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Acrylic Nail Designs for Summer

There’s nothing quite like the summertime. The weather, the weekend trips, activities…everything! As a woman who likes to have fun with her nails (that’s you!), we’re pretty certain you like to change up your acrylic nails designs for summer. Chances are you don’t want to have the same acrylic designs you were selecting during the winter because as the seasons change – your nails should. Just like we swap out our wardrobes for the summer. Back to nails, we’ve hand-selected 40 of the most beautiful acrylic nail designs for summer you are going to want to be sure you save for inspiration.

1Sky Blue Designs

Light shades of blue have quickly become a staple for nails during the spring and summer seasons. It’s an alternative to white and beige, for those times when you want more color on your nails. Add more design to your acrylics for summer with holographic polish in a blue undertone to compliment solid blue nails.

2Fluttering Butterflies

We tend to see butterflies during the summer more than any other time of year, for obvious reasons. Bring the summertime insect to your acrylic nail designs for summer. We love that they’ve utilized this gorgeous blue polish to incorporate color to the design.

3Daisy Day Vibes

Another blue acrylic nail design, but this is in an even lighter shade of blue than the previous two. It’s a gorgeous color all on its own, but gets even more of a summer twist with the addition of white daisy designs added to an accent nail. The best part? Daisies are one of the easiest floral designs to paint onto nails because they’re quite simple.

4Monochrome in Blues

Blue hues don’t stop with this monochromatic take on the color. Monochrome polish has been popping up quite a bit. Hop on the trend with a nail design like this for summer. It’s pretty simple to recreate, all you need to do is select a few of your favorite blue nail polish colors.

5Topped with a Cherry

Cherries aren’t just on ice cream this summer! There is something about cherry pattern anything that feels so fun during the summer season. Bring that style to your nails by creating a cherry embellishment onto your nails. To give the cherry embellishment an opportunity to stand out, keep your acrylics neutral with a nearly clear base like this.

6Neon Stripes on Clear

Clear acrylic nails are a must try. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this trend yet we encourage you to give it a go! You will probably be surprised at how much you like it. To give clear nails a little more style and some additional summer vibe – add neon striping. This is such a unique way to add color in a modern way.

7Colorful French Acrylics

We’re sure you’re no stranger to the French tip acrylic look. It’s a classic after all. But this summer give the classic a warm weather upgrade by adding colors to the tips of the nails instead of the traditional white. For even more uniqueness, rotate the colors like this nail design shows.

8Coloring Marbles

White nail polish is a great color choice during the summertime. But you don’t want solid white nails ALL season long, do you? We didn’t think so. To spruce it up and add more design to the color, paint a marble like effect onto the nails. You’ve probably seen marble designed nails but we really love how these have added touches of color – perfect for summer.

9Glam in Coral

Ah, we love a coral nail design for summer! It’s fresh, colorful and so pretty. Of course it’s great alone, you’re here for nail design inspo and this is the prettiest way to take the color up a notch in style. Pair solid coral polish with glitter and pop some rhinestones on one nail for added glam.

10Leaf Style for Summer

Remember when bloggers were posing in front of walls with a leaf design like this? Of course you do! We all loved it. The leaf aesthetic even started making it to clothing items and now – nails! Fortunately, this leaf design requires minimal artistic abilities because it’s achieved with light brush strokes. Pair with solid pink nails to add more contrast.

11Rainbow Iridescent Acrylics

We’ve talked about iridescent nails quite a bit recently because, well…it’s a trend you can’t miss. If you haven’t tried the trend summer is the perfect opportunity to do so. These acrylics are so glam with an ombre effect in various colors combined with an iridescent finish.

12Neon Flames

Summertime is HOT so why not bring that aesthetic to your nails with flames?! This is such a fun and edgy way to design your summer acrylic nails. For even more of that summer touch throughout the design, use neon colors like pink, orange and purple.

13Purple Neon Acrylics

Like neon but the flame design not really your thing? Try a solid neon acrylic design instead. This neon purple is such a fun color for the summertime. The color gets a fun twist with shiny and matte textures applied to various nails. A subtle way to add design to a solid color manicure.

14Clear Acrylics with a Pop

Combine two nail trends of the season: neon and clear. This is great for the woman who likes neon nails but doesn’t want a FULL neon manicure. Instead, selecting just one nail to be the pop of color gives you the best of both worlds. Adding the neon stripe to one nail is optional, but it’s a pretty chic compliment.

15Glow in the Dark Acrylic Nails

Have you ever wanted your nails to GLOW?! Like…literally glow. This is the summer look for you to try then. Neon yellow is such a bright, bold hue you’re going have nails that glow for days. Keep it simple to let the color work its magic with a solid design.

16Watercolor Tipped Acrylics

How pretty are these acrylic nails? We absolutely love how they added a watercolor, or ombre-like, effect just to the tips of the acrylic nails. By using multiple colors on the effect it creates a rainbow type of vibe that’s perfection for the summer.

