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Shellac Nail Designs

One of the things we love most about the nail world right now is how many different manicure options are available to all of us. Have you noticed just HOW many different ways we can get our nails done? There’s acrylics, gel, shellac, dip…the list goes on! There really is something for everyone’s preferences and lifestyle. Shellac is one of the newer manicure options available and as with any new nail method that comes out, it can sometimes feel limiting in terms of color/design options. However, we wanted to show you just a handful of shellac nail design options – because there are a LOT more available than you likely realize. Start scrolling through the list to check out some stunning shellac nail designs!

1Beauty Baby Blue

This baby blue hue is so pretty! It’s the perfect color choice for the warm weather months, when you want to add a light and bright color to your nails. We love the golden toned glitter accent nail for a little dimension added.

2Barbie Pink Shellac

Ahhh Barbie pink – we’ll never get tired of this pink shade. Will you? There’s just something about it that is always fun on nails. It’s a great shellac color for nails. Adding pink glitter over the pink shellac gives a monochromatic touch of glam.

3Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow

Can’t choose one color – you don’t have to! Combine two pastel shellac colors together onto one manicure. Applying pastel yellow to different nails, in combination with pastel blue, gives a fun pop of brightness to the manicure.

4Sunshine Yellow Shellac

If these shellac nails don’t scream summertime sunshine, we don’t know what does! Keep it simple with solid yellow shellac all over the nails. When you have a bold color like this yellow, you don’t have to worry about adding any other details.

5Chrome Designed Shellac

How chic are these shellac nails?! We’re all about metallic and chrome touches added to nails right now. It gives neutral nail colors, like pink and white as shown, a major style upgrade.

6Cobalt Blue Shellac

Wow this cobalt blue shade is stunning! This is a color that you can really allow to stand it all its glory alone. You’re sure to make a fun, colorful statement with this shade of cobalt blue shellac on your nails.

7Golden Coral Shellac

These shellac nails are another gorgeous option for the spring and summer seasons. Coral is a warm weather color – that’s for sure! Mix up this bright color with gold glitter applied to a nail for a fun accent twist.

8Forest Green Shellac Design

We’ve given you quite a few spring and summer shellac colors, but we didn’t forget about the rest of the year! During those fall/winter months when you want a darker shellac hue – this dark green is a gorgeous option. It gives you a little color that still feels appropriate for the season.

9Dark Purple Shellac

Another gorgeous fall/winter color option! Swap out your traditional black shellac nails this time of year for something with a touch of color, like this deep purple shellac shade. Adding a matching color glitter to the accent nail gives just a little glitz.

10French Tip with Shellac

French tip manicures aren’t just for acrylic nails! We love that French tip is a design that can be implemented using every type of manicure available, shellac included. Gorgeous, classic and chic!

11Glitzy Hot Pink

Oh how we love hot pink polish! This shade of hot pink is perfection in our eyes. Keep it simple with the hot pink color applied to all of your nails or add a little dimension into the mix with gold glitter on one or two nails.

12Shellac Mauve Neutral

Mauve tones have been gaining a lot of popularity around the nail community and we really love it! It’s a fairly neutral color that still has a color feel to it, so you really get the best of both worlds. It looks great with any nail length/shape, too.

13Minty Fresh Shellac

It’s all about pastels this spring season! Ok, it’s kind of always about pastels during the spring season. We adore this minty pastel shade – a color we often overlook when it comes to choosing a shellac nail color. It’s so pretty!

14Shimmering in Moss

The thing we really love about this mossy green shellac shimmer color? It’s a shade that you can really wear any time of year. The shimmer finish provides depth to the color that makes it anything but your average green shade.

15Muted Blue Shellac

You’ve seen a couple of different shades of blue shellac so far, and there are plenty more! We thought this muted blue color was a unique blue tone. So often we see pastel blue and cobalt blue, this is a happy medium. If you’re looking for a blue shellac shade that isn’t really light (pastel) or really bright (cobalt) consider this shade!

16Toned Down Red

Similar to the blue tone in the previous slide, this shade of red has a muted or toned down type of feel to it. We really love the muted feel! With red we generally always see the classic red polish, but that isn’t for everyone. This is a fun alternative.

17Metallic Navy Shellac

How pretty is this navy shellac color? Such a pretty alternative if you want something a little less harsh than classic black shellac. Navy gets a lightened, glamorous take when silver glitter is applied into the mix.

