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Warm and Cool Neutral Nails

The neutral nail movement is REAL. You’ve probably noticed, and you’ve probably tried the trend out for your own nails at least once or twice by now. One of the things many of us love about neutral nail colors is they look great with everything you wear. Nothing worse than feeling like your nail color choice doesn’t compliment the rest of your outfit – are we right or are we right? The thing about neutrals is there are a LOT of neutral nail colors. We thought we’d help you pick your next neutral colored manicure by giving you a list of some gorgeous warm and cool neutral nails.

1Barely Pink

This OPI shade is so pretty! Part of their ‘always bare for you’ collection. It’s a stunning soft, warm nude that offers some pinky undertones to it. It’s that great middle ground between a nude and pink shade. Love it.

2Between the Sheets

The nail polish brand Heroine killed it with this cool neutral nail color. This particular shade is called ‘between the sheets.’ It’s this beautiful light beige color with cooler undertones. Great color for anytime of year, but we especially love it for the fall and winter.

3Blue Toned Grey

Yes, grey is a neutral! It’s common for many of us to think only white and black are neutrals but there’s a whole world of neutral colors out there. This gray offers a stunning cool, blue undertone. The blue tone to this grey shade really elevates the color.

4Cement the Deal

Another example of a neutral grey nail color. This color is a bit lighter in tone compared to the previous, but it still has that blue, cool undertone which really makes it perfection for the spring season. Because of the blueish tone it gives this color an almost pastel like feel.

5Secret Nude

Leave it to Chanel to come to us with the perfect shade of nude nail polish. This color, ‘secret,’ is GORGEOUS. The perfect nude that will look great on every skin tone because of the warm undertone. This is a great year round neutral color.

6Clothing Optional

Essie came out with this color called ‘clothing optional’ and we immediately fell in love with this as a warm neutral nail color. It’s a color that’s kind of between a mauve and brown color with this great warm undertone to it. Really gives you the best of both worlds.

7Cool Toned Nude

If a lighter, nude color is more your speed this Essie brand color may be for you. The light beige shade has a cool undertone, which is what really emphasizes the beige element of the color.

8Creamy Beige

We’re all about this creamy beige nail color. Not all beige nail colors are created equally – which is why we’re doing an entire post just on neutral nail colors. This creamy beige nail polish offers this unexpected cool undertone that really brightens the color.

9Dulce de Leche

OPI never disappoints, especially with their wide range of neutral nail colors. Dulce de leche by OPI is a neutral shade that has a pink tone to it, with a soft warmth. It was a shade from their Fall 2016 collection but we’re sure they have something similar if you can’t find this exact shade now.

10Fairly Beige

Once again, OPI swept us off our feet with a show stopping neutral nail color. This particular color has a fair, light beige feel to it. While it’s light and bright it does still have a warm undertone to the color that we really love. Great light neutral!

11Crème Beige

ORLY is another brand we’ve loved and adored for many years, particularly because they come out with beautiful nail colors like this one. This neutral color is kind of a mix between beige and grey, it’s not quite either bringing it right in between the two classic colors.

12Icy Blue

We couldn’t resist including this fair blue nail color. Because this particular shade of blue is SO light it gives it a neutral aesthetic you don’t see often. The icy blue hue is great if you’re looking for a cool toned neutral color and you want something that’s a bit more neutral than a true pastel blue color.

13Lady Like

Lady Like by Essie is another one of our favorites from the brand. Such a beautiful warm neutral color. It’s much lighter in tone from a typical mauve, but it has a mauve like feel to the color. For the times you want a neutral but want something that feels a bit like a color this is great to try.

14Let Them Eat Rice Cake

You’ve seen pure white nail polish everywhere, and we all love a good white nail color. If you want something that has the lightness white polish offers but are interested in a color that feels a bit softer – we have you covered with this color. This shade is called “let them eat rice cake” by OPI.

15Light Tone Nude

Here we go with a stunning light nude nail color. It’s another color that’s almost like a combination between a couple of different neutral shades. We’re seeing elements of a nude and white in this particular color. Softer than white and lighter than a typical nude.

16Manor House Taupe

Neutral nails are anything but boring. You’ve probably gathered that by this point in the list, but we wanted to keep showing you ALL the fun options out there. We fell in love with this shimmering taupe nail color. Yes – shimmer polishes can also be neutral!

