black and gold nail designs


Black and Gold Nail Designs

There are some color combinations that never get old. Black and gold is one of those combinations. They’re both classic colors and when they’re used together they elevate each other and instantly look edgy and chic. Finding colors that always look great paired together can be tricky but you can rest assured black and gold are always a winning combination. Now you may be thinking using these colors on your nails can get old which is why we wanted to change your perspective. We came across some of the most gorgeous black and gold nails we think you’re going to love.

1Golden Accents Nails

Sometimes all you need is an accent of gold to elevate a nail look. Black is a gorgeous foundation, especially with a rounded almond nail shape. While it’s a standout look already the simple addition of gold takes it to a new level.

2Gold Leopard Nails

Leopard print will never get old in our book! We love how the classic animal print gets a glam update with the use of gold polish mixed with black. Chic and trendy!

3Chicly Striped Gold Black Nails

Isn’t this black and gold nail look gorgeous? Proof that a little bit goes a long way with this color combination. The double stripes makes the striping feel even more modern. Use tape to create the straight lines if you DIY this.

4Black and Gold Turned Ombre Nails

This is a fun take on the ombre design we all know and love. Keeping the bottom portion of the nail clear elongates the nails to make your fingers look longer – a fun little trick!

5Marbled in Black and Gold Nails

We’ve seen marbled phone and laptop cases and now we have marbled nails. Personally, we love the nails more than anything else marble we’ve seen. Adding splashes of gold to the marbling gives this a glamour girl vibe.

6Stylish Glam Nails

Who said your nail design has to be symmetrical and the same on each nail? Definitely not us! Mix up your black and gold nails with a different design on each nail.

7Blank Space Nails

Leaving part of your nails FREE of nail polish is the latest nail trend sweeping the fingertips of women everywhere. With a black and gold nail design this stunning you don’t need all of the nails painted completely.

8Chevron Edge Nails

Oh chevron, how we all adore you! The zig zag design looks even better when it’s painted in gold and black. We love the tiny gold embellishments added to the black nails to tie in the color scheme.

9Shine Bright Like a Diamond Nails

Rihanna said it best. Shine like the diamond you are by actually painting a diamond design onto your nails. Use a stencil or sticker to get the gold shape onto the nail.

10Edgy Tips Nails

See a theme? The blank space nails are here to stay. Leave your nail blank, add a layer of clear polish for a streamlined finish. Using tape create a French manicure like tip in black with a skinny gold line to complete the

11Geometric Nail Style

We’re in awe over this black and gold nail art. It’s truly a work of art. Design a geometric aesthetic with your nail art using tape and a steady hand at home.

12Golden Glitter Nails

Gold glitter is an easy go-to when painting glam nails. Bring your glitter look up a notch by mixing different size gold glitter polishes together and adding it to just the ends of your nails. The gold glitter really pops next to black.

13Gold Triangle Nails

This nail design doesn’t just look chic, it’s pretty easy to DIY. All you need is a matte black polish as the base of the nail and gold glitter. Use a straight edge, either a piece of paper or tape, to place where you want to paint the gold and you’re done.

14Stripes in Black Nails

Don’t be afraid to use gold glitter polish as the base of your nail design. Whether you paint glitter on every nail or one-two nails it’s a gorgeous color to act as the foundation of your design. If you want to keep it simple with the glitter just add a couple black stripes over it.

15Matte Meets Chrome Nails

Matte and chrome are and continue to be big nail trends. They’re complete opposites in their finish which is what makes it such a fun combination for a fun nail look. The contrast between matte and ultra shine of the chrome is unlike any other.

16Gold Flakes Pointy Nails

This black and gold nail look has us speechless. We don’t know about you but we’ve never seen the tips of nails left completely clear. It’s beautiful and creative!

17Leopard Glam Nails

Add a little fierce vibe to your matte black nails by painting one nail in leopard print. Don’t worry, leopard print doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to get the look. It’s an abstract design that can be DIY-ed much more easily than you think.

18Outlined in Gold Nails

How fun is this?! Outlining classic black nails is a whole different way to rock the color combination. It’s simple but certainly makes a big nail statement.

19Black with Shine Nail Design

Shine in black and gold with these nails. All this design needs is black polish, gold glitter and a stiletto shaped nail. Adding a pointed shape to the nails really elevates this nail art.

20Fashionable Stars Nail Art

Who doesn’t love stars on nails? It’s a classic shape that got a modern twist with this design. Use different embellishments in gold to think outside the box when designing your black and gold nails.
Modern Stripe

21Gold Tile Nails

22Chromed Tip Nails

23Heart of Gold Nails

24Glitter Leopard Nails

25Metallic Lips Nail Art

26Gold Embellishment Coffin Nails

27Gold Black Rhinestone Nails

28Gold and Black Modernized

29Moon Goddess Manicure

30The New Stripes Nails

31Black and Gold Meets Nude Nails

32Faded Glitter Nails

33Metallic Paint Strokes

34Splatter in Gold Nails

35Touched with Glitter Stiletto Nails

36Reversed French Manicure

37Golden Shapes Nails

38Starburst with Gold Mani

39Long Nails with Edge

40Swirled with Black and Gold


Who knew a simple nail color pairing could be transformed into so many different nail designs?! We hope you’re feeling just as inspired as we are after scrolling through these beautiful black and gold nails. If you’re like us you’re ready to get your black and gold polishes out to recreate a couple of these nail designs at home.
Since black and gold are a gorgeous pairing you can make a chic nail statement with even a fairly simple nail design. Of course, there are plenty of ways to go all out with the design to really play with the two colors. One of our favorite simple black and gold nails from the list is the black base with simple gold stripes. It’s a pretty easy design to DIY, all you need is the two nail colors and tape to create perfectly straight lines. You can really have fun with the stripes to make your design a little different – it’s up to you!
As far as the more detailed black and gold nails goes we adore the leopard print designs in black with gold accents. Leopard is an edgy print that adds a lot of fierceness to your style, even when it’s added to nails. The addition of gold to leopard print gives the leopard a bit of a glam effect that still gives the illusion of the traditional colors we see in leopard print.
Regardless of the length of your nails, the shape or anything else there are plenty of ways you can use black and gold to design standout nail art you will absolutely love. The good news? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, black and gold is always appropriate! Get your polishes ready and start using your creativity to recreate one of your favorite designs from our list.