18Rainbow of Neutrals

Breaking news: rainbow nails are THE trend of the year. Don’t get confused though, rainbow nails can be applied with various types of colors – like neutrals here! Combine all your favorite neutral shades of shellac together into one unique, pretty manicure.

19Neutrally Glam

Another gorgeous way to combine different shades of neutral shellac colors together into one manicure. Here they added a little more design and glam to the neutral shades with gold glitter applied to various nails.

20Nude Shellac

Keep it simple, modern and trendy with nude shellac nails. Nude nail color is EVERYWHERE. The good news? It’s neutral and super easy to wear. Just find the right shade of nude to flatter your style preferences and you’re good to go.

21Soft Neutral Shellac

Yet another chic way to combine neutral shellacs! White, nude and silver glitter – you probably didn’t realize these shellac shades would look this great together. We adore this manicure for the spring or summer. Silver glitter is optional, but it does add a little something extra to the nails.

22Pretty Pink Pastel

If you like pink nails, this pastel pink shellac was made for you. We couldn’t resist this simple pastel shellac manicure. It’s a color that’s pretty, adds some color to your nails, and is rather modern in aesthetic.

23Purple Tinted

We’re always on the white nail train during the warm weather months. But if we’re really honest, sometimes solid white nails can feel a bit old after countless weeks of the same color. Enter: purple tinted shellac! This slight purple tint adds just enough color to mix up your simple white shellac nails.

24Pastel Rainbow Hues

You didn’t think we were done with the rainbow trend did you? Use pastel shades of shellac to embrace the rainbow nail trend this year. These pastel shades are absolutely GORGEOUS. Combine all your favorite pastels to get this look.

25Shaded in Pastels

We know we just showed you a pastel rainbow manicure, but we want to give you options here! This pastel rainbow design is a bit lighter in the color tone – making this manicure perfection for the spring season. Easter manicure, anyone?!

26Peach Iridescence

We’re (peachy) keen on these shellac nails! Add solid peach shellac to a couple of your nails, take the peach manicure to another style level by adding a peach iridescent polish to a couple of the other nails. The contrasting finish is so fun and trendy.

27Golden Pink Shellac

This is another example of how you can elevate your typical white manicure. This shellac color, if you look really closely, has a pink tint to it. That pink tint looks great paired with rose gold glitter.

28Artistic Pink Design

Adding an artistic design to even ONE nail in your shellac manicure is all you need to get a manicure that’s filled with major style factor. As you can see in this picture. Pink shellac doesn’t feel like your typical pink manicure when it’s combined with this artsy accent nail.

29Summertime Monochrome

The rainbow nail trend strikes again! This time, with more of a monochromatic type of look. Here they really stuck with the orange/pink tones on each nail and just selected different tones together. The color palette is giving us all the vacation vibes!

30Ombre Glitter Pink

We all really can’t get away from nude pink polish colors right now. But one look at this picture and it’s easy to see why – it’s beautiful! Nude pink is elevated with silver iridescent glitter applied in an ombre effect to the base of each nail.

31Shellac Muted Purple

How pretty is this purple shellac shade? It’s such a unique purple color. Not bright, not dark, not pastel – just somewhere in the middle and we’re all about it. Because it’s a color that’s in that middle area you can wear this any time of year on any nail length.

32Iridescent Purple Shellac

Another unique shade of purple shellac! How fun is this bright, yet light purple shellac shade?! It looks even better when iridescent glitter is added in combination with it. We’re adding this to our list of must-have manicures in the coming months.

33Mauve Glitz

A common misconception people have about neutrally colored shellac nails is that it’s boring. This shellac manicure is a great example of how you can stick to the neutral colors and still be left with a design that’s stylish.

34Red Edge

These shellac nails are red hot in our eyes! Such a stunning color, definitely giving us holiday vibes. While it does feel holiday-esque it’s still a shellac hue you can wear anytime you want a classic red manicure.

35Golden Edge Shellac

It’s all in the details people! Here they added a thin gold metallic touch to the base of each nail and it completely changed the aesthetic of the nails. Adding metallic touches gives just about any shellac color a glam edge.

36Timeless in Taupe

37Turquoise Toned Shellac

38Fresh in Rhinestones

39White Striped with Glitter

40Sunny Shellac Yellow