black matte nails

Black and White Nail Designs

Black and white are the ultimate classic colors. They’re chic neutrals that look even better when combined, especially for nail designs. Bold colors are known to make a nail statement but black and white can be just as bold with the right nail designs. From modern simplicity to intricate designs, you won’t look at black and white nails the same after you see some of our favorite nail designs.

Get major nail inspiration for your next manicure with these black and white nail designs.

1Zip It Up

Zippers aren’t just for clothes anymore. White nail base is revolutionized with these black zipper designs. The black zippers pop over the white base, pulling out the details in the design. Every nail offers a unique zipper design. Proof that not every nail needs to be a perfect match for chic nail art.

2Animal Instinct

Animal print is consistently on trend in fashion and beauty. This design embraces the natural colors of our beloved zebras who boost their traditional black and white stripes. The nail art here adds some depth by changing the direction of the striping on the ring finger.

3Ying and Yang

Whether you like what the Ying and yang traditionally symbolize or you want to infuse black and white in a new way this nail art is a total win in our book. Keeping the nails simple with just one color on each allows the ring finger with the Ying and yang design to pop.

4Black and White Puzzle

Piece together black and white with puzzle inspired nail art. The puzzle pieces really pop with the combination of black and white. If you want to recreate this nail art yourself, we recommend using a stencil to get the precise lines.

5Chic Polka Dot

There’s something about polka dots that we all love. It’s a go to print that always feels fresh, especially when those polka dots are on your nails. You can use a toothpick to add polka dots to your own nails. The best part about this particular nail design is it doesn’t have to be perfect (although we all would like it to be), you can place the polka dots randomly over your nails to achieve the look.

6Paint Splatter Mani

Sometimes it’s the less perfect designs that give the best nail art, like this pain splatter inspired manicure. While it looks like an incredibly detailed design that’s hard to recreate, it’s actually quite easy! After you apply a coat of white to your nails, pour black polish into a small container and scoop it up with a plastic straw. Once you have some black polish at the end of the straw, blow into the other end of the straw while holding it over your nail. It instantly gives you that splattered look. Just make sure you cover the counter you do this over to avoid a mess.

7Black and White Minimalism

Detailed nail art is fun but sometimes keeping it simple is just as fun. This nail design shows you can keep it super easy with black and white. Not to mention this is a total DIY mani you can do at home. All you need is a great top coat to lock the colors in place.

8Surprise Stripe Nail

Mix up your nail art with varying designs on your nails. Keeping a couple of the nails simple with solid black acts like a great foundation to nails you add a simple design too. Stripes pop when they are next to solid color nails.

9Edgy Ombre Manicure

These nails are the epitome of edgy chic! Black at the base of the nail, fading into white at the tips further emphasizes the shape of the nails. Even if you don’t have nails this long and pointed you can’t go wrong with ombre.

10Delicate Black and White

If this nail design doesn’t scream modern, we don’t know what does. Sometimes the less is more approach makes the biggest impact of all. We often associate nail art with color over our entire nail but this design is just as chic with minimal color.

11Sing Your Heart Out

Music lovers, this nail design is singing your name. Keep the design simple to let the music notes shine with a solid white base coat. Stencils or stickers are the best way to DIY this nail art.

12Modern Take on French Mani

French manicures forever reign a go-to in the nail world. The great thing about classics is they can get a modern upgrade with subtle changes. Here the base is white with black tips. What makes this French manicure even more modern is the angled lines of the tip portion, adding an edgy feel.

13Marble Nails

Marble isn’t just a sought after countertop, it’s a stylish nail design too. Instead of opting for marble on every nail, alternating with matte black creates some balance and edginess to the nail look. Plus, the black nails really compliment the marble to let them POP.

14Love Your Nails

Say it with your nails. Adding a delicate word like love to your nails is a cute way to speak your mind with style. All white nails are stunning on their own but who doesn’t love a little more love in their life?

15Lighten Your Nail Game

Black and white get a bolt of light, literally. The addition of a silver lightning bolt to these black and white nails is an unexpected twist. Silver is the perfect transitional color between black and white and keeps with the neutral color scheme.

16Snow Leopard

Leopard print gets a fresh makeover from its traditional brown color palette to black and white. The abstractness of leopard print makes for a fun nail design. Of course, you can opt for leopard on all five nails or break it up a bit with a couple black nails as shown in this manicure.

17Houndstooth Chic

We couldn’t talk about black and white design without including houndstooth. The print is traditionally black and white, and always makes a chic statement. Now since houndstooth is a busy print choose two nails to add the design too and keep the other nails simple with a solid black polish.

18Heart Your Nails

This is a fairly simple design that will have you loving black and white more than ever. You can’t go wrong with hearts. We suggest using stencils to create perfect heart shapes on your nails.

19Geometric Style Vibe

We love the uniqueness of this nail art. It feels extremely geometric and modern with strong shapes in black and white. Furthermore, leaving some of the nails without polish is a design we don’t see often. Use tape to recreate a similar nail design with straight lines.

20Bat Your Eyes

This design looks pretty simple from afar but when you look closer you can’t miss the lashes – giving new meaning to batting your lashes. Use a stencil to add white lash design to black nails. Don’t be afraid to mix up the placement of the design either.

21Diagonal Stripe

This is a simple everyday nail design that will give all your friends nail envy. Solid black nails get a simple makeover with a skinny diagonal line. The white line compliments black stunningly.

22Classic Chevron

Black and white chevron is a classic print. We often think of Chevron during the summer months but with a black and white color scheme, this nail art can be worn any time of year.

23Race to the Salon

Checker board inspired this design gives black and white nails a whole new meaning. As simple as the design is, it’s a work of art when applied to nails. Use tape to make this nail design come to life at home.

24Stripe Your Nails

Wearing stripes isn’t the only way to rock the design. In fact, it’s even more stylish when your nails are stripped. You don’t need long nails to enjoy black and white stripes. We love that this nail design is easy to DIY.

25The New French

A French manicure gone bold. For this nail design, you will want longer nails, either natural or acrylic, to achieve the same look. Start with the black base. After the black polish has fully dried, complete with white tips. Tape and stencils are helpful to accomplish a sharp line.

26Modern Stripes

Mismatched stripes offer a modern design aesthetic with this manicure. Keeping the stripes slim adds to the updated feel of this nail art. With a solid white base, even a slim black line pops, as you can see here.

27Outlined in Polka Dots

Isn’t this design fun? We love this black and white nail design. The colors compliment one another effortlessly. Outlining a couple white nails in dainty dots gives this manicure the perfect finishing touch. This look would be great for any occasion.

28Spot the Dot

This manicure is simple enough to wear every day, yet special enough for a special occasion. To create easy dots on your nails dab some black polish onto a sheet of paper and dip the tip of a pencil into the paint.

29Missing Triangle

Let black and white shine with this stylish nail design. This nail art would perfectly compliment a black or white dress for a monochromatic vibe. It’s a trendy design that is also simple enough to look great any time you try it.

30Rotating Nails

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Black and white on alternating nails may seem so easy but it looks just as chic as any other nail design. This is a nail design where you can have fun with different nail shapes and lengths and it will look great on them all.

31Geometric Nails

If you like geometric shapes this style is so unique and beautiful. You can wear it with any outfit you choose!