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Different Color Nails Trend

If you’ve scrolled through any of our recent posts, chances are you’ve seen the different color nails trend at least once. It’s a trend that really burst onto the scene in recent months. Gone are the days of manicures being designed with all nails painted in the same color! We have to admit, this is one of our favorite nail trends right now. New to the trend? You’re in the right place! We found 40 examples of the different color nails trend to give you a sense of how you can wear the trend on your nails.

1Simple Dots

A modern way to paint every nail in a different color. How fun is this manicure? We adore the clear nails with a single dot painted in different colors. The unique placement of the dots adds even more style.

2Mauve Meets Neutrals

Mauve nails have been growing in popularity, whether you just don’t want to commit to a full mauve manicure or want something different – this is such a pretty manicure. Adding mauve to the neutrals adds a subtle touch of color.

3Blues and Black

Mixing shades of blue together is a gorgeous option, but when we saw the touch of black and grey here we fell even more in love. The black adds edge and depth, greys add softness.

4Monochrome in Blue

Keep your manicure monochromatic, while still embracing the different color nails trend with a look like this. Pick your favorite shades of blue and paint one on each nail! Easy to DIY.

5Candy Coated

We don’t know about you but this color scheme is giving us major candy color vibes. The colors are bright yet light. Regardless, it’s just a fun color scheme – especially for the summertime.

6Clear Striped

Mixing in different color nails with a little added design and a modern twist with touches of clear space. Here they left the center of the nails clear – we love the fun colors mixed together for the ultimate colorful manicure.

7French Tip Colors

We’re always down for a fresh French tip manicure approach. These nails are exactly that! Combine your favorite pastel shades together and paint them onto nails in a classic French tip manicure design.

8Colorful Stars

Talk about an epic manicure! We thought this was such a unique way to adapt this trend to nails. Painting stars in different colors on each nail, on top of clear/nude nails is artsy, funky and trendy.

9Cool vs. Warm

Having a hard time choosing a color scheme for your manicure? Now you don’t have to. We thought this warm vs. cool combination was so fun. It gives you the ability to wear ALL the colors at the same time.

10Coral Shade Glam

At first glance the colors look quite similar, but when you take another look you can see they are slightly different. This is a great way to keep your manicure monochromatic, but still add some dimension with different colors on the nails.

11Fall Shades

We’re keeping you prepared for the fall season with this manicure! We think this trend is going to maintain its popularity well into the fall so this is a great option to reference for inspiration when it comes.

12Glitter and Grey

Shades of grey for the win! No, we’re not talking about the movie here. We thought this was such a pretty, modern way to combine shades of grey on nails. Adding glitter and white adds a little more lightness to the manicure.

13Glitter Ombre

Go all out with the different color nail trend with bright glitter ombre! This is definitely a statement look. The colors used here are bold and bright, making it gorgeous for the summertime.

14Green + Purple

Talk about a unique color combination, right? These nails are a great example of thinking outside the box with this particular trend. There really aren’t any hard rules on the colors you combine so just have fun with it.

15Half and Half

Add a bit of dimension to different color nails with this half and half design. Combining two shades of the same color to get the half/half look is so unique! All you need is some tape or a straight edge to get that perfect line.

16Lady Bug Colors

Want something really fun? Here you go! Paint ladybug artwork on top of the different nail colors and you’ve suddenly transformed your colorful manicure into a work of art.

17Fierce Colors

We are OBSESSED with these nails. Seriously, how fun are these? Keeping the base of the nails clear and painting leopard print on top in different colors is such a cool design approach to this trend. Animal print lovers unique!

18Randomly Mixed

Another great example of how you can really mix and match any colors together with the trend of the moment. Here they kept things cohesive by opting for colors that are all in the same ‘tone.’ Adding a matte finish steps the design up a bit, too.

19Primary Colors Combined

Get back to the color basics with this take on the nail trend. Primary colors for the win! You really can’t go wrong with primary colors, especially if you want to make a bold color statement but have a hard time finding colors that look good together.

20Red Glam

This is a beautiful way to elevate and transform the classic red manicure. Adding nails in metallic and white keep the color scheme classic but when they’re paired together like this they get a whole different aesthetic.

21Mixing Pinks

Mixing shades of the same color is (clearly) one of the go-to ways to rock this nail look this year. It’s a way to give your nails a monochromatic vibe, but still have some dimension and style.

22Neon Ombre

Ombre + neon = epic manicure! One look at this manicure and it’s easy to see why we love it. The neon colors are bright and fun and the ombre effect gives a modern softness as a fun juxtaposition.

23Neon French Tips

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – we’re always here for a French tip manicure twist. This is a perfect example of how to bring the classic design into the current time era. Painting the tips in different color neons is the final touch we adore.

24Subtle Neutrals

If you’re more of a neutral nail kind of gal, we have you covered with this design. Even mixing soft shades of nude, as shown here, will give you a fun take on the different color nail trend – in a way that works for your style.

25Shades of Orange

Another monochromatic take on the trend! This time they opted for shades of orange, which we think is great for the summertime. In addition to the monochromatic shades, we love the different finishes with one hand matte and the other shiny. So fun!

26French Tip Colors

Neon tips – yes please! French tip gone rogue, in the most stylish way possible. We really like the beige color used on the base of the nails, adding so much contrast to neon tips.

27Multi Pastels

You really can’t go wrong mixing pastel tones together. Whatever your nail length or shape, it’s a go to combination you can count on. Because this is such a trend right now, pastels aren’t just for Easter.

28Pastel Ombre

Pastels strike again, but this time with a fun ombre twist. The pastel tones painted onto just the tips gives a French tip aesthetic, but with a modern appeal. Colors, ombre and acrylics = style win!

29Spotted Pastels

How cute are these nails?! We love the polka dot accent nail. It’s a classic, minimal design that really adds something fun to the overall look here. It breaks up the pastel shades with a pop of neutral.

30Pink Toned Yellow

Monochromatic nails with a twist. These nails are similar to some of the other monochromatic manicures we’ve shown you so far, but the twist here is the yellow pinky nail. Yellow is an unexpected twist but it works!

31Bold Colors

Classic colors combined! If you’re a bold nail color kind of woman this may be the perfect way for you to embrace this particular nail trend. It’s easy to achieve and definitely makes a nail statement.

32Unexpected Color Combination

We have to say, we’re impressed with the unique color combinations we’ve seen. These colors, at first, may not seem like they would ‘go’ together. But when they’re combined on nails in this way – it just plain works. Don’t over think your color choices!

33Textured Reds

These nails are giving us major fall/winter feels. Between the shades of red, neutrals and matte finish – they feel edgy and chic. If you want to highlight certain colors, like red shown here, include neutral shades.

34Marvelous in Mauve

Monochromatic in mauve! Ahh we just love that mauve has been gaining so much popularity. Such a pretty color that also has a neutral color vibe to it. Find various shades of mauve to achieve this look.

35Striped Shades

If you want to add a bit more design, subtly, to different colors painted onto nails – look no further. The subtle lines painted in different shades of the main color used on each nail gives dimension and style.

36Tie Dye Colors

37V-Tip Neons

38Triangle Colors

39Feminine Colors

40Yellow and Pink Neon