light pink glitz jelly nail

Jelly Nail Polish Designs

We love a good throwback nail trend, and jelly nails are full of nostalgia. If you grew up in the 90’s you probably remember things like jelly shoes that were incredibly popular. Jelly nails really encompass that jelly vibe we all loved in the 90’s, just on our nails! If you’re wondering what jelly nails actually are chances are you’ve probably already seen the trend floating around. Another way to describe jelly nails is see through nails. Scroll through our list here to get a better sense of the jelly nail trend AND check out some epic jelly nail polish designs.

1Dripping Edged Jelly

Add touches of jelly throughout the nails if you don’t want to go for a full jelly moment. The combination of colorful jelly touches with black polish adds the perfect contrast and really emphasizes the see through effect.

2White Jelly Flowers

Perfect for springtime! Add a unique twist to floral nail designs with jelly nails. This blue jelly color makes white flowers look so updated and modern – definitely not your average floral design.

3Pink and Blue Jelly Nails

Combine your favorite color combination for your own take on the jelly nail trend. Blue and pink are an easy combo you can always count on. Even though they’re solid nail colors they don’t feel like your averages nails thanks to the jelly element.

4Beautiful Blue Jelly

We really love the simplicity of these jelly nails. The blue color is pretty and feels extra special and trendy due to them being jelly nails instead of a classic acrylic. This rounded shape really emphasizes the jelly feel, too!

5Cartoon Designed Jellies

How fun are these jelly nails? Add your favorite cartoon character over blue jelly nails for a really fun design. Make the cartoon stand out by painting it entirely, like they did here.

6Citrus Inspired Jelly Nails

These jelly nails are giving us major summertime vibes! We’re all itching to get some vitamin D this summer. Add a cool summer feel to your jelly nails with a citrus outline like they did here! We’re in love.

7Neon Jelly Designs

Combine neon and jelly for a gorgeous nail design! We’re all about combining different nail trends together to have more fun with your design. Hot pink jellies are perfection!

8Love Embellished Jelly

If the hot pink jellies from before aren’t really your thing, but you still love pink nails this softer pink tone may be more your style. Light pink jellies are great alone, but they get a fun design update with heart shaped glitter and embellishments.

9Hot Fire Jelly Design

Talk about smoking hot nails! Aren’t these so fun? Hot pink and red have never looked so firey. Using jelly nails as the base for fire inspired design really gives the look a unique twist.

10Summer Jelly Fruit

We’ve got summer on our minds, and it seems a lot of people do too with all the summer themed jelly nails. Yellow jelly nails are the perfect base to add summer fruit designs to. Colorful and so fun!

11Gummy Bear Jellies

Talk about an epic take on 3D nails! Yep gummy bear nails are officially a thing, especially in combination with jelly acrylics. The jelly acrylics are a perfect match for gummy bears- as you can see.

12Heart Jelly Nails

Valentine’s Day or not, these heart jelly nails are stunning! Hot pink jellies work beautifully with heart shaped glitter added to the mix. The accent nail gives a touch of lightness to the bold color.

13Hello Kitty Jelly

Give your French manicure a whole new look with jelly tips! This is such a cool way to add color to a French tip manicure. Of course, adding hello kitty decals definitely adds to the design in a really fun way.

14Jelly Glitter Nails

We’re in love with these light blue jelly acrylics. The color is perfection for the spring and summer. Keep it simple with just the blue shade, or add more dimension and texture with iridescent glitter as shown here.

15Solid Pink Jellies

Since jelly nails are such a unique nail statement on their own, you can keep your designs simple like this. All you need is a stand out color choice, like bright pink, and you can achieve a pretty epic manicure.

16Iridescent Ombre Jelly

How insane are these jelly nails?! We’re in love! Iridescent, ombre AND jelly wrapped up into one manicure? Sign us up! The various shapes of the iridescent flakes really add to the design aesthetic here.

17Rainbow Jelly Tips

Looking for a way to give your French tip acrylics new life? Enter: jelly tips! Using jelly tips in various colors really changes up the vibe of this manicure. Get this look using any color scheme you like.

