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Top 30 Gel Nail Polish Ideas

Gel nails are a handy, long lasting way of having beautiful nails. With gel polishes, you don’t have to worry about chipping, or peeling. You can now do them at home or get them done at the salon, though getting them done by a professional is always recommended. They are as strong as acrylic nails but without having to worry about them snapping off. They are also considered as an eco-friendly alternative to acrylic nails. These super cute gel nails are a must try! Take a look.

1Feline Touch gel nail polish design

Who doesn’t love cats? We love this feline nail art design. OPI have a wide range of gel color nail polishes, and their color A Great Opera-Tunity is a cute pale pink that matches the in this picture! Use a small nail art brush to draw on the kitty paws!

2Glass Gel Nails

Shattered glass nails are the latest Korean beauty nail art trend you need to try! We love this black metallic broken glass color mix!

3Dazzle Them!

Did you know you could get glittery gel polishes? OPI has the exact same glittery polish called By The Light of The Moon. Add a drop of Alpine Snow to get the perfeect almond blue. This will look perfect at a wedding or a party with a LBD!


Your nails can become your favorite treat! Nothing beats icing-glazed donuts! Use a nail art brush to add multicolored lines to your fuschia pink nails before adding a transparent coat. Transparent coats are always important even when you are using gel polishes as they still do their job of protecting the nail.

5Roses Are Red

Pastel colors are perfect for any floral design! Use a dotting tool to do the sweetest little polka dots before using a nail art brush to draw on the rose petals. For the rose petals we recommend using Be There In A Prosecco and Cajun Shrimp by OPI to get the perfect pink tones.

6White Cable Knit

To get this textured and wintery look, use 3D nail polishes will help you get the knitted look. We recommend using Sally Hansen’s Gel Shine 3D Top Coat to achieve this look.


We love a bit of ocean blue to get us dreaming of warmer weather. Use tape to cut your nail off into straight sections and add glittery strips for a metallic look. We think that you should use Can’t Find My Czechbook, It’s A Boy and Oh My Majesty from the OPI Gel Polish range to get this fresh look!

8Leopard Print

Leopard print is everyone’s guilty pleasure! It doesn’t have to look tacky. Look at this How to Do Gel Nails tutorial to find out how to do a perfect leopard print design. Gelish has a range of brown gel polishes to get a really wild style!

9Marine Blue

We love a bit of marine blue, this color looks so edgy, especially with rose gold jewelry! It looks stunning all year round and looks hot with bright red or coral pink!

10Zebra Stripes

If you are over leopard print then do zebra stripes to change it up a little bit! We love the addition of pink and black to make the look look modern and colorful for summer! For the pink, we advise using Dior’s gel polish in the color Wonderland (shade 575).


This design is so heavenly and is a subtle classy look. This Cost Me A Mint from the OPI Gel Polish collection is the perfect match to the color in this picture! Use a tip guide or tape to get the best triangular shape.

12Cup Of Coffee

We love this mocha colored look! It is a neutral nude color that goes with anything you own! This is a great everyday look as it is simple yet stylish. Use stencils to achieve the rose patterns on this beautiful design!


Yellow is a totally underestimated color, but it is so bright and magnificent. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this design. For the tips, apply Need Sunglasses? (Pastels) from the OPI Gel Colors collection for a yellow that is so bright it will brighten anyone’s day!

14For The Girliest Of Girls

This light pink color is so girly and dainty. This will look great with a crisp white top tucked into some tailored trousers. This is a sleek color that will instantly make you look dressier and more glamorous. OPI have a light pink color called Let’s Be Friends that will make your nails look lush!

15Almond Blue

Almond blue makes us feel like Elsa from Frozen! It is such a refreshing and feminine color that looks gorgeous with a glowing summery tan. Gelato On My Mind is an almond blue from the OPI Gel Polish Collection and will look amazing!

16Rock Chick

A dark grey is a perfect change from that total rock black. This would look lush with a dusty pink for a contrast that works. Get Bluesky’s gel polish in Steel Grey for a dark grey matte look.

17Bandaged Up

This is a simple look you can do with any type of nail polish whether it is gel polish or nail lacquer. Use a transparent gel polish to protect your fabulous design and make sure it lasts long enough to rock it at that party!

18Let’s Go Marbles!

The marble effect is so popular and looks so bewitching. Cut your nails into a stiletto shape for a professional and sophisticated look! Click here to see our easy DIY tutorial for a gel nails at home marble look, just use gel nail polishes instead!

