous color option for the spring and summer seasons. It’s light, fresh and colorful. Mix it up a bit by adding in a gold glitter accent nail.

27Barbie Pink Nails

Feeling like a Barbie girl? Barbie pink = always a good choice. It’s a color that looks great on just about every acrylic nail length. Of course, adding in one or two nails with iridescent glitter doesn’t hurt.

28Pink Marbling

We love a gorgeous pink manicure. Especially when that pink manicure incorporates different trends like marble design and pink glitter like these acrylic nails have done.

29Red Hot Glamour

HELLO lover! While these red hot nails are giving us Valentine’s Day inspiration, it’s a design you can rock any time of year. Red glitter looks incredible on clear acrylic nails.

30Lady in Red

For our ladies who love red but want to add a lot of glam to their acrylic nails – look no further. Applying red glitter all over your nails looks amazing. Glam, fierce and stylish.

31Rosey Gold

Glitter is often seen in metallic shades like silver and gold but don’t forget about the beloved rose gold tone! Rose gold has a bit of a softer, more feminine feel than the typical gold glitter polish.

32Rotating Glitter Styles

Since glitter is such a gorgeous and bold statement when painted onto nails, you can really have fun with how you apply it to nails. Rotate the designs on your nails for more dimension.

33Starry Eyed Glitter

We hope you aren’t tired of the clear acrylic nail trend – because we think it’s going to be around for a while yet. Give your clear acrylics a colorful, fun twist with start iridescent glitter!

34Turquoise Tips

Updated French manicure designs is something we’ve seen quite a bit over the past couple of years. Creating a triangular shaped tip is one of the ways we’ve seen, and it’s pretty fun! We love that they added even more edge to this design with black and teal glitter used on the ends.

35Coffin Turquoise Tipped

Coffin shaped acrylic nails offer an opportunity to really experiment with different designs. We’re obsessed with how they’ve combined different glitter polishes here for a fun take on glitter polish.

36Unicorn Glitter

37French Inspired with Glitter

38Winning in White

39Chic White Glitter

40Glitzy Yellow