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Geometric Nail Art

Nail art, of any kind, has a special place in our hearts. Because nail art is temporary and so easy to change, it’s a great way to express yourself, have fun with it, and try things that may be outside your norm. Worst case scenario? Remove it and start over! We don’t have to remind you how many different nail art styles are out there. One scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll quickly see there are, quite literally, thousands of nail art concepts. Today, we’re talking about one of our (many) favorite nail art designs – geometric nail art.

1Shaped Accent

If you’re new to the geometric nail art trend, this is such a cute way to add just a touch to your nails. Keeping all the nails solid, leaving the geometric shape to just one accent nail adds edge and style to the manicure.

2Minimal Matte Black

Minimalism at its finest! This manicure is minimal is aesthetic, but loaded with style. Matte black polish feels edgy and makes for the perfect base for minimal white geometric designs to be added.

3Rainbow Geometry

Matte black and pastel rainbow colors are the juxtaposition we didn’t know we needed in our lives. The stripes throughout the nails is what brings the geometric essence to the design. We love that they changed up the placement of the stripes throughout each nail.

4Geometric Minimalism

Minimalistic design is a way to instantly give your nails a modern aesthetic. Leaving nails matte nude, further adds to the modern vibe. We like that they kept it simple with the color scheme using just white and black, with a touch of silver glitter for that dose of glam.

5Bright Rainbow Shapes

These nails are for our color lovers! Talk about a major color moment, right? Have fun with color on your nails, while keeping things modern and geometric. Using different shapes and adding pops of clear space to show throw makes it happen.

6Colorful Geometry

We thought these geometric nails were SO fun. They really went all out by including different shapes and colors into the design. This is a great example of using your own creativity to achieve the most stand out geometric nail art.

7Grey Geometric Textures

The geometric element doesn’t have to be the focal point of the manicure, in order to make a positive style twist to the design. Here they made the geometric design feel a bit different using shiny polish on top of matte polish.

8Geometric Glam

Glam geometric design in full force! Aren’t these so chic? Incorporating metallic glitter into the design like this is the best way to add that extra glam factor. We always love the look of glitter mixed with matte black, too.

9Seeing Shapes

It really is all about the negative space on nails right now! There is something about negative space, in combination with geometric design that just works so seamlessly. We thought the unexpected touch of the eye design really made this look.

10Subtle Touches

One of our favorite things about geometric nail art is you can just implement minimal touches to get an incredibly stylish manicure. This is a great example! The subtle black touches of shapes and lines mixed with the artistic ‘painted’ touches is so fun.

11Triangular Style

This may be one of the easiest geometric designs to DIY. Seriously! All you need to do is section off each area using tape, paint the space the color of your choosing and move on to the next. Easy and cute!

12Green Envy Geometry

Even though the geometric element is only on one nail per hand, the flow of this manicure feels like a major stand out moment. We thought it was really creative to make each geometric design a bit different, keeping the color scheme the same.

13Hot Pink Geometric

Love hot pink?! These nails have you covered! Adding touches of hot pink throughout a fairly minimal geometric design gives it a whole different vibe. The hot pink is a great way to make geometric nails feel summer ready.

14Hype Beast Style

These are for all the hype beasts out there! Hype beast, also known as street style has been incredibly popular in recent years in the fashion realm. We love that these geometric nails have found a way to bring it to nails.

15Lovely Lavender

The perfect spring time mani! We adore the pastel tones of pink and coral used here. The manicure design itself is quite simple but because of the geometric element it feels extra special and trendy.

16Shapes of Animal Print

You know we love an edgy, glam manicure. These nails are the perfect combination of both of those things. We can’t get over the way they found a way to add leopard print into these geometric nails. Edgy chic!

17Simple Geometry Dots

We told you geometric nails don’t have to be full of extreme detail and design in order to look great. These nails are another great example of that. Even on short nails, adding simple, small dots in a line leaves you with a gorgeous manicure.

