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Winter Nail Designs and Colors 2019

No matter what time of year it is, there will always be something special about new trends. They’re what keeps the fashion and beauty worlds so exciting after all. Winter of 2019 is already looking like it’s going to be full of a lot of fun and different trends for us to look forward to. Even though we have a bit of time before winter (hopefully!) we thought it would be fun to do a bit of forward thinking to share winter nail designs and colors for 2019. We think you’re going to be pretty excited about some of these!

1Black and White Done Right

This classic color combination gets a whole new look this winter. Combining black and white isn’t new but doing it in this design definitely is. Add the black and white design to one, two or all of your nails – make it what you want for a chic look.

2Freshened Ombre

Ombre has been a nail design staple for quite a while and let’s face it, ombre will always hold a special place in our heart because it’s just so pretty. We love the ombre-like look in this nail design. Black is a go-to nail color in the winter but the ombre type of design lightens it up a bit for a fun update.

3Black French Tip Mani

French mani lovers this is all for you! We all know and appreciate the classic look of a French manicure but this winter it’s getting a darker update. Instead of the traditional white tips, swap it out for black. You get the same versatility with the design but with an edgy twist.

4Striped Square Nails

Black and white nails are a big theme you can expect to see come winter 2019. Add some extra edge and style to your classic color combination with striping. The great thing about stripes like this is how easy it is to recreate. Plus, the less perfect the stripe’s formatting is the more unique it looks.

5Blue Mattified Nails

Shades of blue are going to be another really big color trend in winter 2019. This deep blue nail color is gorgeous and such a fun change from the typical black tone most of us stick to in the winter. Add a bit of lightness to the deep color with the slight ombre effect at the tips.

6Glam in Brown Nails

Brown hasn’t been a popular nail trend for a while but we are all about it for winter 2019! It feels so modern and a softer option from black. Find a warm brown town and mix it up with some gold/brown glitter for a glam touch added to the color.

7Embellished in Burgundy Nails

How stunning is this purple-burgundy color?! We are in love with it. Keep it simple with just this beautiful color on all of your nails or take it up a glam notch with some embellishment added to one of the nails.

8Lighting Chrome Nails

Chrome is a trend that’s transitioning into the fall and winter season, too. Instead of just using chrome on your entire nail add a stripe to the mix for a super modern type of design like this one. If you’re not into the light colors for winter you can definitely swap them out for darker hues.

9Mixing Textures Winter Nails

Beige nails are classic, they always look great regardless of the time of year. Whether you stick with beige in the winter or another neutral color, try mixing in different textures for a modern aesthetic. We love the subtle glitter and chrome mixed into these nails.

10Chrome Finished Nail Art

We’re obsessing over this nail design. Chrome is one of our favorite winter nail trends for 2019. The texture added to this chrome nail color makes it feel even more edgy. Don’t forget to change up your nails with different textures like this.

11Tipped with Chrome Almond Nails

Didn’t we say chrome was going to be a big trend? This nail design is so beautiful and trendy for winter! A different take on a French manicure inspired design. What really transforms the look of this nail design is the shape of the nails, but it would look great on just about any nail shape/length.

12Pops of Color Short Nails

Blank space on nails is the new design that’s sweeping nail salons everywhere. It’s unexpected but super chic. This is perfect for short nails! Add just a pop of color to the base of the nails and make it even more stylish by using different colors on each nail.

13Emerald Chic Nails

Doesn’t this color look great for fall/winter? We love the deep green tone for colder months. It’s a way to add some color to your nails without going too bright for the winter. Keep it solid or add a little glam action with gold glitter.

14Fall Color Glam Nail Design

We’re all about the trend of applying different colors to each nail. It’s a way to keep your nail design simple, but not boring. For the winter transition the trend with warm tones that really adhere to the season. We love the little embellishment added to these.

