korean blue design embellishing

Korean Nail Art

The Korean beauty world has become the epicenter of countless trends in the industry. Those face masks so many of us love and adore? We can thank Korean beauty for a lot of them! But face masks aren’t the only contribution from Korean beauty. Korean nail art has become just as influential over the past couple of months. You may not realize some of the nail trends you’ve been seeing originally stemmed from Korean nail art. We love that Korean beauty has been embraced around the world, and we’re excited to embrace Korean nail art. Scroll through the pictures to take a peek at some of our personal favorites!

1Korean Abstract Art

These nails perfectly showcase the essence of Korean nail art. The artistic, abstract design, nails that are on the shorter side, and peeks of clear/negative space. We don’t know about you but we’re absolutely in love with these nails!

2Artistic Korean Nails

Here we have another gorgeous example of Korean nail art’s interpretation of adding abstract design onto nails. Showing us designs that aren’t necessarily ‘perfect’ add more artistic flair to the entire look. We love the pops of orange and turquoise.

3Korean Khrome

Chrome nails have been gaining a lot of popularity, we adore the way these nails have the edginess of chrome in combination with the soft Korean aesthetic. The color scheme is subtle without being boring.

4Delicate Korean Flowers

We’re always up for a floral nail design. No matter how many years we see floral nail designs, it seems like it’s one of those designs that’s able to be reinvented time and time again. The use of dried flowers, like the image shows, is such a fun way to add that realistic touch.

5Korean Gems

If you’ve been around our site for a while you know we’re always down for manicures that incorporate rhinestones onto nails. This Korean nail art inspired take on rhinestones may be one of our current favorites! Clear nails get a major transformation here.

6Neutrally Elegant

Love neutral nails? We thought you’d love this Korean nail design. Keeping things soft and subtle with the color scheme, it’s the dainty gold embellishments that instantly elevate the entire design.

7Floral Glam

Aren’t these nails so pretty? We love all the Korean nails that incorporate dried flowers for that ‘real’ flower look. The circle design of flowers is so unique here. Adding a single pearl embellishment completes it with a gorgeous 3D effect.

8Korean Floral Ends

Leave it to Korean beauty to give us SO many fresh floral nail ideas. Right?! Who knew there were so many modern ways to paint flowers onto nails. Painting flowers on just the ends of nails here gives a look similar to French tip, but with more color and design.

9Embellished Korean Art

You probably remember galaxy nails from a couple of years ago. They were EVERYWHERE. When we stumbled upon these Korean nails we were reminded of those galaxy nails, but thought this was the perfect way to modernize things. Stunning!

10Shimmering Ends

Paint glitter onto your nails in a whole new way! Leave it to Korean beauty to give us glitter nails like we’ve never seen. Mixing different shapes, sizes and colors of glitter like this is a great way to add dimension to your nails.

11Green Golden Goddess

Who knew olive nails could looks so delicate and feminine?! We sure didn’t. Combing muted olive polish with a soft nude color is a gorgeous pairing. Of course, it’s the embellishing on these nails that really takes the front stage.

12Glitter Love

We love the soft aesthetic many Korean nails offer, but we’re always game for a bolder nail statement. You too? No worries you can still get nails with that Korean design feel, with bolder colors.

13Simplified Matte

One of our favorite things about Korean nail art may be the fact that they’re often applied to short nails. You know we love nails of all nail lengths, but more often than not a lot of nail trends cater to long acrylics. They’re showing us how to transform SHORT nails like pros.

14Korean Cat Art

How cute are these nails?! This is for all our cat lovers. The cat designs may look complex at first glance, but if you take a closer look you’ll notice they’re rather simple. Minimal details = major design!

15Cherry Inspired

Another adorable nail design! We love these for the summertime. Cherries aren’t often used in nail design, but we think they should be. This particular design is a great example of the minimalistic approach we love in Korean nail art.

16Colorful Flowers

We’ve shown you quite a few different Korean flower nail designs. The previous designs were quite details with the dried flower elements, which is exactly why we love this floral take. Once again, the minimal approach of Korean nails is incredible.

17Egg Designs

Surprised to see EGGS on nails? We were too, but it was a design we saw quite a bit as we were scrolling through Korean nail art. If you want something totally out of the box, egg designed nails are perfect for you.

