chrome in gold for dark skin

Best Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Changing up your nail color is one of the most fun, easiest ways to experiment with your personal style a bit. Thanks to living in 2020, we all have access to more nail colors and options than ever before. Seriously, have you taken a stroll through the nail polish aisle of a drug store recently? And that’s just a small sampling! While we’re big fans of choosing your nail color because it’s something you enjoy most, we also love to give you some inspiration – that’s what we’re here for after all. We took some time to round up some of the best nail colors for dark skin. Let us know which color(s) are your favorites!

1Army Green

Green has been a nail color that’s been getting quite popular recently. There are so many gorgeous green shades to have fun with, for dark skin we really love this army green shade. The warmth of this particular shade is a perfect complement.

2Deep Purple

Another color we think is so pretty for dark skin! At first glance this nail polish looks like it could be black, but when you look closer you see the deep purple hue. This is a pretty choice for the fall and winter months.

3Neutrally Blush

Looking for a nail color that’s a bit more neutral and on the light side? This is perfect! It’s a neutral blush type of tone that looks gorgeous for dark skin. It adds a feminine feel to nails thanks to the blush hue.

4Bright Purple

If you like purple, but the previous dark purple hue isn’t really your style (or you want something for spring/summer!), bright purple is a fun alternative. We adore this shade for the warm weather months to add a nice pop of color to nails.

5Corally Red

We’ll admit we love red nails on any skin color. It’s a classic nail color choice that always feels modern and appropriate. We thought this particular shade of red, with a coral undertone to it, was absolutely stunning on dark skin. It’s a brighter, summery take on classic red.

6Metallic Bronze

Metallic nail polish is EVERYTHING right now. In case you haven’t noticed. For dark skin, we absolutely love bronze metallic nail colors. Just look at this picture – doesn’t it look incredible? It’s a monochromatic type of look, with the shiny finish of metallic.

7Barbie Pink

We don’t know about you but we can’t resist a good pink manicure. Now that it’s spring and summer, we all need a fresh manicure shade to embrace. Barbie pink is a choice you can guarantee will look amazing with your skin tone.

8Burnt Orange

This nail color can be tricky to wear, but we think it’s a color that always looks great with dark skin. Because it’s this warm, burnt orange hue it compliments dark skin with ease. This is a color you can wear all year long, too.

9Champagne Shimmer

Isn’t this nail color pretty? The champagne hue compliments dark skin, as you can see in the picture, so well. It’s a pretty, feminine hue for the times you don’t want a really bold color statement. The shimmer finish gives a bit of dimension to the overall look.

10Chocolate Brown

We’ve noticed chocolate brown is a nail color many women tend to shy away from, but when we found this picture we wanted to make sure to include it in this list because it looks so good with dark skin. Creates a warm, neutral type of look.

11Peach Shimmer

How pretty is this color?! We love the softness this pastel peach color offers for dark skin. The contrast is stunning. If you need a new staple color for the spring: this is a great choice!

12Dark Navy

Dark nail colors are pretty much a guarantee to look great with dark skin. If you’re an edgy type of woman, but don’t want classic black polish – dark navy is a fun alternative. We love navy instead of black for a touch of color.

13Deep Maroon

We told you the dark colors are winner for dark skin! Another beautiful nail color choice for the fall and winter months. Of course, classic red can be great but this darker toned red adds a bit of edginess to the look.

14Jewel Toned Turquoise

Shades of green, of all kind, really are some of the most popular options right now. This particular green hue has more of a turquoise type of vibe to it, but in a jewel undertone. Another color you can really wear all year long because it’s in that medium tone family.

15Fall Themed Green

This green color is a bit similar to the previous, but while the slide before has more of a turquoise tone to it this is more of a traditional green shade. We love both colors equally, so it really comes down to personal preference!

16Medium Purple

Another shade that’s this great ‘medium’ color tone. We can’t get enough of this tone in all the shades for dark skin. It gives you a pop of color on your nails, without the color feeling more spring/summer or fall/winter. Happy medium!

