mauve glitter mattified short

Short Coffin Nails

Chances are you’ve seen coffin acrylic nails quite a bit in recent years. It’s been an incredibly popular nail shape. While we know you’ve probably seen coffin nails in very long lengths, short coffin nails look just as great and can be more wearable for some. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up some incredibly fun short coffin nails to show you how to rock the shorter length. If long coffin nails just aren’t for you, or if you want something different, scroll through to get inspired!

1Baby Blues

These baby blue coffin nails are spring/summer stunners! The soft color palette is so pretty for the warm weather months. It also gives a soft aesthetic to combine with the sharp short coffin shape.

2Barbie Pink

Keep your short coffin nails simple, feminine and pretty with a Barbie pink nail color. This color is such a stand out as is, you really can’t go wrong. It highlights the squared coffin shape, too.

3V-Tip in Black

Make your short coffin nails feel geometric, with minimal design elements added to the mix. Here they did that with the v-tip ends in black. It’s simple and minimal in the design but really makes it feel super edgy.

4Black and White Style

Black and white is the color combination we all know and love. The way they combined the colors here makes the colors feel fresh, modern and minimal. Of course, we’re all about the rhinestone addition for fun!

5Bright Blue

One of our favorite things about short coffin nails is you can paint the nails in one solid color and still count on an epic manicure look. Try painting your nails with colors out of your norm – like this bright blue hue.

6Blue Ombre

Ombre got a colorful edge with these nails! Aren’t they stunning? The brighter shade of blue, fading into clear polish is everything. We really love the darker tone used between the base and tip colors for added dimension.

7Butterfly Design

White coffin nails got transformed with a butterfly! We thought this take on butterfly design was super fun, painting half of the butterfly on each nail. It’s just enough of the butterfly touch to give you a fun manicure.

8Fluttering Butterflies

If you like the butterfly trend, but want something with a little more of a glam vibe – butterfly shaped glitter is for you. Apply the glitter onto a clear nail for added dimension and a modern aesthetic. The white color scheme keeps it fresh and light.

9Metallic Stripes

Talk about a stylish twist on French tip manicures. Applying gold metallic stripes to the ends gives an artistic, edgy take on the classic design. The shiny metallic finish of the stripes give added texture when paired with matte polish.

10Chic in Coral

If you want a manicure that’s bold and bright – look no further! This color scheme is a coral/pinky tone that gives us major summertime vibes. Mix it up with different designs and textures on every nail for a manicure that’s unique.

11Cow Print Vibe

We’re not sure if you’ve gotten the memo, but recently cow print (yes, you read that correctly) has been trending. It’s primarily been seen in fashion, so it’s natural to see it popping up in the beauty world. We love this take on the print!

12Curved Fashion

How stunning are these short coffin nails? We’re in love. The soft, neutral color scheme is beautiful. Using pure white for the curved element really pops on top of the matte nails.

13Emerald Jewels

We love showing you manicures that are just a simple, solid nail color painted onto nails. It’s not always about all the design when achieving a pretty manicure. These emerald green nails prove that!

14French Tip Ombre

You’ve probably seen French tip ombre nails over the years, it’s been the modern take on the French tip manicure for quite a while. It’s chic and feminine. Perfect for the woman who wants a classic manicure with a modern twist.

15French Tip Coffin

Ok so we showed you the French tip ombre, but we didn’t forget about the classic French tip manicure! Sometimes classic is best – and thanks to short coffin-shaped nails you can rock the design and know you’re still going to look stylish.

16Green Jellies Short Coffin Nails

Jelly nails (see through) seem to be one of the favorite nail trends of the year. We’re all about the trend, especially when they’re applied with short coffin shaped nails. It adds that extra edge to the look.

17Neon Ends

We know, we know the French tip inspired designs are abundant! There’s a reason there are so many interpretations of the classic design – it’s fun, stylish and unique. Here they swapped white for neon lime green.