18Clearly Korean Design

Clear nails get transformed and turned into a glam manicure here. The use of rhinestones, gold metallic striping and the unique French tip shape make these nails anything but ‘basic.’ You can really have fun with a design like this using different colors and embellishments.

19Matte Pastels

We always love matte finished nails. There’s just something about the texture that always feels on trend. This may be one of our new favorites. Adding pops of clear matte nails throughout the nails gives these a modern, Korean aesthetic.

20Summer Oranges

Cherries aren’t the only fruit you can add to your nails this summer! Korean beauty strikes again with showing us how to paint ORANGES onto our nails in a way that’s stylish and trendy. Painting onto clear nails is the Korean nail staple we adore.

21Textured Plaid

Plaid nails have been something we’ve started to see more and more. As we were researching Korean nail art, we noticed a lot of plaid designs popping up. Coincidence? You decide! Regardless, we thought this neutral color scheme was a gorgeous compliment to plaid.

22Shell Tiles

Hello gorgeous! Right? Once again, Korean nail art upgrades clear nails in a very unique way. We thought the embellishments used gave these nails kind of a shell inspired vibe. It adds some texture and iridescence to enhance white and clear polish.

23Matte Animal Print

Matte nails are back at it! This time with leopard print. We have to admit, leopard print is forever one of our favorite prints. Keep it simple with the color scheme and leopard print on just a couple of nails for maximum style impact.

24Pink Plaids

Here we are again with a unique take on plaid nails! We don’t know about you but we haven’t seen pink plaid on nails before, but we love it. The perfect color scheme for spring and summer. Completing the look with a matte finish adds a textured look.

25Minimal Art Flair

Solid white nails are a staple for many people, us included! We love the freshness white nails provide. Mixing in this minimal art touch with white nails gives them a major style upgrade. How fun are these?!

26Neutrally Negative

It really is amazing what leaving touches of negative, or clear, space does to nail design. We thought these nails were so unique. Even though they’re only using white, nude and clear polish the way the colors are placed onto the nails is so creative.

27Pearl Embellishing

As we’ve mentioned, one of the attributes that makes Korean nail art instantly recognizable is the use of gold embellishments. These delicate embellishments are a pretty, easy way to add design to nails. We love that these nails added pearls to the mix for another element.

28Statement Stones

Matte nails paired with rhinestones is a classic nail love affair. The juxtaposition of the flat matte and super shine of rhinestones just works. We thought the placement and shapes of the rhinestones here was so fun! Different from the norm.

29Mixing Embellishments

We’ve established that embellishments are a huge part of Korean nail art. The good news? You can mix different embellishments for optimal design! Here they went all out with pearls, glitter and even dried flowers to get all the stylish elements together.

30Periwinkle Pop

If you’re looking for a new color to paint your nails, periwinkle is a fun choice! This is a color we don’t see on nails often, but we have a feeling it’s going to be utilized more and more. Especially when you see manicures like this!

31Pink Pig Design

Pigs haven’t looked this stylish before. Not that we know of, that is. We can’t get over how Korean nail art uses out of the box designs and makes them look stylish, trendy and creative. Pigs being one of them.

32Royal Rhinestones

Ahh rhinestones – they never seem to fail us in regards to nail art. Combine different shapes and sizes of rhinestones, like this, to reinvent rhinestone nails. Apply them to clear nails to let the rhinestones be the focal point of the design.

33Strawberry Styles

Yep, we have another way to rock fruit designs on nails! Korean nail design doesn’t stop impressing us with this. Strawberries are so adorable on these nails. The perfect summertime manicure for strawberry lovers.

34Unicorn Design

How cute are these nails?! Starting with a french tip manicure, adding unicorn decals onto the nails like this gives them the perfect Korean art finish. The unicorns add color and fun to the classic manicure.

35Modern Florals

We’re absolutely obsessed with these floral nails. The unique placement of the flowers makes it feel a bit more modern and artistic. Adding the dainty gold embellishing really brings the manicure to life and completes it so well.

36Textured Watercolors

37Soft Glam

38Geometric Glamour

39Yellow Moment

40Sunshine Style