17Pretty in Primaries

Solid color nail designs are (obviously) really easy to recreate, and even DIY. Since the summertime is all about color and brightness, make your solid nails pop with rotating bold colors. Here they selected primary colors for a nostalgic twist.

18Lilac Glitter Love

Of course bright, bold colors are summer staples but that doesn’t mean you can opt for pastel hues. Pastels are just as great for the summer season (and spring, of course). This pale purple, or lilac, tone is soft and pretty for the season. Add some glam with a complimenting glitter color to one nail.

19Half and Half Pastels

Ombre designed acrylics are beloved by many. Traditionally we see ombre applied the opposite direction on nails, which is why we fell in love with this take on the design. You’re still getting that ombre aesthetic but in a half and half kind of way. Use any color(s) you like for this look.

20White Touched in Glitter

Want to keep it simple with your summer glam acrylics? This design is for you! Keep it solid with white on all the nails, adding glam to one nail with glitter. Choose any color you like, or prefer, for the contrasting glitter nail. Easy to apply to any acrylic nail length.

21Rainbow Striped Style

We showed you a similar nail design to this quite a few slides back, but those showcased clear nails. If you’re not really into the clear nail trend this is an alternative way to design a similar style using white as the foundation color. Applying the colorful striping to different parts of the nail adds beautiful depth to the design.

22Tips in Rainbow

HELLO! These summer acrylics are everything! Talk about a French manicure upgrade. We’ve been fans of using various colors on the tips of nails to add color to the classic design, but we haven’t seen colorful tips quite like this. Rainbow + ombre + French tips = summertime style perfection.

23Solid with Pastels

Initially these pastel acrylics gave us Easter holiday vibes, but we love them just as much for the summer season. The color tones are so appropriate for the warm weather. It’s all about solid color nails in rotating colors this year – a trend you can really make your own using any colors you love.

24Pink Monochrome

Didn’t we say it’s about the solid colors?! This is another gorgeous example of how to make your solid nails have a monochromatic twist. For our pink ladies out there – try a monochromatic design for summer instead of your classic pink manicure.

25Summer Tie Dye Glam

Tie dye seems to be on clothing everywhere, and you’ve probably realized by now we’re all about bringing clothing trend inspiration to nails. Using pastel tones to design a tie dye design onto nails is sheer beauty! Let the tie dye be the highlight with solid pastel pink on the surrounding nails.

26Turquoise French Ombre

French manicures have been the source of a lot of new nail design ideas – like these! Instead of keeping the color just on the tip, creating an ombre effect fading towards the base of the nail. It gives acrylics a modern appeal and lets the color really pop.

27Brightly Painted

Adding bright colors is an easy option when you use white polish as the foundation color for your summertime acrylic nails. We can’t get over how gorgeous this nail design is. Of course you can use any colors in this. Hot tip: the design is meant to NOT be perfect.

28Chic in White

You really can’t go wrong with white acrylics during the summer. Give the color a chic style elevation with marble design + metallic striping added to a single nail. It’s just enough design for interest, while keeping it neutral.

29White Flower Vibe

We’re (clearly) all about adding simple additions to solid white acrylic nails for the summertime. These nails are another way to add a touch of style, highlighting just one nail. Keep one nail clear and apply white floral design over it for a chic twist.

30Iridescently White

We showed you a colorful iridescent nail design earlier in the slides, but we know not every woman wants an over the top color design for summer. Sound like you? Try WHITE iridescent acrylics for summer. You get the best of both with white and a subtle iridescence.

31Sunny Styled Glam

Bring the sunshine to your nails with yellow ombre acrylics. Aren’t these amazing for the summer? To bring even more color to the nail design, add colorful rhinestones to the top. It’s all about colors, anyways!

32Sunflowers for Summer

Floral design is pretty popular this time of year. But you may not always want that traditional floral manicure. That’s why we love this floral nail design for the summer. Adding black polish to compliment a sunflower design gives this floral look an edge.

33Clear Sky with Stars

Not ready to go full clear with your acrylics? This nail design is a great way to step into the clear nail trend, in style of course. Adding metallic swirl polish to the nail and placing a few glitter star pieces = major nail win.

34Summer Coral Glam

Pink and coral are safe color choices for summer when you want that gorgeous color pop. This summer, combine these two colors together and compliment them with white and silver glitter. Easy yet so glam!

35French Hologram

White french ombre designs have become the new normal as far as french manicures are concerned. We’re all about it – aren’t you? Anyways, add some interest to the nail design by painting one nail in a holographic polish. It adds style and some glam.

36Love Boy, Summer

37Palm Tree Style

38Summer Star Glitz

39Summer Perfect Shades

40Mixing Yellows for Summer