18Designer Jellies

Calling all our designer loving ladies! These jelly nails were made for you. Go all out with the jelly nail trend with bold, rainbow ombre colors topped with your favorite designer logo. Epic!

19Moon Jelly

We love cobalt blue jellies, the color is such a stunning statement. The stiletto shape really adds to the style of this manicure, not to mention the shape really works well combined with the gold embellishments.

20Shimmering Olive Jelly

Good news: you can get the jelly nail polish look using just about any nail color or finish you can imagine. Here they went for an out of the box color choice with shimmer olive polish. It’s out of the norm, but we’re really into this!

21Orange Sliced Jellies

Orange you glad jelly nails are trending? Ok, we know that was cheesy but we couldn’t help ourselves. Orange jelly nails are so fun for the summer season. Add orange design to an accent nail to really bring the summer vibes.

22Pink Glitz Jelly

There really isn’t any nail trend that glitter doesn’t work with – jelly nails are no exception. Adding glitter to your favorite color jelly nails is an easy way to add texture and dimension to the see through nails.

23Cherry Topped Jellies

Hot pink jelly nails are pretty gorgeous as is, but there’s no harm in adding a cherry on top – literally! Painting even a simple design, like a cherry, onto an accent nail gives the solid color jellies great personality.

24Jelly Clouds

Head in the clouds? Bring the clouds to your nails! We thought this was such a unique manicure. White clouds give incredible dimension and depth to pink jelly nails. So fun!

25Coffin Jelly Glitter

Another great example of jelly nails completed with glitter! This glitter is a bit different from the other examples because the glitter pieces are all silver. You can really experiment with different glitter shapes and colors to make it your own.

26Edgy Heart Jellies

We’ve shown you quite a few jelly nails that are quite long in length, but short nails look just as great with the jelly trend. We’re loving the edgy take on jelly nails here, using a dark purple color for the jelly element and combining with black polish and black heart glitter.

27Ombre Rainbow Jelly

Talk about stunning! Don’t you think? Rainbow nails are everywhere right now, and they’re even making their way into jelly acrylics. These rainbow nails are incredible, the iridescent glitter (subtly painted) adds just enough shine to the mix.

28Rainbow Shaped Jellies

Another really cool and unique way to bring rainbow nails in combination with jelly nails. Keeping just one color on each nail speaks to the rainbow trend perfectly. We absolutely adore the triangle shapes painted on every nail for a unique twist.

29Red Heart Jelly

These red jelly nails are adorable for Valentine’s Day. But even if it’s NOT Valentine’s Day, you can still rock these nails. The jelly portion of this design is a bit unique with the ombre like effect – so cool!

30Fluttering Red Jellies

We always love a good red manicure. It’s classic and chic. These red nails definitely aren’t your average red nails though. Adding in the ombre jelly effect with glitter breaks up the solid red polish and gives so much personality.

31Stiletto Shaped Jelly

Keep it classic, with a twist with these red jellies! The jelly acrylics have some edge to them because of the stiletto shape, it works so well with the bright red color.

32Rhinestone Rainbow

Hello gorgeous! Our jaws dropped when we stumbled upon these jelly nails because, well…you see them. The bright rainbow color scheme is so fun done with jelly nails but the addition of rhinestones really elevates things.

33Green Jelly Envy

We’re green with envy over these jelly nails. As we mentioned a few times, jelly nails are a great opportunity to express yourself with colors you might not normally choose. This bright green color is a great example!

34Slimy Jelly

Halloween perfection with these jelly nails. If you’re looking for a Halloween inspired manicure that’s unique and stylish, look no further. Pink and neon green are a great color combination and perfect to encompass the slimey aesthetic.

35Smiley Jelly

Add some positivity to your manicure with smiley face jellies! We can’t help but smile when looking at these nails. If you need a little happiness in your life – try out this design.

36Jelly Stars

37Watermelon Designed Jelly

38Playing with Words

39Bright Yellow Jelly

40Zodiac Embellished Jellies