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Essie Gel Couture Colors Review

Choosing a nail color is a seemingly simple task. But let’s face it…it can be a hard decision! Mostly when trying to select a gel nail color. Since gel manicures last longer, it’s a longer time to commit to a particular color. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the at-home gel polishes that have gained a lot of popularity. What’s better than the staying power of a gel manicure from the comfort of your own home? Recently we’ve been all about the Essie Gel Couture. colors. We’ve loved the Essie brand polishes for quite some time and immediately fell in love with their Gel Couture Colors.

If you’ve been debating on trying the Essie Gel Couture swatches yourself, you’re in the right place because we’ve rounded up a review of some of our favorite colors from their collections.

1Essie Ballet Nudes Gel Couture

Need the perfect nude nail color? Essie’s Ballet Nudes Gel Couture is a gorgeous option! Finding the best beige nail color is no easy task. We love the neutral shine this Essie beige color offers. It’s light enough to be subtle and will compliment just about any skin tone.

2Berry In Love

Dark nail colors always look great, no matter what time of year it is. The Berry In Love tone of this Essie gel color adds just enough of a feminine aesthetic without being too girly. If you’re tired of the pale pink tones this jewel hue is the perfect alternative while keeping you in the same color family.

3Like It Loud Classic Black

We don’t know about you, but black nails are always a go to color choice. Especially during the fall and winter months. It’s classic, edgy and looks great on everyone. If black is a go to nail color for you,  Essie’s Like It Loud gel couture option is going to be a quick favorite choice for you.

4Chroming Aruba Blue

Chrome nail colors have become extremely popular this year. The chrome finish is a stylish way to instantly update the look and feel of our favorite nail colors. Like this Aruba Blue chrome gel color! Essie nailed it with the bold blue color. These are statement making nails, for sure!

5Spring Blue Essie Gel Couture Perfect Posture

If you’re more of a subtle nail kind of gal, this blue hue is gorgeous. It’s stunning for spring and summer when you want something soft to match the seasons. The ‘Perfect Posture!’ gel color has just enough of a blue hue to show the color and not get confused with white nails.

6Beautiful Blue Labels Only

Essie has a way with blue nail colors, especially their gel couture selections. The Labels Only gel color is another gorgeous blue color by Essie. It’s a great middle ground between pastel and very dark blue shades. We LOVE this color for the summertime.

7Taupe Take Me To Thread Gel Color

The Take Me To Thread taupe gel color by Essie is stunning! Brown isn’t a go to choice for many women, but this particular one should be. It’s not your average brown nail color, the muted tone of the blue makes it feel
like a soft brown.

8Girly Pink Sit Me In The Front Row

Need a color to feel like the ultimate girly girl? This bubble gum Sit Me In The Front Row pink by Essie is everything a girl needs in her life. Don’t you think? It’s the epitome of the pink polish we all need in our lives every once in a while.

9Good Knight Wine Gel Color

Wine isn’t just for enjoying by the glass anymore. Essie made the perfect fall/winter color with the Good Knight Gel Couture wine inspired hue. It’s a very deep red tone, like your favorite red wine. If you don’t care for a classic black polish, this is a gorgeous alternative.

10Pearls of Wisdom Shimmering Chocolate

Essie knows how to give the classic brown color a major upgrade. The Pearls of Wisdom gel color is another deep brown mulberry pearl toned gel couture polish that we adore. The subtle shimmer added gives the color a glam twist that looks great on everyone.

11Summertime Chic

Is any nail color a summertime classic quite like coral? We don’t think so. It’s such a pretty color. Essie’s “the it factor” is coral perfection. Not too orange, not too pink – just the right amount of each to give you coral done right.

12Blue Darkness

Another gorgeous gel couture color by Essie for the fall and winter. These dark hues make the cool months much more stylish, in our opinion. The darkness adds some edge to your look. We love the dark nail take on blue. It’s still classic enough to wear to the office.

13Jewel Tone Red

Love a good red nail? It’s a classic nail color choice for a reason. You really can’t ever go wrong with red nails. Essie created a gorgeously classic red with this gel couture color. It looks great no matter what nail length you choose for yourself.

14Enchanted in Blue

This blue is from Essie’s Enchanted collection. Isn’t it pretty? Definitely gives us princess style vibes. But even if you’re not much of a princess kind of woman, the blue color is pretty for the summer season to add a soft touch of color.

15Metallic Green

For the woman who wants to make more of a statement with her nails, this metallic green gel couture polish is one for the books. Whether you’re sick of the same nail colors or just want something different, Essie’s metallic green is one of our favorites for its uniqueness.

16Golden Goddess

Bring your goddess vibes to your nails with Essie’s golden gel couture color. This is ideal for the glamour girl who wants some added glam to her look. The great part about this color is even though it’s gold, it’s still on the neutral side making it really wearable.

17Lime Green Chic

Essie has us officially hooked on giving green colors a try. They’ve outdone themselves with this lime green gel couture color. It’s a soft color with a pastel look to it, but still has some boldness from the lime color.

18Styled in Magenta

Essie is great for bringing colors that are unique, but they’re just as great with the perfect classic colors. Magenta is another amazing classic nail color. We’re especially into Essie’s version of a magenta color. You can wear this color all year long!

19Lightly Neutral

Need something other than simple white? White nails are great, but we love the added sheen to this color by Essie for their gel couture collection. Simple yet chic!

20Mauvey Chrome

You really can’t go wrong with any of Essie’s metallic gel couture colors. They’re all so beautiful and go on so well with their applicators. This color is great for someone who wants to adapt the metallic look, while still being a bit neutral.

21Feminine Neutrals

22Green with Envy

23The New Grey

24Orange You Stylish

25Pretty in Pink

26Perfectly Blue in Posture

27Pink Chic Mani

28Purple Pastels

29Lady in Red

30Royal Manicure

31Sagely Styled

32Ivory Nail Life

33Sheerly Chic

34Shimmering in Pink

35Egg-cellent in Blue

36The Perfect Nude

37Golden Rose

38Iridescently White

39White Out

40Summer Sun


Leave it to Essie to give us SO many gorgeous nail colors to choose from throughout their entire gel couture collection. Aside from all the gorgeous colors, it’s amazing to be able to get the benefits of a gel manicure from the comfort of your home. It can be tricky to find the time to get into the salon all the time. Not to mention expensive! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving at least one of these gel couture polishes a try for yourself. They’re much easier to use than you may think. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that it’s a gel couture polish. If you can pain your nails with regular nail polish you can use Essie’s gel couture polishes!

Once you fall in love with their gel couture polishes, you will likely be hooked! The good news is Essie is known for their ever expanding nail colors. They already have a wide variety of colors to choose from and they’re always bringing out new and improved colors. You will NEVER get bored with Essie and their gel couture collection colors.

We know it’s a constant debate when deciding on colors to try out, mostly if you’re investing in an entire bottle of a color. Being the investigators we are we found the best Essie gel couture swatches for you to go through and reference before you head to the store (or online) to purchase one (or a few) of their gel couture colors for your at home collection. Now that we’ve shown you some of our favorite colors from their gel couture nail selection we hope you’re feeling inspired to go find a color to add to your at home nail collection. Of course, now the trick will be deciding on just a couple of colors. Although, we won’t judge you if you end up with more than a few!