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35 Water Marble Nail Designs

Water marble designs suit any style as you can make them look any way you want them to. They can look psychedelic or edgy depending on the lines you trace. There are so many designs you can go for and we are here to help you work out when and what to wear your design with!

1How To Do Water Marble Nails

  1. Apply a transparent base coat to your nail to make your design last longer. If you want to brighten your colors, add a coat of white polish!
  2. Once your nails are dry, protect your fingers by using tape or cuticle oil, or if you have the Peel Off polish, use that around your nails!
  3. Take a small glass, that you won’t mind getting stained, fill it with lukewarm water.
  4. Pick at least two acrylic nail colors that stand out from one another but still go together obviously!
  5. Drop one color into the water, the color should spread across the whole surface and repeat with the other color(s).
  6. Use a toothpick to spread the colors and create a pattern.
  7. Dip your nail into the pattern and hold it there for a few seconds. Then, slowly pull your finger out.
  8. Shake off the water as it can create bubbles in your design!
  9. If you have any excess nail varnish on your finger, grab a Q tip and nail polish remover and rub off the rest!
  10. Once your design is dry, as usual, apply a clear top coat to protect your nails.

2Rainbow Marble Nails

This design involves two styles – water marble and ombré. Put together both looks for a psychedelic 60s-inspired look. We particularly love the colors chosen for the ombré that give it that magical rainbow effect!

3Mystical Marble Nails

This is another charming water marble look that looks out of this world. This design is made up of three gorgeous China Glaze shades – Lime After Lime (green), Let’s Jam (light purple) and I Got A Blue Attitude (dark blue). Remember to apply a layer of transparent polish to protect your design!

4Ocean Water Marble Nails

This design is proof that water marble designs can work in summer! Blue shades look stunning together and give a casual vibe if the psychadelic style isn’t your thing. The shades you will need are Essie’s Aruba Blue (navy blue), Make Some Noise (light blue) and Private Weekend (white).

5Pool Deep

This summery design is ideal for an everyday look, it will look gorgeous for a meal out during your vacation or for a fun day out by the pool. The lines are thinner for a more authentic marble look instead of a hippie vibe.

6Peach Marble Nails

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, light pastel pink is in right now! Use it in your marble look for a sophisticated and pretty look. Add a hint of mauve or dark grey to achieve this classy design.

7Marble Stripes Nails

If you want to chose a completely different pattern to your average marble effect pattern. In your water, instead of drawing crazy lines, draw stripes for a unique spin on a basic style. We love the use of pink shades here for a perfect summer look!

8Purple Marble Nail Art

We love this elegant style! Paint on your marble pattern before using a stencil set to paint a timeless floral pattern over the top. Moyou London has floral stencil sets for you to replicate this fantastic look! Our personal favorite is their Flower Power 05 kit.

9Earthy Marble Color Nails

This color scheme is original but it works, the colors are so natural and subtle. This design works all year round and the colors make it look expensive! For this perfect style, you will need Essie’s Leggy Legend (brown), Starry Starry Night (blue) and of course Private Week End (white).

10Galaxy Marble Nails

Galaxy designs are fun but quite messy to do, so if you want a quick and easy way of doing a galaxy print, then this is the way to do it! Using the water marble method is less messy but also allows you to get the precision you want for the stars.

11Burgundy  Marble Nails

This print reminds us of the 90s, and would look cute with a denim dress and a black choker if you really want to go back in time! This wine color is perfect and makes quite an impression, giving you a super chic look!

12Rock Chick Marble Nails

Make your marble design wild and rocky with this fabulous print! You have got to admit, this look is super fun! This design is perfect for the rock chicks, and it would look great at your next concert or festival.

13Leafy Green Marble Nails

Green is so underrated, which is why you need to try this cute design out! The leafy-print is perfect for the end of summer and beginning of fall. Be sure to check out Essie’s color range as they will have every shade of green you will need for this look!

14Grey Marble Nails

Our favorite marble effect adds texture to dull lifeless nails. Even with the darkest of colors, this pattern adds a little something to your nails as well as making them show-stopping. Don’t be afraid to add a little nail jewel to make them fun!

15J’adore La France! Nails

Are you rather wanderlust? Do you love travelling? If so, and in particular, if you love France, then this design is a great one to do. For the Eiffel Tower, Amazon has got all the nail decals you will need!

16Funky Fresh Yellow Marble Nails

This design is so refreshing and vibrant, just what you want for the summer! The shades used in this photo are Zoya’s Pippa (yellow), Thandie (orange) and Janel (dark red). It is bright, stunning and a fun design for you to try!

