baby shower nail designs


Baby Shower Nail Designs

In recent years baby showers have become a popular event and now almost everyone having a baby throws one. Just like any other occasion, this is when you pop out your best outfit and create a special look. As we always say, nails are a very important part of the final look so you need to make the right nail design choice. While some parties are themed and provide a good guideline of what looks and designs to go for others are completely freestyle. However, there’s no need to be told that pink or blue are the colors of the night and both if the gender has not yet been revealed.

1Pastel Pink Baby Shower Nails

No complicated designs needed. Just coat your nails in a shade of pastel pink or blue, or an alternation of both if you don’t know the gender, for a simple DIY look.

2Neon Baby Boy Nail Color

If pastels are not loud enough for you then you can always choose a neon pink or blue nail polish. Again, this is a simple and easy one to do yourself.

3French Baby Nails

The French manicure design can never go amiss in our design ideas. This time you can twist your white French manicure to pink or blue if you know the gender.

4Call It Butterfly Pink Nail Art

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and cutest creatures. So it makes total sense to call the baby butterfly and to choose it as your nail art.

5Marble Baby Shower Nails

Don’t want to do anything baby specific but something that is still cute? Choose the marble effect on accent nails. You can also do this in pink or blue.

6What’s the Baby?

If you don’t know the gender yet don’t worry. Paint some of your nails pink and some blue and then add a pink and blue question mark. Simple.

7Stripy Baby Boy Nail Design

Stripes is another pattern and is not baby related but is still cute. Paint the stripes in pink or blue over a white base.

8Baby Elephant Nail Art

Baby elephants are the cutest baby animal so why not draw one on an accent nail. The black, white and grey tones of this look are perfect if you want to keep it gender neutral.

9Confetti Baby Shower Nails

Nothing screams ‘celebration!’ more then confetti. Don’t wait for confetti to actually be thrown. Cover your base color with a coat of confetti glitter polisht.

10Baby On the Way

This is for all the number of times you were told, “Babies are delivered by pelicans.” Make the pelican the nail art on an accent nail.

11Bow Baby Nails

Whether on a headband or as a bowtie bows are always cute on babies and you know they will be a common accessory. Which is why you should put a bow on accent nails.

12Baby Bath Time

Base your nail design on this common toy, the bath rubber ducks. recreate them in different angles and sizes for another gender neutral look.

13Unicorn Baby Nails

Unicorns are as magical as having a baby. This makes the unicorn another brilliant choice of nail art especially for a girl’s baby shower.

14Spring Baby Nails

Is the baby due in the spring time? Cover your nails in pink or blue nail polish and then draw a few white flowers on accent nails.

15Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We all think of Disney when we think of kids. Which is why it is appropriate to give homage to the brand with a Disney nail design.

16Winnie the Pooh Nails

The most charming bear and with this outline drawing of Winnie the Pooh you can get the most charming nail design. Just like the cartoon, a very gender neutral look.

17Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Sleepless nights are expected for the new parents. So, in the hope that the new baby hasn’t too much trouble sleeping, add nail stickers of the moon and stars.

18What’s the Baby?

Girl…boy…not sure? Add nail art of baby clothing and baby toys in both blue and pink. I guess you will find out soon.

19Space Baby Nails

Bears and babies roam amongst the stars in this dreamy nail design. All drawn in white over a navy blue nail polish, this is a very intricate design.

20Baby Teddy Bear Nails

Make your nail art super cute by simply adding the head of a teddy bear on one of your nails.

21Gender Reveal Baby Shower Nail Design

22Write It On a Nail Baby Boy / Girl Nails

23Royal Baby Nail Art

24Sparkly Baby Coffin Nails

25Little One Elephant Baby Nails

26We Love You Baby Amond Nails

27Guess the Name

28Baby Steps Nail Art

29Polka Dot Baby Nails

30Ombre Baby Blue Nails

31Cartoon Favourites Nails

32Cute Baby Nail Design

33Pink White Gold Heart Nails

34Boy or Girl Baby Nail Design

35Baby Galaxy Nails

36Baby Boy Shower Nails


That’s 35 baby shower nail design ideas for you. A good mix of gender-specific and gender neutral looks to choose from. There is also a variety of level of design. We understand that the nail look you choose to recreate for a baby shower may not be what you want to be sporting every day for work. Although it would be a shame to get rid of such beautiful looks so quick, we also understand. Which is why there are a few nail designs amongst the 35 we chose that are easy to create at home yourself. No one has time or money to go the nail shop for a manicure for one night. However, do take the time to appreciate the more intricate nail designs that would be super special.

Also, always bear in mind your dress choice. Ideally with the more detailed nail art and designs you choose to wear something more plain and simple. You don’t want a lot to be going on with your final look. In fact, if the party is themed and your dress code is some form of costume, we advise that you choose a more plain and simple nail look. If, on the other hand, there is no theme apart from turning up looking cute, then we advice to keep the outfit looking plain and let your nails get all the attention. We’re not saying this because we’re biased towards nails but because it is a shame to pass on some of the cutest nail designs you have every come across.