18Neon Yellow Shapes

Isn’t this color scheme perfection? We love these colors on nails for the spring and summer months. They’re light, bright and add contrast when paired with black like this. Just use tape to get this geometric design on your nails!

19Nude Geometric

Black and matte nude polish gets a geometric update here. We like that they made the geometric designs stand out even more by painting them on only two nails per hand. Painting lines to create shapes, like this, is an easy way to incorporate the trend.

20Geometric Ombre

Oh ombre, how we love thee! When we came across these nails we instantly fell in love. Using diamond shapes to create an ombre effect is something we definitely haven’t seen before. Such a unique and create concept!

21Orange Creamsicle

Pastel orange + white + gold glitter = glam creamsicle goodness! The small touch of gold glitter really transforms the manicure. We really love the triangular shapes to bring the geometric aesthetic into play here.

22Geometric Ends

Another example of using geometric shapes to achieve an ombre-like vibe. How fun, right?! This design may look a bit intimidating but it’s another one that can be achieved using tape, or another straight edge, to achieve.

23Pastel Mattes

Since it’s the warm weather months, we like including pastel manicures. ‘Tis the season! Combine some of your favorite pastel shades to make it your own. The contrast between matte pastel and the black striping really works here!

24Striped in Pastels

Simple stripes, aren’t so simple when they look like this. The double lines give stripes a different type of style aesthetic on nails here. Using pastel shades make this perfect for the spring/summer, but you can use any color scheme you prefer.

25Clear Geometry

Pastels are back! Combining pastel polish with black and clear space is such a great mix. We really appreciate the creativity here, playing around with various shapes and placements of the geometric design.

26Matte Pink Geometric

Isn’t it amazing how a matte finish can completely change the look of your nails?! Even when using light shades like pastel pink and white, matte finish changes things up. Once again, we have to point out how the negative space really amps up the modern style factor.

27Shades and Shapes of Purple

Create a monochromatic design, with a geometric twist! Using shapes to section of the colors gives so much dimension to these nails. Adding a touch of black creates even more distinction between the colors.

28Rainbow Squared

Oh how we love rainbow nails. We thought this manicure design was such a creative way to adapt the rainbow nail trend, by using shapes. These nails look so creative! Even just using squares like this, when they’re all painted a different color it transforms the squares entirely.

29Subtle Striped Rainbow

At first glance these look like nude nails with a minimal black stripe painted down the center of the nails. We’re on board with that minimalistic design (just for the record), but looking a bit closer you’ll see the subtle touch of colors next to the lines. So cute!

30Minimal Geometric Design

Add a pop of red (or any color) to your nails with a minimalistic approach. Using geometric design you can add simple design touches to get an epic manicure. These nails are proof of that!

31Red and White Shapes

For those of you who want more of a stand out geometric design, here you go! Red nails are anything but classic when you add geometric designs. The small black lines mixed in add a bit of contrast to things as well.

32Retro Inspired

These nails are giving us major retro vibes and we’re definitely not mad about it. The color scheme is what really brings the retro aesthetic into play. If straight lines aren’t really your thing, maybe these swirl lines are more your speed. Switch up the color palette for a different take on the look.

33Spotted Shapes

Polka dots: updated! We’ve all seen plenty of polka dot nails throughout the years, but we thought this was a stylish modern twist to the old classic. Painting polka dots in different sizes on clear nails is what gives this a different vibe.

34Square Design

Adding just TWO simple shapes to your nails will result in an incredible design, as you can see! We thought this was such a fun manicure. Painting a triangle at the base of the nail, and a square around a majority of the nail over clear nails = modern style done right.

35Simple Stripes

Less is more with these nails. Start with a nude nail polish and paint black stripes in different areas and directions on the nails to get a look like this. As you can see, even though it’s simple it’s incredibly trendy!

36Swirling Shapes

37Textured Geometry

38Edgy Geometry

39Turquoise Trends

40Black and Yellow