dainty butterfly turquoise

Butterfly Nail Art Designs

The perfect nail art design for spring and summer? Butterflies! Such a fun design idea, don’t you think? We are fully on board with this nail art design. It’s fresh, different and beautiful. Not to mention there are so many ways you can tap into your creative side to add butterflies to your own nails. Women (and men!) everywhere have already started tapping into the butterfly nail art trend, giving the rest of us great inspiration to use. Scroll through some pretty incredible butterfly nail art designs we’ve seen so far this year – prepare to fall in love!

1Clearly Fluttering

Embrace the clear acrylic trend with a fluttering twist – by adding butterfly shaped glitter to the nails! Isn’t this SO fun? Placing butterfly glitter pieces onto clear acrylics adds a modern twist to glitter that we don’t often see.

2Spaced with Butterflies

Another chic way to add the clear nail trend to butterfly nail art. Painting various parts of a butterfly onto each nail gives a deconstructed, artistic look to the butterfly. The details of the nail art really pop thanks to the small clear touches.

3Modern Butterfly

Have short nails? You can still enjoy butterfly nail art, and do so with a LOT of style. We adore how the accent nail is painted with a matte nude polish to give extra focus to the dainty butterfly nail art design. Adding glitter texture gives this even more style and fun.

4Chic Butterfly Design

Hello chic butterfly! We fell in love with this butterfly nail art because of the chic level. The butterfly has more of an artsy, soft flair to it that works so well with the pastel turquoise color used. It’s gorgeous as is but the addition of rhinestones definitely add some glam!

5Seeing Through Wings

Go edgy with butterfly nail art with this design. Instead of the typical bright, bold colors we associate with butterfly nail art black and clear gives that edgy feel. Add even more butterfly design to the nails by incorporating butterfly shaped glitter pieces throughout.

6French Flutters

French manicure with…butterflies! These nails are so adorable. If you love the French manicure look this is a stylish way to add colorful design to the classic design. Paint each butterfly a different color to get that rainbow aesthetic going on for more color!

7Cool Pastel Butterflies

We don’t know about you but we can’t get enough of the rainbow nail trend. Painting every nail a different color = so fun! Opting for cool toned pastels like this gives the design some cohesiveness that really flows so well, and is a great foundation to add butterflies to.

8Butterfly Royalty

We are in love with this royal purple butterfly nail art design. Obviously royal purple polish is a gorgeous color on its own, which makes it a great color choice to apply to butterfly art. Add texture with a matte finish to solid purple nails and embellishments to the butterflies to elevate the design factor.

9Edgy Butterfly

While butterflies are often associated with feminine, dainty style aesthetic there are plenty of ways you can transition butterflies to suit any style persona. These nails are a great example of how you can combine feminine and edgy style using butterfly nail art.

10Fantasy Inspired Butterflies

Looking for a way to go full force on the butterfly nail art? Look no further! We adore the fantasy inspired color palette used here to really encompass the colorful vibes we all know and love of butterflies in their natural element. Add glitter, flowers or any of your favorite nail trends for the ultimate manicure.

11Patriotic Wings

Now this is thinking outside the box! Give butterflies a patriotic twist with this nail art. Isn’t this so fun? The perfect butterfly nail art design for the 4th of July, or really any time of year when you want to give your nails a patriotic twist.

12Butterfly Ombre

Start with a soft, neutral base for your nails – like this nearly clear white ombre. It’s a great foundation to add detailed designs, like butterflies as shown in the picture. Complete the neutral nail design with different butterflies painted onto a couple of nails, have fun with pops of color to make it even more unique.

13Rhinestone Butterfly

Give your favorite French manicure an expected twist! Adding a butterfly design, using rhinestones and nail embellishments, to one accent nail to give new life to a simple French manicure like this. We can’t get enough of the style factor here.

14Coffin Butterfly Designs

This is another really fun take on the French manicure design, with stylish updates. For starters here they added an extended look to the white tip element of the design and made the line triangular instead of rounded like we often see. It’s a great compliment to these gorgeous butterflies!

15Glittering Butterflies

If you love glitter this butterfly nail art was made with you in mind. Butterfly shaped glitter is one of our personal favorite ways to add flutter style to nails. Not to mention, it makes it SUPER easy to get the design without the need to have a steady hand with a paint brush.

16Minted Butterfly

This minty fresh color scheme is giving us life! Such a stunning color choice for the spring season. Plus, it looks incredible used for butterfly nail art like this. Combine the light mint color with nude polish to keep things light and fresh and let the butterfly design really pop.

17Butterfly Textures

Didn’t we tell you there are a lot of ways you can make butterflies edgy? Well – here’s another way! Start with matte black polish, because what’s edgier than that? Then add butterfly design using rhinestones and metallic colors.