15Glittering Blue Nails

Cobalt blue definitely makes a nail statement. If you get tired of all the
dark colors in the winter this is a great option to switch things up and still be on trend for the season. Since the color is gorgeous and a statement all its own you can add the glitter OR not – it’s up to you and your style!

16Iridescent Glitter

Go glitter but make it winter. This glitter nail look is winter perfection, with just enough glam. The multi color glitter finish gives it an iridescent like look in a much more subtle manner than some iridescent polishes.

17Shades of Grey and Stars Nail Art

Grey has been a trending nail color and it’s not going anywhere for winter 2019. This take on grey polish is absolutely gorgeous. Mixing different shades of grey gives it a whole different vibe. We’re all about the matte finish for extra edge, too.

18Deep Green Nails

If you’re a DIY kind of nail woman this winter nail design is super easy to recreate at home. All you need is a pretty green nail color like this and a complimentary glitter. The monochromatic look of the glitter and nail color keeps it chic.

19Simple in Grey Nails

It’s all about grey for winter nails. This is great for the woman who has to keep her nails simple for work, but still wants to feel on trend. The key here is to find a great shade of grey. Try a variety of different greys to find the perfect tone for you skin tone.

20Black Ombre Style Nails

Ahhh ombre, how we love you! This particular ombre design gives the illusion of really long nails, which is great even if you have shorter nails. Use ombre to your advantage if that’s your goal – go from dark to light as you get towards the tip of your nails.

21Plaid Coffin Nails

22Edge of Iridescence Galaxy Nails

23New Neutrals Go Glam Nail Design

24Iridescently Matte Nails

25Apple Ombre Matte Nails

26Tones of Mauve

27Bold in Blue

28Winter Sweater Nails

29Short 3 Color Winter Nails

30Chrome Style Nails

31Green Metallic Nails

32Cozy Sweater Nail Art

33Royal Tones Nail Design

34Chic in Neutrals Nail Colors

35Dainty Dots

36Touched with Shine

37Pointed in Embellishment Nails

38Matte Sweater Almond Nails

39Halved in Red Nails

40Shimmering Red Ombre Nails

41Royally Purple Nail Color

42Trending Blue Nails

43Lady in Red Nail Color

44Warm with Glitter

45Wine Not? Nails

46Snowflake Winter Nails

47Snowflake Glitter Nails

48Winter Holiday Nails

49Pink Long Coffin Nails

50Pearl Nails

51White Silver Glitter Nail Design

52Stylish Taupe Nails

53Chic Grey Nails

54Pastel Winter Nails

55Matte Sweater Nail Art

56Pink Purple Christmas Nails

57Short Nails With Diamonds

58Brown Beige Nails

59Elegant Color Combo Nails


Even though these winter nail designs and colors are going to be hot trends come the fall and winter seasons, a lot of these are perfect to wear any time of year. It’s a great way to get a head start on the trends! We know that we are going to be rocking some of these starting right about now because they’re just too fun not too.

Traditionally nail designs and colors get darker in the winter months. Similar to the clothing trends! But it’s kind of refreshing to see some lighter toned nail designs for winter 2019. There’s definitely a lot of different trends going on for nails and we are all about all of them.
For the edgy woman you will probably love the use of chrome in nail designs and colors for winter 2019. Chrome has a lot of edge to it, plus it’s kind of an updated take on the metallic nails that we all know and love. If you like to keep it neutral with black during the winter, adding pops of white into your black nail designs is going to be a chic way to modernize your go-to winter color this year. We love the nail design incorporating just one ombre nail that fades from white to black to add a pop to otherwise all black nails.

Overall a lot of the winter nail designs are a bit more simplistic than other designs that have been trendy over the past couple of years. This winter it’s really going to be all about playing with different colors, textures and nails shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix up the shape of your nails ladies! We know it can seem weird when you get used to your nails being the same length and shape for so long but making a slight shift can completely change the aesthetic of your nails – some of these winter nail designs are proof of that.