18Hot Pink Glam

If you’re a woman who loves a manicure that feels girly and pretty – this manicure was made for you. Between the hot pink polish, white glitter and short coffin shape it’s all of the feminine girly things we know and love.

194th Inspired

Get patriotic with your short coffin shaped nails this year. We thought this was a stylish way to bring patriotism to a manicure. Using glitter, ombre and rhinestones is what makes the 4th of July theme feel a little more stylish.

20Lavender Pastel

Pastels are trending in fashion and beauty pretty heavily this year. Whether you’re new to the color scheme or not, there’s no denying this pastel lavender color is incredibly pretty. It’s soft, feminine and feels so modern.

21Matted Mauve

Matte + glitter = the combination you can always count on. Here they used a mauve color scheme to get that monochromatic theme that’s soft and pretty. The edginess of the squared ends gives a bit of a different feel to mauve.

22Neutrally Chic Short Coffin Nails

We’re back with another solid nail color for short coffin nails. Nude nail polish is always going to be a winning style choice. When the shape of your nails is as gorgeous as coffin shaped nails, that’s all you need!

23Shades of Purple

Monochromatic nails in a different way than we’ve shown you so far on the list. This time, they painted every nail in a different shade of purple to get the monochromatic vibe going on. Super easy to DIY and/or recreate.

24Pop of Green

Let’s face it, when you opt for a nail color that’s bold on its own you can keep it really simple. Lime green is one of those colors. Of course the short coffin nail shape definitely adds to the statement making look.

25Bright Purple

We’re not quite done with the neon nail looks. On these nails we like that they took the look up a notch with a matte finish applied to the neon purple color. Matte edge + nail shape edge = perfection!

26Neutral Shades Designed

Can’t pink just one neutral shade for your nails? No need to! Mixing neutral shades together is a sure fire way to elevate your manicure. The added metallic touches definitely elevate the look, too.

27Simple Touches

When your nails are shaped in this short coffin shape, even adding delicate touches will give you a gorgeous manicure. We thought these touches made the manicure feel very sophisticated and mature, in the best way of course!

28Soft Marble

The marble nail trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon – and we’re definitely ok with that. Here they updated the marble trend by opting for a softer color scheme combining nude and white.

29Rainbow Pastels

Pastels are in full effect with this manicure. Anytime you can choose one pastel shade, just go ahead and combine them all together. This is a great example of the rainbow nail trend you can expect to see a lot of this year.

30Peachy Keen Chic

We’re pretty keen on these short coffin nails. The soft peach color is a gorgeous alternative to pink, so if you’re looking for something slightly different this is it. Add glitter and a simple rhinestone and you’re left with a stunning design.

31Edged in Pink

Sorry, we’re not quite done with the French tip inspired nails. Short coffin nails just happen to be a great shape to work with when you like a French tip look. Add some color to the look with neon pink! We like how they highlighted the squared ends here, placing the color there.

32Girly Pink Short Coffin Nails

Give your French tip ombre nails a girly addition with pastel pink glitter. The light pink shade is very close to the color scheme of the rest of the nails, so it doesn’t take away from the design too much.

33Glitzy Purple

We don’t know about you but we really love all the purple nails we’ve been seeing this year. Another pretty alternative to pink, a color we often lean on! These purple nails have everything combined into one manicure, and we’re in love.

34Dark Purple Glitter

Give your short coffin nails some edge AND color with dark purple and black glitter polish combined. The two nail polishes make it easy to DIY and look great together. The edginess plays off of the squared end shape of the nails as well.

35Mixing Glitter Ombre

Switch up the ombre design by adding the color/texture to the base of the nail and fading as you get towards the tips. Of course the ombre is gorgeous, but we think the combination of different color/shape/size glitter amplifies the look.

36White Glam

37Chic in White

38Spotted White

39Iridescently White

40Sunny Sunflowers