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Long Acrylic Nails

Are you a long acrylic kind of person? The thing about nails, in general, is most people are either team long or team short – it’s just personal preference. Long acrylic nails have definitely been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Whether you’re new to the long acrylic world or not, we love being your resource for nail inspiration. That’s exactly why we’ve scoured the internet for some of the latest and greatest in long acrylic nail designs – you can’t get TOO inspired! Scroll through to check out some of the latest ideas.

1Artistically Acrylic

Give your long acrylic nails an artistic flair with an abstract design. It’s the not-perfect, yet perfect design that makes this art extra special. Whether doing your own nails or going to a nail artist, have fun!

2Barbie Glam

Calling all our Barbie girls! Barbie pink is a major color choice win, no matter your age or lifestyle. Give Barbie pink polish a little extra glam with rhinestones and glitter applied to a couple of accent nails.

3Black Edge

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum from Barbie pink, we’re on the edgy style side with this manicure. Black polish doesn’t get much edgier. Give your long acrylics a bit of a different twist with nude polish used like they did here.

4Nighttime Sky

Bring the gorgeous nighttime sky we’re all familiar with, with a nail design like this. Long acrylics make for a great base for a detailed sky design. Clouds, stars and black polish give you this result!

5Edgy Textures

We’re keeping the edgy designs somewhat consistent here for you with this manicure. Because the winter months tend to be the season where we all lean towards darker colors, it works out. Mixing these textures together transforms long acrylics with ease.

6Baby Blues

Long acrylic nails are synonymous with French tip nail design. You probably know this well. One of the more updated ways to rock French manicures is by applying the color to the VERY end of the nails, as they’ve done here with a very thin blue line.

7Neutrally Monochromatic

Monochromatic nails for the style win! It’s a trendy way to paint your acrylic nails. We really like that they kept the look neutral using nude shades here for a softer approach to the trend.

8Chanel Embellished

Chanel? Yes, please! Even if it’s Chanel inspired embellishments on nails, we’ll take it. The famous fashion house is one that many of us aspire to have in some form or another. Add your love for Chanel to your nails.

9Iridescent Glamour

Looking for a major glam nail moment? Look no further! White iridescent polish gives you something that offers a lot more dimension than your typical white nail polish. Rhinestones glued onto an accent nail brings even more dimension and glam to the manicure.

10Clear Acrylic Ends

Clear nails, acrylic or not, are the THING we’re all embracing this year. If full clear acrylic nails are a little much for you, this is a stylish way to tip toe into the trend and be left with a pretty stunning nail design.

11Falling for Long Acrylics

It’s not often we stumble across fall themed manicures that are trendy and glamorous, until we came across this manicure. Leaf shaped glitter pieces applied to clear acrylics are what makes this a standout fall themed design.

12Dragon Decals

Gaining inspiration from different cultures is one of the beautiful things about the diverse world we live in. We’re absolutely in love with these long acrylics. It’s edgy and embraces a pretty incredible culture in a stylish way.

13Fall Edge Style

Talk about a stylish take on a fall manicure! Who knew there were such creative ways to give your nails a seasonal twist. This design has incredible edge with a matte finish, black polish and embellishments.

14Seeing Through Glitter

Didn’t we tell you clear acrylics are the trend to try? You can really have fun with different lengths and shapes with acrylic nails, yes even clear acrylics. Apply iridescent glitter to clear acrylics to add a splash of color and depth to the look.

15Metallic Edged

Bright colors, negative space AND metallic polish?! Talk about a winning combination for long acrylic nail design. This does have a somewhat French manicure inspired feel to it, but in an abstract manner. If you like color, this is a gorgeous design to try out.

16Green Marbling

Marble designed nails aren’t ‘new’ but we sure do appreciate how people are continuing to find ways to make it feel like new. Here they accomplished that with clear acrylics and using green polish instead of the typical white.

17Neutral Love

Are you a minimalist when it comes to your nail art? We thought this manicure was a minimalist’s dream. Painting the acrylics in a soft neutral shade provides this stunning feminine feel. Complete the manicure with a single gold embellishment for a little extra something.

