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35 Summer Nail Designs

Having cute nails in the summer is just as important as at any other time of the year. You need pretty nails to go with every outfit and that fit every occasion, but finding ideas can be difficult sometimes. You try and think out of the box and instead you stick to the same old style and color. Here we have got the top 35 summer nail designs to get you inspired!

1Watermelon Wonder

Nothing beats a slice of watermelon in the summer, and this style is just as fresh! It is simple to do and it is original as well as cute. Be sure to put a transparent top coat to protect your design!

2Sparkly Pink

Pink is gorgeous for the summer and even more so on an almond blue base! We recommend A Cut Above by Essie for the pink flecks of glitter and their polish Saltwater Happy for the stunning almond blue.

3Fruit Frenzy

We are crazy about these fruit patterns, they are so summery and original! If you are at ease with your nail art brush, you can draw on the fruit yourself, or you can buy nail stickers for a quick and easy style. Aliexpress have many fruit nail stickers for you to do this look with.

4Tropical Nails

These tropical nails would look hot at your next outdoor party, or a day at the beach with your friends. They will definitely brighten your day even in the worst of summer weather. We love the greens and the coral color we have here that makes this style remind you of a tropical rainforest.

5Tropical Nails

This style was designed by hand instead of using nail transfers, you will need several nail art brushes to get the tiny details and the larger petals. If you still have a shaky hand then we recommend using the Tropical Nail Art Plate Collection from Moyou for a tropical themed nail design.

6Palm Trees

We do love a good ombré! This pink-to-yellow one is so summery and reminds us of Malibu Beach. Ombrés are easy to do and you can try them with all sorts of colors depending on the season and the event! For the palm trees, use nail art stickers for the cutest sunrise design. YRNails have a similar style to these!

7Fruit Fan

This is another super summery and colorful fruit style that we think you should try out. We love the comicbook-style of these, and the colors are so vibrant – just how we like them. The French tip for the strawberry nail was a great idea as it changes it up and keeps the style original.

8Lilac Flowers

Lilac is a super girly color that goes with a good tan, if this nail design isn’t enough to get you down at the beach, we don’t know what will! As you can see from the photo, this stunning lilac color is Lilac Dream by Models Own.


This starfish design is unique yet so easy to do! Orange nail polish is underrated, so fetch that one from the back of your cupboard and use it for this pretty look. Use a dotting tool for round and even spots.

10Flamingo Fiesta

Dusty pink is in this season so your nails have no excuse to not be on trend. High Class Affair by Essie is the perfect match to this color. Flamingoes give your design a vacation-feel and the glitter is lush for a night out. You can get flamingo stencils on Snailvinyls, that also can be used as stickers.

11Floral Fanatic

For the girls who love their floral design, don’t worry we have got you covered! We have this pretty floral design with the most stunning colors – a deep purple, a bright pink and of course our favorite almond blue. This design would look great with a floral romper and espadrille-like platform heels for your next party!

12Seaside Star

If you are quite the artist, then you could literally have the beach on your nails! We love the idea of using a gold glittery polish for the sand, why didn’t we think of that? This design would look cute with a white crisp maxi dress for example, the outfit would have to be simple and classic to allow your nails to do the talking!

13A Flash Of Neon

Neon yellow is a tough one to work, but with grey it seems a lot more subtle and elegant. It does work in this geometric design with more neutral colors. The color used here is Orly’s cleverly named Glowstick! Use tape to get perfect triangles to achieve this style.

14Floral Fun

This blue design is another simple summery style that you can do yourself. Use a subtle blue glittery polish for the base to really bring out the flowers. We are really liking Zoya Nail Polish’s Zaya and is exactly what you need for the base!

15Bottom Of The Ocean

A simple but fun design! It is a good excuse to get all your favorite blue polishes out and prep your nails for a beach-ready look. We recommend wearing white, light pink or light denim blue with this design so they remain striking.

16Splashes Of Paint

We love a good paint splatter design for its messyness and also its edgyness. The arty feel of this design makes it glamorous and fun. Surprisingly, this effect is very simple to do, here is how you can do it yourself!
1) You will need four colors for this look – a base coat and the various splatters of paint. However, some tutorials online will say two to three, everything depends on your particular taste.
2) Paint your base coat, here it is white – Essie’s Private Weekend should do the trick!
3) Put tape where you don’t want the design. Put some at the bottom of your nail to avoid getting polish all over your fingers, and then, if you want this particular triangular look, put the bits of tape diagonnally pointing towards the top of you nail to make a triangle.
4) Put a blob of nail polish onto a bit of paper, and then grab a straw and gently blow on the straw to make paint-like splashes on your nail. Wait until each color is dry before repeating this step with your other colors to avoid smudging.
5) Use a Q Tip and some nail polish remover to remove the excess polish and take of the tape.
6) Add a transparent top coat to protect your design and you are ready to go!
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17Seashell Summer

This design is simple and discreet, but allows you to jazz up your nails. We think you should either use a transparent polish for the base as shown here, or even do a French manicure before your seashell design for extra glamour!

