Rose Gold Nails

30 Rose Gold Nail Designs

Rose gold nails are a balance of chic and unique style that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going out to a party and need a nail design that matches your outgoing personality, or you simply want a beautiful set of nails, rose gold is a beautiful color to choose. It’s your decision if you opt for an accent rose gold sparkle, or a chrome finish on your fresh set! We have put together a list of the top 30 rose gold nail designs we’re loving at the moment and we hope these give you some inspiration for your nail designs in future!

1Glitter and Sparkle

Playful and fun, these all glitter rose gold nails are not for the faint hearted. They’re beautiful and bold, so ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement with their nail design. Shine bright like a diamond with these nails. They’re great for a party or clubbing night out if you want to dress up and enjoy yourself. It’s possible to create this design at home or visit a nail salon so they can do it for you. Simply purchase some nail glitter (in rose gold!) and apply it over a clear nail polish when it’s nearly dry. After you’ve done this, add another coat of polish to seal the glitter – then you’re done!

2Marble Accents Nails

Take your nails to another world with chic marble accents on your ring fingers. They look minimalistic yet still would be perfect for any day-today activities and occasions. The shining sparkle added to the marble effect adds depth and mystery to this set and we’re totally loving them. White primary nail polish underneath your role gold marble effect looks amazing but darker colors such as grey or black would work too.

3Chrome Finish Nails

Instagram worthy nails are a hope we all wish for when we try doing our nails or when we enter a salon, this unique chrome finish rose gold design isn’t easy to achieve but you are certainly rewarded afterwards. They’re shiny just like a brand-new car and will reflect anything that hits them! Chrome finished designs are done using a powder which makes them so beautiful and unique to other nail designs.

4Matte Pink And Rose Gold Nails

A match made in heaven has to be the matte pink and sparkle rose gold combination. Everyone looks how it looks and it is something so girly, you can’t go wrong. The nail design is pretty simply to create at home too. Use the method from nail design 1 to paint your index and ringer fingers glittering rose gold, the chrome method used in design 3, and then your thumb and middle finger with a matte pink or topcoat! There is practically not any girl in the world who doesn’t adore this nail stiletto look.

5Ombre Glitter

If some of our previous suggestions of designs have been a little too unique and ‘out-there’ you may be looking for something a little less crazy. Adding an ombre rose gold glitter design to a taupe and nude nail polish color looks great and super cute. If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can even try out having one nail all rose gold glitter!

6Reverse Ombre with Chunky Glitter

Most of the time, people opt for finer glitter when they have ombre designed nails but a reverse ombre with chunkier glitter can look amazing too. Adding this style over a baby pink or light grey nail polish looks stunning and we think this is one of our favorites in the whole list. It’s not only unique but elegant and pretty too.

7Glitter Tips

You’ve most likely heard of a French manicure before, take your typical nail design to the next level with a rose gold glitter tip nail design. They look cute on all of your nails but if you’d prefer some accents in between that is beautiful too. It’s such a simply design to do too so it won’t take long either!

8Horizontal Stripes

Another atheistically pleasing design has to be these accented horizonal glitter stripes. They’re separated from the peach nails polish with sliver borders which we are living for! This design is a little unique yet still beautiful to look at and the symmetry is pleasing on the eye too.

9Gothic Matte Black

For those of you who love to channel the inner gothic princess within you, these matte black nail designs with accented rose gold glitter may just be the design you’ve been endlessly searching for.

10Picture Perfect Heart Design

To create this look all you need is a thin brush or a stencil. Beginners will want to find a heart stencil whereas those who are steady-handed and professional can do this free hand. This heart design can be rose gold or any other color, we are totally falling in love with this design though!

11Pretty Leaf Accent

Plain and simple, this design is a small pretty leaf in the top of your nail on any finger. It looks delicate and can add a little fun to your nails without going wild. It’s the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to make a statement but not something too big.

12Geometric Shapes

Dare to be different with some beautifully designed geometric shapes on your rose gold nails. This design isn’t for everyone, but it’s still pretty and we love how unique it looks. To be able to create this look you may have to be very talented, but it is possible! Try it out for yourself!