17Goth Princess Marble Nails

Here is another pink and black marble design that is perfect for the punk princesses out there! We recommend wearing silver jewelry with this print for the perfect concert or party look. This style is definitely one to try out if you have an evening out!

18Neon Marble Nails

This design is very vibrant and pretty! The colors are simply amazing and will really stand out against a white outfit this summer. Find yourself some gorgeous turquoise, purple and pink to concoct this brilliant mix!

19Matte Polish

We definitely recommend using matte polish for a smooth salon-quality look. Iscream Nails have all the matte polishes you need to replicate this look including their shades Grape Soda (purple), Big Marshmallow (pink) and Juicy Juicy (yellow).

20Silver Marble Nails

Stiletto nails are the perfect shape for water marble designs. If you aren’t lucky enough to have long natural nails then use acrylic nails to get the perfect length! We love the addition of silver tape to add texture and sparkle to the design, making this the perfect look for a party or a meal out!

21Watercolor Marble Nails

We love the bright and vibrant designs we have found, including this one! The choice of colors here is rather summery, and would make a brilliant festival look or a pretty look for a day out at the beach. We love the black pattern over the top for an edgy design.

22White Marble Nails

This marble design looks really authentic, doesn’t it? To get a similar look, then all you need is the right choice of color – chose pastel or light colors for your marble design, and a crisp white for the base coat. You can not go wrong with this one!

23Purple Dream Marble Nails

This purple marble effect looks like little purple clouds, it is so dreamy and heavenly! Purple is stunning and is a color that works all-year round with most of your wardrobe. We think this style would work best at a party or a dinner date.

24Almond Shaped Marble Nail Art

This design is so hypnotizing and enticing. It will look gorgeous with a white cable knit sweater in winter. If you want this exact marble look, then we recommend Essie’s shades Pool Side Service and Saltwater Happy.

25Christmas Marble Nails

It may not be Christmas just yet but we think this is the perfect design for the festive season, but with a slight twist! We love the ingenious idea of using a marble effect for the Christmas tree. This look is very original and is what you need for next December!

26Calls Of Nature Green Nails

Here is another great design that will particularly look stunning in spring or summer. It is vibrant, fresh and fun with its green and white combination! You will need Essie’s shade Ruffles And Feathers for this light and luscious shade of green.

27Metallic Marble Nails

If you are bored of regular or even matte polish, then be adventurous and use metallic polishes for your water marble effect. Many well-known brands such as Formula X, Essie and Butter London have a variety of metallic polishes for you to do this design with!

28Classy Coral Marble Nails

We do love a bit of coral on our nails, and it definitely brightens up any look! Plus, lilac and coral make a perfect match, especially with these cute nail jewels. Use acrylic nails to get a long squared-oval shape!

29Waterfalls Blue Marble Nail Design

If you love blue, then this is definitely for you! We recommend using different shades of blue for a water-like look, ideal for the summer months. This stunning design will look gorgeous with an everyday look.

30Subtle White Cream Marble Nails

If you are wary of trying new styles, you should try using super light pastel-like colors for your marble effect, leaving you with a smart, sophisticated and subtle look that can work everyday or for a special occasion. We are thinking colors like Essie’s Au Natural or Saltwater Happy for this look!

31Sunny Yellow Marble Nails

Yellow is a delightful and fabulous color for the spring and summer months. It is definitely a show-stopper and that is why we think you should try a fun marble design with it! The shades used here are by China Glaze, who happen to have so many bright and cheerful colors for you to work with. Here, Daisy Know My Name and Whip It Good are used.

32Fairy Dust Pastel Marble Nails

There isn’t a single thing we don’t love about this look! The colors are airy and light, creating a dreamy feel to your look. As you can see in the photo, it would look absolutely stunning with gold or rose gold jewelry to compliment the pastel pink you would use.

33Crisp White Floral Marble Nails

White makes everything seem more chic and sleek, and though it is often used as a base coat for your marble design, you should try using it in your choice of colors. Using it on vibrant base coat will definitely give a summer vibe to your design!

34Psychadelic Purple Marble Nails

This is another hippie-inspired design that will look gorgeous during the warmer seasons. We think this would look cute with a festival look, a crochet dress or a floaty off the shoulder romper. Add silver jewelry for a vintage look.

35Italia Marble Nails

If you want an almost Italian look, then use this green, white and red combination for inspiration! This is a refreshing look that will look stunning for an event with a white bodycon dress and light red heels.

36Girly Pink Marble Nails

Last by not least, here is a brilliantly girly design with various pink and purple tones. Of course, girly designs work all year round and add a feminine touch to a monochrome outfit for example or just your basic jeans and top combo.
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