OPI Nail Polish Colors

OPI Nail Polish Colors

OPI has been one of the leading nail polish companies for quite a few years now. It’s a company synonymous with the nail industry. We all know about OPI, have probably used at least one nail color of theirs, and know the quality of the colors you achieve from using their products. As a company who has been around for so long, they’ve got a massive inventory of colors to choose from. There are hundreds of OPI nail polish colors available.

Since there are so many OPI nail polish colors available we thought we would do some of the leg work for you and round up a handful of the best and most popular colors. If you’re like us, it can be overwhelming to shop around for a nail color. Mostly when there are SO many. So knowing some of the more popular colors can be a helpful way to continue your OPI nail polish journey.

On that note, let’s get into it! Scroll through to see some of our favorites and the most popular OPI nail colors. Let us know your favorites, too!

1Those Baby Blues

Need a soft nail color for the summer? This pale blue tone by OPI is the perfect light blue shade. It’s a great nail color for a woman who wants just a touch of color added to their nails. Whether you have long nails, short nails, or anything in between it’s a great summer staple.

2It’s a Girl, Pink

If you’re more of a pink woman, you may prefer a light pink color instead of the blue we just showed you. OPI always knocks it out of the park with the pink tones (ok, with all of their nail colors). We love this pink nail color for spring and summer.

3Barefoot Neutrals

Neutral nails have become a big trend over the past couple of years. It’s a go-to nail color for a woman who wants her nails polished but needs to keep it subtle. Whether it’s for work or style finding a good neutral is no easy task. OPI’s ‘barefoot in barcelona’ is one of our favorite neutral colors. It’s got enough color to give the look of having polished nails, without being too bold.

4Fun in Berry

Make a statement with your nails with OPI’s ‘berry fairy fun.’ Isn’t this color fun?! Bright nail colors are always a win during the spring and summer months, to match the aesthetic of the season! The subtle shimmer mixed into this purple gives it great dimension.

5Multi Glitter Life

Glitter polish turned chic with this OPI glitter lacquer. The black base tone adds some edge to the glitter, but it’s the combination of different glitter colors mixed in that makes this extra special.

6Chrome it Blue

Will metallic polish ever NOT be fun? We don’t think so. Especially when it’s BLUE metallic. OPI knows how to make a gorgeous statement nail color. The blue color itself is super fun but the added dimension of the metallic finish creates a whole different look.

7Give Them Pink

Pink polish will never go out of style. It doesn’t matter your age, style, skin tone, anything – pink will always have a place in our hearts. OPI created one of the most versatile, flattering pink tones with this nail color. This is a must have for every woman’s nail polish collection.

8Bright Coral Style

Neon everything is a trend. In case you haven’t noticed all the neon clothes in stores right now. One of our favorite ways to incorporate the neon trend is with nail polish! This bright, almost neon coral nail color is spot on with the trend.

9Disguised in Green

Camo print is another popular trend in clothing right now. This army green nail polish from OPI is a unique way to incorporate a similar vibe to your nails. Whether you like camo print or you just want a neutral aesthetic on your nails this color is fall perfect!

10Charcoal Grey

Dark nails are a go to for many women. We adore this charcoal grey from OPI for a softer take on traditional black nail polish. While it’s similar to black in the darkness, the grey undertone softens it a bit.

11Chocolate Moose

For the woman who wants a nude nail color that isn’t TOO nude. This color is called chocolate moose by OPI. It’s a bit darker than a traditional nude nail color but light enough to be able to wear it all year long with ease.

12Cobalt Shine

Continuing the bright, neon trend this cobalt blue OPI color is stunning. If you like to add some color to your nails this cobalt blue is an easy way to do it. Keep it simple with your nail shape to allow the color to really pop and look fresh.

13Deep in the Forest Green

So often green is an overlooked color for nails. As we approach the fall and winter season (sorry to be the barrier of bad news), we’ll begin to start rocking darker nails again. Dark green is a chic alternative to the other classic dark nail colors.

14Purple Goes Dark

Another stylish dark nail option we absolutely love by OPI. The deep, dark purple is really edgy and has a royal type of vibe to it. Ideal for short nails when you want something chic and simple with edge.

15Blue Egg Style

Looking for a nail color that you don’t see everyone else wearing? This blue OPI color is what you’ve been looking for. We see traditional blue colors all the time, but this one has a turquoise take mixed in for something unique.

16Gold Metal

Even if you’re not an Olympic athlete, you can adapt the gold metal attitude to your nails. Gold is a classic color choice, but one we don’t often think of as often as we should. OPI did gold the best way possible with this color, adding just enough shimmer to the mix.

17Softly Sheer

We love colors that offer an iridescent type of finish. It creates such pretty dimension to the nails, with some subtly. The pale purple base of this OPI nail color works so well with the green iridescent sheen. Soft, subtle but OH so pretty.

18Jambalaya Coral

Peach and coral nails tend to be rather popular this time of year.
Understandably so! OPI offers a range of colors in this color family, we’re partial to the lighter tone of this particular coral color for when you want a color that’s not too bold.

19Styled Light

Let’s face it – we all love a good neutral nail color. Most of us have quite a collection of the neutral colors because you really can’t have enough. Well…you will want to add another neutral to your collection with this light nude shade from OPI.

20Polished in Sunshine

Mellow yellow for the win! Add some sunshine to your nails this summer season with a touch of yellow with OPI. It’s a yellow that is bright, without being in the neon family.

21Lilac Life

22Chrome Polish

23Minty Fresh

24Lightly Golden

25Perfect in Pink

26Peachy Keen

27Purple with a Twist

28Boldly Purple

29Roses are Red

30Golden Rose

31Seashore Styles

32Soft Romance

33Glitz and Glam

34Steel Water Grey

35Styled with Taupe

36Tokyo Pink

37The Perfect Pink

38Turquoise Style

39Edgy Red

40Classic White


We’ve been OPI fans for quite a while. We’re going to assume you’re right there with us because…who isn’t?! They make it easy to enjoy using their nail lacquers because of the wide range of colors they offer, along with the quality of their products. Now that you’ve taken a peek through some of the best, most popular OPI nail colors hopefully you have an idea as to which color you’re going to add to your nail “wardrobe.” Or the color you will seek out the next time you head to the salon to get your nails done. Fortunately, if you’re not a DIY kind of woman many salons use OPI as well so you can still reference the list.

For the summer season, we really love some of OPI’s pastel and bright colors. It feels so appropriate to rock a light and/or bright nail look this time of year. Don’t you think? On the flip side we can’t get enough of the darker hues from OPI throughout the fall and winter seasons. As the weather transitions there’s always something comforting about dark nails colors that we all tend to sway towards. Although we’ve got to say the chrome and metallic nail colors OPI has have a serious place in our nail loving hearts. They’re unique, edgy and feel so on trend this year.