18Peachy Wing

We adore this spring inspired color scheme using peach and soft grey polish colors. It’s soft, dainty and works perfectly with a white butterfly design. Adding a matte finish gives this look added texture and design.

19Clear Iridescent Glitz

Incorporate butterfly nail art in combination with glitter for a really fun manicure. Clear acrylic nails are anything but basic when various shapes of glitter are added. Here they included butterfly glitter, heart shaped glitter and more. So fun!

20Lilac Tone Butterfly

Have you heard? It’s all about the pastel purple for spring! We know, pastels for spring…groundbreaking. But let’s be honest it’s a pretty gorgeous color scheme that always feels fresh for the season. It also happens to look great when used for butterfly nails like this.

21Neon Butterfly

Another HUGE nail color trend this year? NEON! If you want to make a colorful statement with your nails look no further. These neon hues are incredible when applied to this artsy butterfly design. Add rhinestones and a matte finish to complete the look.

22Yellow Flutter

Yellow is anything but mellow with these nails. Bright yellow nail polish is a stunning choice to hone in on the butterfly aesthetic, as you can see on these nails. Incorporate clear touches to break up some of the yellow on the nails.

23Fresh Monarch

White nails are a great nail color choice all year long, but particularly perfect for spring and summer. Add trendy touches throughout your white nails with classic butterflies painted in different areas of the nails. We love that they’re all in different places to really add dimension to the look.

24Wing Design

Get the butterfly vibe without painting an entire butterfly onto your nails. How fun is this?! They thought outside the box and painted characteristics of butterfly WINGS onto each nail. It’s kind of an out of the box way to rock the trend.

25Orange Ombre Butterfly

If you haven’t noticed, using butterfly glitter is one of the go-to ways to add the design to nails. It’s easy, stylish and glam – so it makes sense why it’s so popular. Here they added a fun pop of color to the nails using neon orange to create an ombre effect to the tips.

26Bright Coral Wing

Hello gorgeous! These nails are so stunning, we can’t get over them. Another chic way to paint just the butterfly wing elements to the nail. You still get the butterfly look but it’s got a bit of a different feel using just the wing.

27Pink Butterfly Glitter

Pink and purple = feminine perfection on nails. Keep every other nail clear and paint every other nail with a soft pink color. This rotation design gives nails a soft depth to them. Applying purple butterfly glitter pieces to the clear nails ties the nail colors together with ease.

28Flying Ombre Glitter

Ombre nails on steroids! Ok, maybe not but this is definitely a modern take on the ombre trend we all know and love so much. Keeping the ENDS of the nails clear is what gives it that modern aesthetic. Clear ends are also a great canvas to apply butterfly glitter to.

29Butterfly Rainbow

Clear or nude nails are going to be pretty difficult to get away from this year. You’ve probably already noticed is EVERYWHERE. But…it’s with good reason. Look at how chic these nude nails are, after all. They get a personal twist with rainbow butterflies painted onto every nail.

30Red Hot Butterfly

Classic red nails get a butterfly upgrade here. Painting two nails next to each other a matte nude color is a gorgeous compliment to red polish. It also adds soft texture to this fun butterfly design. Add small touches of red to the butterfly to create a cohesive style.

31Rhinestone Edge Butterflies

Matte black + matte nude + rhinestones = edgy perfection! The matte finish applied to these neutral colors really brings the edgy feel to the forefront of the design. We’re in love with the side by side nails painted with the butterfly shape, finished with rhinestones.

32Pretty Butterfly Accent

If you’re a feminine kind of woman, we have you covered with this butterfly design. Using a pale pink nail color keeps the feel of the manicure feminine and soft. The solid color gets a twist with a simple butterfly painted onto an accent nail, add glitter and rhinestones for a little extra oomph.

33Rounded Butterflies

We’re not done with the French manicure upgrades using butterflies! This French mani has this great rounded element to it that creates an elongated shape to nails. Butterflies are such a fun addition to this simple design.

34Over the Top Butterfly

This manicure is every glamour girl’s dream. It has glitter, chrome, embellishments, pink AND butterflies. What’s not to love? Add a butterfly to your next manicure to combine all your fun design elements together for a unique design.

35Simplistic Butterfly Style

Of course we didn’t forget about our short nail community! You can still have a chic butterfly nail design, even with short nails. This manicure is proof of this. Keep it simple with clear or nude polish and add butterflies in different areas of every nail for dimension.

36Soft Pink Fluttering

37Pop of Wings

38White Wing

39Softly Designed Butterflies

40Modern Yellow Butterfly