17Golden Chrome

Since chrome polish is such a big trend we wanted to be sure to include at least a couple of different options! We LOVE the bronze chrome we showed you at the beginning of the list, but we love gold just as much. Both options look great for dark skin.

18Neon Lime Green

We’ve given you quite a few nail colors that are a bit more subtle or neutral, but don’t worry we didn’t forget about everyone who likes to make more of a color statement! Neon lime green is a major color moment, as you can see. So fun!

19Nude Hologram

You already know nude nail polish is incredibly popular. We really like this holographic shimmer added to nude polish, for dark skin. It adds a bit of dimension and hint of color to the nude. So pretty!

20Fairly Peach

This color is giving us major spring/summer vibes! Doesn’t it make you want to head to the beach? Light peach/coral is the perfect warm weather color option. This is a color that would look great, and make a statement, on any nail length.

21Summer Turquoise

Turquoise strikes again on the list! Since turquoise and green comes in so many different shades and tones, we wanted to include a few different options for you to choose from. This turquoise tone is light yet bright. Summer perfection!

22Cobalt Blue Mattified

There is something about cobalt blue nails that get us every time. It’s bright yet feels a bit edgy, especially when it’s finished with a matte topping. We think this color looks great for dark skin and can be worn any time of year.

23Dark Matte Grey

We love all the different neutral tones that look pretty with dark skin. This dark matte grey tone is an out of box neutral shade that feels modern, edgy and stylish. Leave as is or add fun embellishments like they did here!

24Pretty Pink

Ahh pink polish, does it ever get old? We don’t think so. Another different shade of pink for dark skin? Medium shades of pink! Similar to some of the other medium shade colors we’ve shown you, it’s a winning choice to try!

25Lightly Moss

Yep, green polish is back on the list – and it’s ANOTHER different color/shade of green. This one is much softer than some of the other options we’ve shown you so far. The light mossy shade is something really different but feels soft and fresh.

26Mustard Yellow

How fun is this yellow nail polish?! We think the color is such a gorgeous pop of color and we love it for dark skin. The contrast is wonderful. If you’ve never tried yellow nails, this may be the year to give it a spin!

27Neon Orange

Let us just say this: we don’t think there’s a neon nail shade that doesn’t look amazing for dark skin. As you can see with this neon orange color it’s an instant, bold pop of color.

28Hot Pink

Not really into the neon orange color? Neon pink may be more your speed. There isn’t much to say about neon pink, because the picture really does all the talking for us.

29Pale Pink

It’s all about the pink! Another beautiful shade of pink that we love for dark skin: pastel pink. It’s a color that still adds a touch of color to your nails, but in a way that’s a bit more subtle compared to neon shades.

30Purple Pastels

If you haven’t gone through some of our other lists throughout our site, then you may not know pastels are kind of everything this year. They’ve been trending, like many of the other colors we’ve shown you. Purple pastel is especially popular this year and just so happens to look amazing on dark skin.

31Pastel Rainbow

For the times when you can’t pick just ONE pastel shade enter: pastel rainbow nails. Don’t these colors look great for dark skin? They pop next too dark skin and feel modern when paired together.

32Periwinkle Chic

Sorry, we’re not quite done with the pastel color ideas for you! This particular pastel color is different from the others because it’s between purple and blue, giving us this beautiful periwinkle color. So so pretty!

33Silver Glitter

We couldn’t make a list of the best nail colors without including at least one glitter option. Glitter looks great on all nails, in our humble opinion. But we especially love the way silver glitter looks with dark skin. It’s that great contrast that really pops!

34Silver Metallic

Metallic nail polish can’t be avoided right now, especially for this particular list. Just like we said with silver glitter, we think silver metallic polish looks great because of the contrast if offers with dark skin. Although, we really like all the metallic shades!

35Sky Blue Hue

Isn’t this sky blue color great? We thought this offered such a fresh aesthetic for dark skin. It’s light, bright and colorful without being an over the top color. Looking for a soft nail color? This may be what you’ve been looking for!

36Warm Toned Taupe

37Classic Turquoise

38Warm Light Beige

39Simple White

40Neon Yellow