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Nail Foil Designs

What we’re about to show you next are possibly the simplest but coolest nail designs you could possibly imagine. We are talking about none other than nail foil designs. To use nail foil you don’t need to have delicate or steady hands because there is no intricate nail art involved. Which is why these designs are perfect for the folk who have no time for trips to the salon and want to do their own nails instead. However, if you want a detailed look involving nail art we don’t see why this is not possible. In fact, some of the 40 nail foil designs we’re about to show you do have additional nail art too.

1Just Like a Map Foil Nail Design

This looks like a golden map of the world over a nude base. Use gold foil and stick random bits in blotches to create the map effect.

2Hints of Pink Foil Nail Art

You don’t need to cover your whole nail in foil. This purple foil look is created by small amounts of foil used focused more to the sides of the nails.

3Aztec Nail Foil Design

Yes, nail foil can come in patterns too! So get yourself an aztec pattern and transfer pieces of the pattern at different angles.

4Leaves of Foil Nails

This looks so delicate but yet it is so easy to create. On an accent nail draw a stem of leaves however transfer some metallic foils to create your leaves.

5Floral Season Foil Nails

You want gorgeous nail art but you want to do it yourself?. Simply get a floral pattern nail foil and transfer it onto your nails. Done!

6Black Lace Nail Foil Design

Cover your nails in lace. First use a nude shade as your base coat then get hold of a lace pattern nail foil and transfer it over.

7Black and Gold Flower Nails

Use your nail foil to give your nail art a special effect like in this design. Transfer some gold nail foil and then draw different parts of the flower on top.

8Shiny Leopard Foil Nails

Shiny but fierce. Create this look using two different nail foils. First is a plain rose gold foil for the accent nail and the second is a leopard print nail foil.

9Extra-Terrestrial Stiletto Foil Nails

This emerald green pattern looks like something from out of this world. Only using nail foils can you achieve such mystical effects neatly.

10Tartan Foil Nail Design

Tartan is a very popular pattern in the cold season. Which is why it makes total sense to also have this pattern as a nail design thanks to nail foil.

11Starry Night Foil Nails

Transfer nail foil shapes of stars and moons over an nude to dark brown ombre. Add some small glitter polish for extra effect.

12Modern Floral Nail Art and Foil

Just beautiful! Partially colour your nail using a white polish and then transfer small blotches of gold foil. Over this effect draw an outline of flowers.

13Gold and Black Foil Nails

You’ve got a normal starry night on one nail, the northern lights on another nail and a golden night using brassy gold nail foil on another nail.

14Party Foil Nails

It’s time to party with a selection of metallic coloured foil transferred on the nail to create an explosion of colour. Add two champagne glasses as a final touch.

15Under the Sea Pointy Nails

This design looks like water bubbles using circular reflective mirror nail foil over clear acrylic nails.

16Yellow Flowers Nail Design

This beautiful yellow floral nail art is given a delicate touch. By adding touches of gold nail foil on the yellow petals, these flowers gained a new dimension.

17Rainbow Foil Nail Design

This is the coolest design. Transition through the colours of the rainbow from the pinkie finger nail to the thumb nail using metallic nail foil.

18I Love You

Share the love by adding a scribbled heart on an accent nail. Make it even more special by creating this art over pieces of gold nail foil.

19Golden Lining Foil Nails

Coat half of your nail in a colour and keep the other part of your nail clear. Then use gold nail foil line this parting. Adding several layers of nail foil will create the textured effect.

20Mermaid Foil Nails

Turn your nails into little mermaid’s tail. First use a mixture of bright coloured polish or foil to create the colourful base. Then transfer net lacing pattern nail foil on top.

21Autumn Shades Foil Nails

Bring on autumn so we can create this nail design. Add autumn leaves on accent nails and match the orange hues with pieces of gold nail foil.

22Minimalistic Foil Nail Art

23Abstract Foil Nails

24Linear Motifs Nail Design

25Devil Wears Red

26Brush Strokes Nail Foil Design

27Gothic Nail Foil Design

28Splashes of Foil

29Futuristic Nail Foil Design

30Grey Pink White Foil Nails Effect

31Shattered Glass Foil Nails

32Reflective Foil Nail Design

33Festival Colorful Foil Nails

34Grey and Gold Nail Foil Design

35White Marble Foil Nails

36Foil French Manicure

37Silver Foil Nail Design

38Foil Party

39Autumn Leaves

40Rose Gold Nail Design

41Pink Foil Nails

42Silver Foil Almond Shaped Nails


It is amazing how many different nail designs you can create by simple having nail foil to your disposal. These 40 nail designs that you have just seen are so different and each so unique.

As we mentioned before, nail foil is very easy to use by yourself and there is no need for a nail technician for a lot of these designs. However, here’s a quick run through on how to use nail foil if you’re not sure. Firstly you need to make sure you’ve got the nail foil and nail foil transfer glue.

After applying the base coat and colour that you want, apply some transfer glue where you want your foil to be transferred. Then lay the piece of nail foil and press onto the nail using a cotton bud. Alternatively cut pieces of foil and stick them onto the nails.

Pretty easy right?! So go splurge on nail foil, any nail foil that you would like. You can opt for nail foil that already has pattern on it or plain nail foil that is metallic. Once you’ve got all the materials needed then start going through each and every nail design of the 40 that we have shown you.