17Matte Black

We don’t have to tell you black is an awesome neutral color to lean on, especially for the times when you want your nails to have a bit of edge. Our favorite way to rock solid black polish? Opting for MATTE black polish.

18Matte Mauve

We’ve noticed that mauve is a forgotten neutral nail color among the nail world and to be honest, we want to change that because it’s such a pretty color painted on nails. The proof is in the picture here! This matte mauve nail color is warm, soft and feels a little edge thanks to the matte finish.

19Matte Monochrome

Can’t choose ONE neutral nail color for your manicure? You don’t have to – go ahead and combine all your favorite neutral shades into one manicure. We’re obsessed with this neutral manicure combining warm and cool neutral shades together.

20Cool Mauve

Another stunning shade of mauve we couldn’t resist including in this list. This mauve color has a cool tone to it, which is something that really helps to give the mauve shade a neutral feel. Gorgeous color for the fall and winter months.

21Neutral Blue

Don’t be mistaken, while this IS a blue color the cool tone and shade of this particular color makes this a neutral friendly color. We love this shade by OPI for the fall season – doesn’t it give you all the fall vibes?!

22Muted Brown

We’ve found that brown is one of those colors that a lot of women avoid applying to their nails. We’re hoping when you see this neutral brown color by OPI you’re going to change that. The neutral undertone makes this brown have a greyish vibe.

23Beige Design

Using ONLY neutral colors you can create a stunning nail design. As you can see here! Warm beige acts as the perfect neutral foundation color to play off of for this manicure. We’re absolutely in love.

24Nude Glitz

This soft, warm toned nude polish is giving us all the feels for spring! The warmness of the nude shade creates the feeling of pastel here, without actually being a pastel shade. We love that they added a neutral metallic glitter touch to these nails.

25Peachy Nude

This is the perfect shade for brides to be! It’s such a stunning nude shade that gives you a sophisticated look to perfectly compliment that shiny bling on your ring finger. Of course, even if you’re not about to get married it’s still a winning peachy nude shade.

26White with Pinky Undertone

Bright white polish gets a slight shift with a pink undertone here. We’re absolutely in love with this particular shade of white polish because it doesn’t feel like your average white polish. Gorgeous for any skin tone and nail length.

27Play the Peonies

Isn’t this cool neutral nail color beautiful? The metallic like finish really elevates the overall look of the light nude color. It doesn’t look like your typical neutral nail color. This color is by OPI – one of our favorite brands for neutral nails.

28Purple Tinted White

We’re loving the way brands have added unexpected tints to classic neutral colors. Here, ESSIE added a subtle purple tint to white polish. The perfect neutral color for springtime!

29Seal Gray

This brand really nailed the name of this color with Seal Gray. Don’t you think? It looks exactly as it sounds. It’s gray with a beige element mixed in that doesn’t make it your average gray color.

30Shades of Gray

We couldn’t resist this combination of neutral colors. A big nail trend this year is the rainbow trend, where you paint every nail a different color. We’re head over heels for this take on the trend using various shades of neutral colors together. The key is using colors in the same tone.

31Sheer Class

Here we have a sheer pink nail color that is pure perfection. While it has a pink color to it, it definitely offers a sheer element that doesn’t make the pink TOO pink. If you’re looking for a nude color that isn’t too nude, you may want to try something like this.

32Softly Pink

OPI continues to impress us with their ability to create countless neutral nail colors that we’re in love with. This soft nude color almost looks see through, or sheer. The warm undertone in this color doesn’t make the color feel like a true nude polish.

33Tanline Tan

We thought this neutral color was too unique to not include in this list. It has this incredible warm undertone to the nude hue that gives it a tan family look. This is a neutral color you can rock all year long with confidence.

34Taupe Toned Gray

Looking for a taupe nail color that feel soft and cool? Here it is! The cool undertone of the taupe shade provides the feel of a softer gray polish color that makes this particular color incredibly versatile.

35Tickle Me Francey

We are all about this nude nail color by OPI! Called ‘Tickle My France-y’ we’re tickled pink by this. It’s another one of those perfect nude colors. Thanks to the extra shiny finish it adds dimension to the nail color while keeping it neutral.

36True Nude

37Warm Neutral Brown

38Warm Nude Polish

39Fresh Whites

40Cooling Gray