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Coral Nail Color Ideas

Warm weather is quickly approaching. As you get ready to enjoy wearing your spring/summer wardrobe it’s the perfect time to also swap out some of your go-to nail colors for the season. If you’re anything like us, during the fall and winter seasons you tend to stick with dark nail colors. But as the seasons change it makes sense to switch over to lighter and brighter nail colors. You swap out your clothes, why not your nails? This year it’s all about coral color nail designs. If you’ve never opted for coral color nails check out some of our favorite coral color nail designs for some fresh ideas.

1Mixed Coral Nail Styles

Bet this is a color combination you didn’t think of! Even though coral is a light color, adding delicate touches of black pairs beautifully. The reason this particular nail design works is because the black that is used isn’t overpowering, allowing it to compliment coral.

2Coffin Coral Nails

If you’re more of an edgy type of gal, this coral color nail design is for you. Coral is a rather feminine, girly color but when you add black into the mix it gets a major edge. We love that the black is intertwined with the coral throughout the design for a seamless look.

3Fruit Salad Inspired Nail Art

Fruit isn’t just a great snack anymore! Use it as inspiration for your coral color nail design. This design screams summertime. What says summer more than fruit? Add the fruit inspired design to just one nail to allow it to pop and highlight the gorgeous color hue.

4Glittery Coral Nails

Let’s face it, ladies. Glitter is always a good idea. Keep your glitter in the coral color family for more of a monochrome type of look with your nails. We love the gold addition to add even more glam to your nails. This can be recreated for short nails, too!

5Butterfly Style Nails

Butterflies often represent different, powerful meanings. Whether you want to remind yourself of something deeper or not, painting a butterfly on your nails is so chic. Stick to pastel tones in the butterfly design to keep it cohesive with coral, like this manicure.

6Paisley Designed Nails

Adding a pointed shape to nails instantly transforms the entire aesthetic of the way nails look. Even if you just keep all the nails solid coral, this nail shape will be enough to make it stylish. Of course, you can definitely add a paisley inspired design to one of the nails for a fun update.

7Coral Fashion Marble Nails

Expect to see a lot of marble designed nail art this year. Soften the feel of the traditional black and white marble design by mixing in a couple coral color nails. It breaks up the design and adds a feminine touch. This would look great on any nail shape and length.

8Light as a Feather Nail Art

Looking for a design that adds major style but doesn’t require an art degree to accomplish? Add a feather to one nail! It’s easier to add to your nails than you probably think. Use a toothpick or very skinny paint brush to brush little strokes onto a nail, in the shape of a feather. It looks so great with a coral color polish.

9Florally Spring Nails

Miranda Priestly can say what she wants, we think florals are always chic for spring. Few things feel like they’re new every spring quite like floral does. Not to mention, adding floral design to coral nails is a major style win.

10Peach Toned Ombre Nails

This coral color nail design gives us French mani vibes, but in an abstract modern kind of way. We’re here for it! Using coral to fade into white makes nails look long, lean and so fresh. Not a fan of the matte finish? This would look just as chic with a shiny finish.

11Glamorously Coral Nails

Are you a glamour girl? You will love this coral color nail design. Ok, there’s nothing NOT to love about this manicure. Glitter, coral AND rhinestone embellishment? Win, win and double win.

12Pop of Glitter Nails

This is a great example of trying different shades/tones of coral to really have fun with the coral color trend. We love the almost nude shade of coral used in this manicure. Keep it simple with just a touch of glitter added to the base of the nail.

13Coral-ly Embellished Nails

Rhinestones aren’t the only way to embellish nails this year! Find a bright coral color to paint your nails and add a unique gold embellishment to the nails. Who knew something so simple could add such style? Well, now we all do!

14Leafed with Peach Nails

Allow coral to act like a neutral with a nail design like this. The coral color nails give the design an added POP. Keep in mind glitter isn’t the only way to add shimmer and glam to your nails, leaf-like polishes are a fun change. Don’t be afraid to add different colors like purple and gold to pair with coral.

15Mixing Neutrals Nail Colors

One of our favorite ways to rock neutral nail colors is to mix different neutral colors together. Pair coral with nude and grey tones. It’s unexpected but totally on point. Keep it simple with just solid color nails or add a little shimmer with some glitter.

16I Heart Coral Nails

Girly girls unite! This coral color nail design gives us major girly-girl vibes. Add white heart(s) to your coral color nails for an easy add-on aesthetic.

17Glittery Peach Nails

Ombre done in….glitter? Yep! Keep a couple of your nails simple with a pretty peachy toned coral, mix in some glitter with an ombre effect. Isn’t this gorgeous?!

18Coral Goes Modern

This nail shape is what dreams are made of, isn’t it? We think so. Mostly when it’s used to highlight coral color nails. Proof you can mix and match different nails to accommodate different colors/designs. Try the popular marble design with a coral touch!

19Coral Coffined Nails

The coffin nail shape is making waves in the nail world in 2019. It’s a statement itself because of the length and unique shape. Keep it fresh for spring with complimentary tones paired with coral this spring/summer.

20Peach it Right Nail Design

We couldn’t share coral color nail designs without one that includes an actual peach! If you love the peach emoji you will love adding a peach to your nails. Keep the rest of your nails simple with a light coral tone so the peach is the focus.

21Simple Glam Nails

22Unexpected Color Combo Nail Art

23Coral Simplicity

24Summertime Coral Chic Nails

25Mattify Coral Nails

26Styled Bright Coral Turquoise Nails

27Painted in Peach Short Nails

28Freshen Your Stripes Nails

29Long and Pointy Peach Nails With Ornaments

30Delicately Designed Nails

31The Missing Link

32Peachy Keen Nail Art

33Glitter Glammed in Coral Nails

34Coral Embellished Edge

35Solid in Coral Coffin Nails

36Heart Your Stripes

37Stiletto in Coral

38Chicly Designed with Coral

39Contrasting Shine

40Minimal Peach Nail Art


All coral everything this spring and summer! We’re going to go ahead and assume that after you’ve gone through our list of favorite coral color nail designs you’re officially sold on the nail color, just like us. There are few better colors to rock on your manicure with the warm weather.

We’ll admit we were a bit hesitant at just how many different ways coral could be used on nails. It seems like a rather basic nail color, which can be tricky to pair with other colors in a way that looks stylish. No one wants tacky nail color combinations! But thanks to the creative talents who share their work on the internet, we were pleasantly surprised. Are you with us on that one? Who knew coral can be worn with so many other colors. Shocking revelation!

For us, we’re all about the coral color nail designs that allow the color to be the focal point with the addition of some unexpected details. Embellishments like rhinestones, glitter and more give coral a major update. Let’s be honest, we all know we can rock a solid coral color nail but this is the season of spicing things up. For the DIY lady a lot of these coral color nail designs can be replicated at home. We suggest getting a selection of different nail embellishments to have on hand for 2019. It’s embellishments galore this year and all you need is some nail glue and the embellishments to get your nails on trend.

Coral is similar to nude nail colors in that there are varying shades and tones of the color. That being said, try a few different coral colors to mix and match so you can really experiment with this color all spring/summer long.