19We Love Turquoise

Turquoise is a stunning summer color that looks wonderful with a white maxi dres or a vivid white boyfriend jeans. My Dogsled Is A Hybrid is the ideal turquoise color for this cute heart and stripe design! This is beautiful look for everyday, whether you are at work or at school!

20You’re A Diamond

Show off how brilliant you are with a sweet diamond shape design. Use tape or a nail art brush to draw on the lines for the ultimate diamond design! Hit the streets with a monochrome outfit to look like your favorite beauty bloggers!

21How to Do Gel Nails Ombré

With gel polishes you can still try all of your favorite nail art styles including ombré, and you have the added bonus that they will last a lot longer! This pink and purple ombré is just the cutest don’t you think? Go here to find out how to do an ombré effect.

22Golden Touch

Give yourself a spectacular French manicure with this amazing golden tips! It is simple, yet effective, giving you an amazing party look! Get Baroque But Still Shopping from the OPI gel polishes collection for a classy gold color.

23DIY White Gel Nails at Home

We have said this before and we will say it again, white nails, if done correctly, are not tacky, and don’t like you have raided your pencil case! They are sophisticated and timeless, and they go with everything you own!

24Pastel Everything!

We love a bit of pastel in our wardrobe, so why not use some light and girly colors for your nails? The OPI gel polishes collection is full of lovely pastel shades for you to use, we adore Sailing & Nailing, Rosy Future and Gargantuan Green Grape!

25Purple Power

Purple adds a bit of a dark edge to your outfits, and spices up every black outfit of yours. Why not mix and match different tones of purple for an usual look? We say mix it up with wine purple and light purple!

26Grey Day

Purple and grey are the ultimate combo! We can’t get enough of this luscious dark purple! Get a lipstick of a similar color to compliment your top nails. For this color, we advise you to get Got The Blues For The Red by OPI.

27Extra Sparkle

If you want a subtle way to update your basic nail polish look, then why not add sparkles? They add texture and they look beyond gorgeous! Bornprettystore have all the nail glitters you need, so no excuses!

28Bring Out The Artist In You

Try out unusual designs such as this wild one in black! Use an ultra thin nail art brush to draw this on in gel polish if you have got the patience! It will all be worth it though, as your design will last weeks on end!


Make the most of your gel polish to add some little nail jewels! They make your nails look less basic and more hot for the summer. They can bring any look from casual to super glamorous! Always remember to wear a transparent top coat so they don’t snap off!

30Hot Pink Gel Nails

We have fallen in love with this hot pink and white design, which will make you the star of the show at any party! Use a stencil kit to get this amazingly detailed lines and perfectly accurate shapes.

31The Girliest Ever!

Who says we can’t bring out the princess in us from time to time? This design is gorgeous and features literally all our favorite colors! Perfect for your first day back at school, or for a hot summer BBQ, this is totally our cup of tea!

32Rose pink Gel Manicure

These gel nails are absolutely stunning and elegant! We love this combo of glitter and pink shade with leaves design.

33Beige Color Splash Design

A stunning gel nail design for weddings and special events! This design features beige coffin nails with white and gold color splash design.

34Marble & Chrome Gel Nails

A very chic design and color mix of deep purple, chrome rose gold and marble nails.

35Seashell Blue Gel Nails

This magical color combo has two blue shades, white pearl color, and marble design. A gorgeous almond gel design for summer!

36Long Pastel Gel Nails

If you like stiletto nails and want a fresh color combination that elegant and fun, this color mix of pastels and gold is a must try!

37Blue Grey Coffin Gel Nails

This is a very unique nail color that looks stunning for weddings and special occasions.

38Gel Nails with Stars

A really cute design if you are looking for something girly but still elegant.

39Green Gel Nail Art

What a beautiful nail design for the fall and the holidays season. We love the color combination of white and deep green.

40Pink-Nude Gel Nails

For a more subtle and casual look, try this pink-nude color that will look stunning on both long and short nails.

41Yellow Gold Gel Nails

Yellow is THE summer gel nail color! When mixed with glitter or gold it looks so fabulous!

42Natural Gel Nails

These wedding gel nails are so elegant! If you are looking for a subtle natural manicure for your wedding, you should definitely for this nail color.

43Pink and Gold Rose Glitter Nails

If you like it pink and sparkly, these pink glitter gel nails are a must try! Just gorgeous!

44Sparkly Wedding Gel Nails

For a brighter and more glittery wedding nail design, go for this glitter pink white gel nails.

45Bunny white blue gel nail polish design

Do you like bunnies? This is a super cute bunny nail art design that will; be perfect for easter!