18Ocean Deep

We are loving these beach designs! So original and so cleverly thought out. The sea has been done with an ombré effect and for the shells, there are plenty of nail jewels out there for you to chose from. This needs a lot of time and attention to detail but it is definitely worth it when you see the final result.

19Aztec Admiration

Aztec patterns have been in our summer wardrobes for the past few years now. With a bit of tape you can achieve this style on your nails! We recommend Essie’s Vices Versa (lime green), Mod Square (bright pink), Capri (bright orange), and Nama Stay The Night (blue) to reproduce this glowing look.

20Cloud Crush

This design is made up of a more subtle ombré et a cute cloud design drawn on with your trusty nail art brush. Yet again, this design is made up of our two favorite summer colors – bright pink and almond blue. This is a pretty everyday look that will look brilliant with any of your dainty sun dresses.

21Victoria’s Secret

Alert to all fashionistas! This design was in fact inspired by a beautiful Victoria’s Secret wallpaper, and we can see why! The colors are so summery and girly, it is a perfect look for a special occasion. It oozes glamour thanks to the attention to detail!

22Flashy Flamingo

This is a more vibrant flamingo design than the previous one. If you are looking for neon or pastel colors then China Glaze will have all the flashy colors you will need – for the pastel green you will need their Electric Nights nail polish and for the pinks you will need Neon Pink Voltage and Innonce for the pastel pink chest.


If you want a design that will stand out from the crowd, then this is definitely one for you! If you’re an animal lover, an ocean babe, or just have a very quirky style, try this shark design. This is really for the artists who have a steady hand and are experts in nail art. The details are intricate but the finished result is beyond amazing! It looks just like a movie poster on your nails!

24Summer Flowers

Floral designs can be a bit drab so using a neon base coat can be just the right way to make your nails stand out. For the base coat, we recommend Neon On The Shore Sunsational by China Glaze. For the unsteady hand, you can always get nail stickers that will look just as pretty as they are less hard work!

25Cherry On Top

We can’t get enough of these fruit designs! This cherry one is so simple, all you will need is a dotting tool and a nail art brush, it is as simple as that. For the dark red, we recommend Essie’s Leading Lady, which is a rich red/burgundy color. This will look sweet with any summer outfit!

26Sea Turtles

These nails are beyond cute and need very little work. As you can see, they are nail transfers, which makes application easier and less time-consuming. Or, if you are arty, why not draw them on yourself?

27Sea Horses

Don’t pink and gold look lovely together? We love the nautical theme running through this with the stripes and the little seahorse and anchor jewels. Daily Charme have seashell nail jewels as well as the exact same seahorse and anchor jewels featured in this picture.

28Mix Of Two Trends

Floral and nautical are two hot summer trends, but have you thought of mixing them together? We particularly love the floral anchor in this picture! All you will need is a nautical-themed stencil set to get this pretty summer look. Your nails will look gorgeous and the quality will be that of your favorite salon!

29Orange Obsession

You can never have to much orange in your life! These pretty oranges on a white base coat look scrumptious. Your nails will be good enough to eat. Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset will give you the vibrant orange you will need.

30Ice Cream

A lovely ice cream design that will make you want to run into town and get yourself a tub of Ben & Jerry’s! It looks delicious as well as super cute and it will make the best everyday design. Whether you are hanging out at the beach or grabbing a bite to eat, these nails will make you look so cool.

31Ice Lolly

This design is a lot more adventurous than the previous one as it combines different styles such as the ombré as well as using a stencil kit or tape to draw the perfect ice lolly shape! Once you are comfortable with these different styles we advise you to try this. It is like a nail rainbow with the summery vibrant colors!

32Flower Power

We have so many floral designs for you to chose from! We particularly like this one for its choice of colors that are tropical and vibrant. Orange and pink make a great summer combination that will look amazing with anything in your wardrobe. This would look perfect on a day to the beach!


If you want a more subtle floral design then you should try daisies! Instead of the regular daisy designs you see on Pinterest on a black background, make it instantly more summery with a neon background – here, this girl has used a bright orange to make her nails pop out.

34Turquoise Water

This design will get you reminiscing about your last vacation. You will be nostalgic of the turquoise water with this gorgeous design. Seashell jewels really finish this look and match the rest of the other nails. Don’t be afraid to use nail jewels to make your design look more professionnal and expensive looking.

35Summer Tiles

There is nothing wrong with a simple, easy, efficient look. Tiles designs work all year round, and you can change the colors according to the seasons. From Essie, we have found Aim To Misbehave (yellow), Aperitif (red) and Castaway (pink) that match the colors in this photo. Now we have given you the colors you need, start this look right away!
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