Wedding nails

Wedding Nail Designs For Brides

Wedding manicure can be whatever you imagine for your big day. You can match your nails with the venue, the theme of the wedding, season or with your wedding gown; or you can go for some epic combo that will bring your entire look into a completely different level. Take a look at these gorgeous wedding nail ideas to help you choose your nail design for your big day.

1Traditional White Wedding Nails

We are starting off with classic white nail design with white leaves. This design is suitable for brides that want to add a dash of chicness to their overall wedding look.

2Wedding Blue Nails

These nails feature an unconventional wedding nail look. Navy, baby blue, and the white matte combo can look so chic along with a wedding dress.

3White Marble Nails

White marble nails – such an elegant trend that is so suitable for brides. If you pair them with white stiletto nails, you’ll also add a luxurious note to your wedding look.

4Pastel Bridal Nails

This romantic design is ideal for fall brides. In this look, white, purple and pink varnishes are intertwined to create magic. The matte finish is added to give the nails a bit of texture, but if you prefer glossy nails skip this step.

5Maple Leaf Nude Nails

Bridal nail designs do not necessarily mean long nails. You can still look super elegant and glamorous with short nails. The subtleness of the nude nail color is interrupted with a cute 3D leaf pattern.

6Bridal French Pointy Nails

For your wedding day, you have to let your personality flash. So, forget trends and stereotypes. If you want art on your nails for your wedding day, then go for it. We suggest these stunning pink and white stilettos with diamonds. 

7Peachy Nail Art

In case you want to keep your nails short then these peachy babies are ideal for your fall wedding. This eye-catching design is minimalistic yet classy – A perfect bridal look.

8Pretty in Pink Nails

These nails are elegant and subtle, and at the same time bold. Here we opted for raspberry pink combined it with cute flower patterns on a white base. Aren’t these just breathtaking?

9Golden Accent Nails

The white and maroon combo is a beautiful trend for fall. If you add a bit of glitter and golden foils on top of it, you can get an elegant nail design that would look perfect as a bridal manicure.

10Beige Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto nails will look chic no matter what color you choose. However, we think that you should go for this gorgeous beige nail polish that will look so stylish as a bridal design. We suggest using Essie’s “Take It Outside” polish.

11Pink and Gray Nail Design

This nail design is for chic brides, and features baby pink and gray nail polish combined with flower prints. We think that this would look perfect on almond-shaped nails along with some lavishing bouquet of pink roses.

12Ombre Wedding Nails

Ombre is always a good choice, even for a wedding. Our suggestion for your special occasion are these sophisticated gray-to-white ombre nails, covered with a matte top coat.

13Mix and Match Wedding Nail Designs

Here we have an alternative option for all of you that want to go over the top with your wedding manicure. Different techniques and colors have been mixed to create this stunning evening nail look.

14French Manicure with a Twist

If you want to vamp it up then add little something to the classic French nails, and you bring your wedding manicure onto a different level with dimonds and floral design to match your wedding dress.

15Lavender Nails

Adding texture and a bit of color to your nails is a perfect way to make the wedding manicure even more interesting. To achieve this look, we suggest a design featuring lavender and white nail polish with some elegant 3D flower designs.

16Timeless Bridal Nails Look

Lace is a timeless design when it comes to wedding nails.  Therefore, if you want your nails to complement your lacy wedding dress, pick out this elegant manicure.

17Red Velvet Nails

Oxblood red is such a sophisticated color, and if you ask us, a perfect option for brides. For those brides thinking this is a dull look, try adding nude varnish onto one nail. It will juice up the look for sure.

18Negative Space Nude Nails

Negative space nail became a big trend on Instagram lately. If you like subtle colors, this shade and feather design would make a stunning wedding nails look.

19Winter Wedding Nails

Nude color with white is such a classic wedding nail look. Even though minimalistic, it gives chic tone to your nails. If you are a fan of subtle and pale, this is an impeccable design for your winter wedding.

20Royal Nail Design

Long almond-shaped nails go perfectly with the concept of royal blue nail polish. And details are something that could make your blue wedding manicure beyond authentic.

21Lavishing Wedding Nails

Rose gold and pink shimmer together is a cool combination. In case you choose these as your wedding look, we suggest adding lavishing 3D flower prints.

22Pastel Matte Nails

This design is so refined that we couldn’t resist it. This cute look is ideal for a winter wonderland themed wedding.

23Brown Matte Nails

Believe it or not, another color that is great for fall weddings is brown. Instead of using gel, we suggest using acrylic nails topped with a matte finish. Leaf patterns are added for extra glam.

24Fairy-like Manicure

If you’re looking some cute yet graceful look for your summer wedding party, you cannot go wrong by trying out this nail look. C-through nails with some holographic embellishments would be such an adorable addition to your dress.

25Half Moons Nails

Half moon design on nails is such a cool trend. Taupe nude base with white detailing is a perfect match. Half-moons may appear as a bold choice for a wedding, but in fact, these are going to give a dose of subtlety to your overall look.

26Old Hollywood Glam Nails

Here we have a perfect design for all those brides that want to break stereotypes. This black and beige design resembles a lot of Old Hollywood glamour, and it can be such a chic and edgy wedding look.

27Go for Gold Nails

Gold shimmer can add glam to your wedding look. Sometimes, simple designs like this one are as eye-catching as any other design.

28Princess Wedding Nails

This adorable design is perfect for a fairytale-themed wedding. It features metallic white and pink nails in almond shape – a combo that that’ll make your nails look elegant and chic.

29The Pearl Manicure

Metallic nails could be such stylish option for your big day. Our suggestion for achieving the look from the photo is OPI’s “Kyoto Pearl” nail polish.

30Cuteness Overload Floral Nail Design

This look has such a feminine and gentle vibe, and it’s probably the cutes design from our list. What a perfect spring wedding design!

31Beach Nails

If you plan a beach wedding, you should incorporate not only your dress into the setting but your nails as well. These baby blue coffin-shaped nails are something that would perfectly suit the theme.

32Peachy Perfection Nails

We are so in love with these peachy shades. Peachy polish in combination with glitter will make your nails look luxurious. Achieving this look is easy, and it goes best on top of long nails.

33Stunning Stiletto Nails

Dear brides, if you are in search of a stunning and refined nail design that’ll emphasize your elegance, you should try these. The subtleness of the look is accentuated with holographic nail polish in a purple shade.

34French with Glitter Nails

How stunning and elegant is this combination of translucent nails polish with gold rhinestones and shimmer? It’s an Ideal look for a summer wedding.

35Chrome Hearts Nails

This technique will draw attention to your bridal nails. The holographic heart patterns, along with an ombre base, will look good on any nail shape or length. 

36Taupe and Poppies Wedding Nails

Make your taupe nail design stand out by contrasting it with a flower print. What a cute idea for a wedding day nail design!

37Elegant Almond-shaped Nails

Dear future brides, instead of choosing a classic wedding manicure, dare to try something over the top and chic like this matte and glitter light peach and white nails with gold aornaments.

38Gold Pearl Nails

We are smitten by these cuties. Matte nudes that are jazzed up with a dash of gold are a playful design that will bring a dose of edginess to your wedding look.

39Lace Print Nails

If you are looking soft yet unique look for your wedding, velvet lace patterns would be a perfect choice. This nails design look so cute, and will make an exquisite nail design to match your wedding look.

40Pink and White Wedding Nails

This pink geometric design is minimalistic and at the same time so chic. It will look good on any nail shape or length, so give it a try.

41White Design Nails

A subtle yet gorgeous design if you’s like to have an elegant look.