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Summer Nail Colors

Now that we’ve been in the heat of the summer season, most of us have officially gotten comfortable with our summer wardrobe and beauty choices. Let’s face it – summer has a totally different feel from fall and winter, and not just because of the weather changes. Much like the seasons change, the trends change with them. This summer we have some really fun and exciting nail color trends that are giving us a burst of color in the crazy times we’re living in. If you need a little boost of fun in your life (don’t we all?) take a peek at some of the must-have summer nail colors for 2021.

1Baby Blues

We’re kicking off the summer nail color list with this gorgeous color. Expect to see a lot of pastels on the list and around the nails of women everywhere this summer. This baby blue tone is stunning.

2Beautiful Beige

You’ve likely see shades of nude used on nails for quite a while. Even though neutral tones aren’t ‘new’ this particular shade of beige has the perfect summer feel to it. It’s a bit brighter than some other options.

3Shades of Blue

Combining various shades of blue is a whole look for summertime this year. Ok, if we’re being really honest combining just about any colors together to get a monochromatic look like this is everywhere. But, blue is definitely having a moment.

4Bright Purple Pastel

Purple is another color that’s having a moment this summer, along with blue. Fortunately there are a ton of different shades and finishes in purple that make it easy to find something that you love. We though this bright, kind of pastel tone of purple was beautiful.

5Pop of Green

If you’re anything like us, green isn’t always a go-to nail color choice. This summer, expect it to be! Bright green looks so fun, energetic and colorful for summer.

6Bold Purple

Here we are, another fun purple color for the summer. This is more of a neon purple hue, which unless you’ve been living under a rock you know neon is a major nail trend right now. Combine the two and you have a gorgeous look.

7Metallic Chromes

Metallic chrome isn’t often thought of as a summer nail choice, but the lightness of this particular metallic shade is what gives it the summer twist. If you like a bit of edge to your nails, this is a fun option to try.

8Matte Cobalt

We told you, it really is all about blue for summer! If you want to make a major statement with your blue nails cobalt blue is the option you should lean on. It’s bright, beautiful and bold!

9Summer Corals

Coral has long been known as a color to wear on nails during the summer months. It perfectly encompasses the things we know and love about summer. Not to mention – it’s just plain pretty!

10Touch of Black

We’ve shown you a lot of bold, bright colors but we know that’s not everyone’s style. If you’re a black nail kind of woman – this is a gorgeous way to make black nails feel a bit more appropriate for the summertime.

11Gold Shimmer

How luxe are these nails? We love a gold nail moment, don’t you? Another way to rock a metallic, edgy kind of finish to your nails. All gold nails like this still feel bright and fun during the warm weather months.

12Grey Shade

Grey is another color you probably didn’t expect to be on the list, but grey is actually a trending color for the summertime. This particular shade of grey has a blueish tone to it, giving it a little more of a summer kind of feel.

13Muted Mix

While this isn’t just one summer nail color, we wanted to show you how pretty this color combination is. It’s subtle and muted, yet pretty and feminine. If you want to keep your manicure simple and chic, but spice it up a smidge this is a winning choice.

14Iridescent Glitz

Yep, iridescent polish is still trending. It looks like it’s here to stay, for the summer at least. Give your summer manicure a glam look with iridescent glitter painted on top.

15Hot Pink

Do pink nails ever get old? We don’t think so. Especially for the summertime. Opt for a modern pink shade, like this neon pink tone to make your nails feel trendy and fresh.

16White Iridescence

White nails certainly aren’t new for the summertime. It’s a classic color choice this year, that’s for sure! Add some dimension by painting white iridescent polish on top of one (or a few) of the nails.

17Light in Lavender

Oh yes, we’ve got more pastel shades in store for you! It’s because pastels really are that big right now. Lavender has been a pastel shade we’ve seen before summer and it’s continuing it’s popularity into the summer.

18Matte Neutrals

We couldn’t resist a little summer design inspiration, in addition to the summer colors. This color scheme is perfection for summer: white, nude and blue. You really can’t go wrong! The matte finish doesn’t hurt, either.

19Pink Pastel Mattified

Pastel strikes again, but this time in pink. We mentioned a few slides back opting for a modern pink shade for the summertime. Well pastel pink is another modern approach to your favorite classic nail color.

20Mauve Mixed

Shades of mauve have been another color palette you’ve likely seen a floating around social media in recent months. This summer mauve is a gorgeous ‘neutral’ shade to utilize. Add a light and bright feel to it by pairing it with white.

21Purple Toned Mauve

This color is kind of a mix between mauve and purple and we’re officially in love. We thought this was a great color choice for anyone who doesn’t really want a super bright and bold color on their nails this summer.

22Minty Green

Pastel GREEN, yes green. Ok we would call this more of a minty green, but it’s similar! Green is being used so much more this summer than we’ve seen in recent years and we love the switch up.

23Muted Moss Green

Similar, yet different from the previous. This mossy green has more of a muted tone to it, compared to the minty shade in the slide before. It’s soft, delicate and pretty.

24Neon Yellow

Just like pastels are trending this year, so are neons. Go full neon with neon yellow painted onto your nails. We thought the small neon yellow touch here was a great way to use the bright color.

25Clear Meets Glitter

No worries, the clear/very nude nail color trend is, well….still trending! This summer the trend with this color is adding some fun textures and finishes to them, like metallic glitter used here.

26Neon Orange

Orange you glad you kept scrolling through the list? Ok, we had to make that pun. But in all seriousness this neon orange is a POP. If you’re tired of the neutral shades and want something bright, this is it.

27Pastel Mattes

Adding a matte finish to pastel shades is the new black. It really does seem that way! Combining pastel colors like they’ve done here is pretty as is, but there’s something about the matte finish that really completes the manicure.

28Pastel Blue

We couldn’t resist more pastel options to show you, there are just so many! This is more of a turquoise blue shade. Just showing you how many pastel colors you have to choose from.

29Yellow Pastel

Yellow pastel probably isn’t too much of a surprise color for summer. Sunshine = yellow! Personally, we just love the modern way they used pastel yellow on these nails. With just touches of the color adding some fun design.

30Peachy Tone

How pretty is this peach color? We know, we know it’s another pastel but it’s the trend of summer. The peach tone here is soft and feminine, something a bit different if the other pastels aren’t your thing.

31Pretty in Periwinkle

Hello gorgeous! Periwinkle isn’t a color we’ve seen in a while but we’re so glad it’s making a comeback in the nail world. It’s this gorgeous color between blue and purple in a lighter tone. Love it!

32Pink Shades

Love pink? Well this is a trendy way to wear your favorite color. Create a monochromatic look by painting each nail in a different pink shade – the new pink manicure.

33Rainbow Pastels

Can’t choose just one pastel shade to paint your nails? Combine them all together! Painting nails in different colors have been everywhere. This is such a cool way to combine trends and colors together.

34Warm Neons

Similar to combining pastels in the previous image, you can do the same thing with neon shades. This particular neon color combination is giving us ALL of the summertime feels. Bright, warm, and bold!

35Orangey Red

We don’t have to tell you red nails are a classic choice. This shade of red has an orangey tone to it, which really gives it more of a summer aesthetic. Fresh, bold and gorgeous – a twist to an old classic.

36Rose Gold

37Summer Yellow

38Teal Summer

39Simple in White

40Golden Yellow