13Spots and Dots

Symmetrical designs are some of our favorite and dots are super cute too. It’s a great design to try out if you’re a beginner.

14Boss Babe

Nothing says boss babe quite like a perfect manicure and what could make it better than added accents and diamonds. Everyone is sure to be jealous when you turn up to work rocking this nail design.

15Contrasting Colors

The almond nail is a trending shape right now and what better way to rock a rose gold design than contrasting it with some black and white designs too. Only a true nail geek would love how amazing they look.

16Candy Cane

Candy lovers reunite over this yummy and scrummy nail design with added rose gold glitter and accents. Beautiful and almost good enough to eat.

17Marble and Chrome

Find the perfect balance of elegant and chic with this marble and chrome rose gold design. It’s super cute and perfect for anyone who wants to be the ultimate girl boss. Matte ombre pink and white designs look great too, it also adds a lot of depth and fun to the overall design.

18Pretty in Pink

Add some rose gold to your pretty pink nails for the ultimate look whatever the season is. Rose gold accents and glitter can truly add personality to your nails and show the world what you’re all about. Mix darker cool shades of pink with nudes and then make sure to add that classic rose gold glitter for the perfect finish.

19Triangle Nail Design

Do this design yourself with a few small steps, it’s perfect even for those of you who are starting out in the nail industry. Start with two small strips of gold nail foil and place them in arrow shapes (similar to the picture) then use a small brush to paint the surrounding areas white for a contrast in color. This triangle rose gold design looks stunning. We love it!

20Red and Beige Combo

Everyone wants to look like an Instagram model, don’t they? Having this red and beige combination with an accented rose gold glitter nail is a perfect example of how to get totally #instafamous. We love these contrasting colors and think every girl should try it.

21Bling Thing

Sliver and rose gold are a match made in heaven, we shouldn’t need to convince you otherwise. It’s such a beautiful nail polish idea – we think deserves more attention in the nail industry. We’re especially loving the coffin shaped design too.

22Criss Cross

To create this look, all you have to do is paint your nails the designated color and purchase some nail stencil tape. Cut it into thin lines and place on the nails over polish placing in a cross shape. Voila! You have a beautiful and elegant nail design.

23Fancy Mani

Are you unsure of having a standard French manicure for a special occasion or your wedding day? Try this fancy mani, it’s pretty yet chic. Nude and rose gold is such a wonderful combination.

24Disco Ball

Get the party started with this nail design and add a rose gold disco ball to your typical polish. It’s a great idea to have an accent nail so you don’t overdo the nail design and can appreciate it for how beautiful it truly is.

25Leopard Print Nails

One of the most stunning designs we have ever seen is the leopard print nail art, it has a striking element about it without being too invasive. Any animal lover would rock these nails anywhere, anyday!

26Glamorous Nails

Rose gold is such a glamorous trend, need we explain anymore about how amazing and beautiful these nails are? Change up your nail style by adding a variety of styles such as ombre glitter and a glitter stripe. We’re totally in love with these long coffin shaped nails.

27Reverse Glitter Tip

Earlier in our top picks list we spoke about glitter tips and how great they look. Reverse glitter tips are a beautiful alternative if you’re looking for something different to all your friends!

28Ombre Glitter Overlay

Everyone loves a glitter polish over their ombre French manicure, right? We know we do! Adding a rose gold glitter over any French manicure looks stunning.

29Holographic Nails

Those of you who have an outgoing and confident personality will be able to shine through these rose gold holographic nails. They’re a total dream and are goals for so many girls going to the salon to get their nails done.

30Nails With Jewels

How amazing is this nail design? We’re loving the accented rose gold jewels on the ring finger and the contrasting white nails are beautiful too.

31Simple Metallic Rose Gold Nails

32Coffin Acrylic Rose Gold Ombre Glitter Nails

33Short Coffin Rose Gold and Glitter Nails

34Three Color Rose Gold Almond Nails

35Baby Pink Rose Gold and Glitter Nails

36Coffin Rose Gold and Diamond Nails

37Pink, Ombre and Glitter Nails

38Long Pink Ombre Glitter Nail Design