18Gorgeous in Gucci

We can’t resist a designer themed manicure, especially when we stumbled upon this Gucci logo design. Whether you’re a Gucci lover or not, this design can be adapted using any designer logo you love.

19Holographic Glitter

Stiletto shaped acrylics are a pretty epic style statement on their own, if you ask us. Sometimes all you need to do to complete your acrylic design is topping them with an iridescent glitter polish. It’s easy to achieve but leaves you with this result.

20Unicorn Iridescence

Iridescent polish is back! This design is a bit more dimensional than the previous because of the ombre effect applied using different colors. Ombre is a technique that works incredibly well on long acrylics, because the added length gives more space to work with.

21Leopard Tips

Now this is a FIERCE manicure. Animal print has a way of making any nail design look a little more fierce. Painting the print onto just the tips, in this French manicure design, breaks up the bold design to give a modern appeal.

22Feminine Flames

Who said baby pink polish can’t be edgy?! We sure didn’t! This nail design is a great example of how even a traditional ‘girly’ color can get an edgy twist when paired with black polish and an edgy design like flames.

23Creatively Mixed

These long acrylics are incredible! The creativity oozing from every single nail is giving us major goals. We highly encourage you to think outside the box when considering your next nail art design. There are no rules – just have fun.

24Stars and Moons

The sky is filled with elements that we can take as design inspiration for our nails. This image proves just how much. Painting various things we see in the sky, on top of an iridescent polish? Yes! We’re in love with this manicure.

25Rainbow Touched Acrylics

Is there a time when rainbow nail art isn’t great? We can’t think of any. Fortunately there are a ton of ways we can take inspiration from rainbows and apply them to long acrylics. Here even just small touches of rainbow colors make a major impact.

26Leopard Print Accent

Leopard print strikes again with another major style moment. Because the print is quite bold on its own, you can have it painted onto just one nail for a manicure that’s stylish yet neutral.

27Mixed Neutrals

White and nude nail polish got a modern, artistic moment with these nails. Matte nude polish is a classic color choice for long acrylics. For us, it’s the white geometric lines painted onto the nails that really enhance the look.

28Olive Marble + Matte

White marbled designed nails are a go-to look for many of us. One really simple way to change up the look a bit is by painting the other nails in different colors. In this design they opted for olive green for a super funky change.

29Orange Glam

We’re suckers for glam manicures, we continue to be impressed at how many ways people turn long acrylics into glamourous nail moments. The thing that makes this manicure really stand out is the orange nail color. It adds a soft, feminine feel to the design.

30Louis Vuitton Themed

Another designer themed manicure, we just couldn’t resist sharing with you! If you follow fashion you may remember Louis Vuitton came out with a collection last year that embodied this bold orange hue. If you loved that collection, add the design to your nails!

31Pastel Florals

Pastel tones and flowers are an ideal pairing. While it’s a combination we’ve all seen plenty of times, this artist found a way to make it feel like new. Applying the pastel tones very subtly in an ombre effect really enhances the design.

32Picasso Inspired

Art lovers unite! Ok, to be honest you don’t have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate this Picasso inspired nail art. Although if you are you probably love it even more. We’re absolutely in love with this design.

33Barbie Designed

Are you a Barbie girl? We’ll refrain from busting out the lyrics of the iconic Barbie Girl song. But we will take a moment to appreciate this manicure. Talk about speaking to a Barbie fan!

34Butterfly Style

Ahh, butterflies. Do they ever feel dated? They’re one of nature’s gifts that keeps on giving. This butterfly designed manicure is stunning for the spring and summer months when you want to get in touch with nature.

35Pink Designer Logos

Pink, money and fashion – what’s not to love? White nail polish is the best base color to use for this type of design because it gives the design and colors the opportunity to really shine and be highlighted.

36Rhinestone Designer

37Slithering Style

38Strawberry Shortcake Style

39Winter White

40Conversation Hearts