Gold stud stickers on white base polish

White and Gold Nail Designs

What we’re about to share with you is the epitome of sophisticated nail designs. White, the simplest and purest of colours paired with gold, the colour that signifies richness. These two together use in nail designs make simple and rich meet half-way which leaves you with a look that is refined in its simplicity. Perfect for special occasions, parties and evening events where you want to bling effortlessly without having to go overboard with jewelry or the dress. So here are 40 white and gold nails designs for you to choose from.

1Lines of Gold

A very simple way of making a white polish nail look pop by adding a couple of gold line stickers on accent nails. Quick and super easy to do yourself.

2Gold Sprinkler Nails

Let the gold glitter sprinkle from the bottom of your nail towards the tips in a gradient effect. The white base polish makes this effect pop more just like popping a bottle of champagne.

3Gold Waterfall Nail Design

Same concept, of a gradient effect with gold glitter over white base polish, this time starting from the tips towards the bottom. Fun and festive look perfect for a party.

4Gold Foil Nails

This effect almost looks like a map of the world. Coat your nails in white polish, than on two accent nails stick pieces of gold foil. A very dainty golden effect.

5Heart of Gold Nail Art

Show your heart of gold on one of your nails. This look is based on a matte white polish and a heart outline is drawn on gold glitter. The contrast of the matte and the glitter works beautifully.

6Gold Lace Nail Design

Get the pattern of the delicate fabric of lace in gold nail stickers. Stick these patterns at different angles on white polished nails.

7Gold Accent Nail

No need to think of nail art of complex designs to create your white and gold nail design. Just paint your nails in white polish except for your ring finger nail which you instead coat in gold glitter.

8Gold Chevron Design

The only way is up with this gold nail design. Using a gold glitter polish draw a chevron (two arrow heads) on an accent nail.

9Gold French Manicure

It is imperative to have a French manicure design with a twist. If you want the ultimate twist, paint your nails white and paint the tip in gold glitter.

10Gold Stars Nails

Leave people star struck on your night out. Stick gold stars nail stickers of different size over your white polish base.

11White and Gold Marble Nails

You can never go wrong with the marble effect because you can create this with any colours but using white and gold truly makes it look expensive.

12The Pineapple Nail Art

Get your summer tropical vibes on by adding a gold pineapple on an accent nail with white coated nails. You can use a sticker, draw it or use rhinestones for the pineapple.

13Gold Curves Nail Art

Another one that is simple, quick and based on lines. This time instead of straight lines draw two thin curved lines. The curves give the look a softer vibe.

14Stripes of White and Gold

Stripes is an easy pattern to go for when alternating between two colours. You can either use the pattern on an accent nail or go for all nails for a more bold look.

15White Leaves VS. Gold Leaves Nail Art

How delicate does this look? Get gold glitter and white glitter nail polishes and use one as the base and the other one to create dainty leafage.

16Golden Edges

Keep it simple with a white tip French manicure and end just use gold glitter to line the bottom edge of the tip. This is a classic look but yet still unique.

17Spots of Gold Nail Art

Gold polka dots on a white base polish is another simple white and gold nail design.

18Gold Snow is Falling

Gold is very festive in it’s nature. Use it to create snowflakes on a pearl white base for the ultimate festive look.

19Feathering Nail Design

Create this feather like look on accent nails but adding gold diagonal lines from the centre of the nail over a white base polish.

20Cappuccino Nail Designs

This looks like the chocolate designs on cappuccino foam. Add the design by using a soft gold polish and add soft strokes from the middle of the nail.


22The Golden Ombre Nails

23Gold Studded Nails

24Subtle Gold Sparkle Nails

25With Love Nail Design

26Abstract Gallery Nail Art

27By Valentino Nail Design

28Never Enough Gold

29A Hint of White and Gold

30Gold Buttons

31White and Gold French Manicure

32Gold Confetti

33Brush Strokes

34Roman Villa Nail Design

35Gold Decor

36Winter Wonderland

37A Christmas Party

38French Manicure and a Flower

39Down the Middle



We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this list of stunning 40 awesome nail designs! And there is plenty more from where that came from. There’s no doubt that this colour mix of white and gold create the most elegant nail looks.

Gold is a rich colour that can be used in two forms; as a metallic or as a glitter. Both forms are empowering and thus using it in nail art can go badly if not used with the right colours. Using the white colour is one of the best pairings you can find for gold. White is a plain and simple colour that can balance out the richness of the gold colour. Meanwhile, it is the perfect colour to make gold intricate nail art pop-out more. Which is why the two colours together create very intricate designs that look dainty and expensive.

Anyone of these nail designs is the perfect addition to a look that is plain and simple. In fact we recommend these looks with outfits that are quite minimal and elegant. These nail designs are also perfect to add the glitz for an evening black tie event, a wedding, prom night or a Christmas party. If elegance is what you’re after, there is no going wrong with one of these 40 white and gold nail designs.