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Short Stiletto Nails

Stiletto high heels have been admired and loved for many years in the fashion world. Whether you enjoy wearing them personally or not, we can all have an appreciation for beautiful shoes. Fairly recently, the nail world took inspiration from the coveted shoe style and adapted a stiletto nail shape. If you’re not familiar, it’s a nail shape with a rather prominent pointed shape. Over the past year or so this nail shape has become more popular than ever. While we often see stiletto nails in a long length, it looks just as trendy in short length nails. For the women who love the shape of stiletto nails but want to keep their nails on the shorter side we’ve found some pretty insane short stiletto nails you are going to be obsessed with – start scrolling!

1Neutral Animal Print

Short nails can be just as fierce as long nails. These short stiletto nails prove that fact! Add just a hint of animal print to your ring finger nail (or any other nail you like) to compliment a pale neutral nail color. The touch of gold and black in the leopard print gives this a little glam vibe, too.

2Edgy Chic in Black Stiletto

Whew! We are totally into these short stiletto nails. They’re edgy, chic, trendy…all the things we all want from our nail designs. Each nail has its own personality that gives the entire look such a beautiful aesthetic. We especially love the fishnet look of the ring finger design – so unique!

3Black + Iridescence

Now that the temperatures are dropping and the seasons are changing, we’re all going to start rocking black nail polish a whole lot more. Right? Right. We love this elevated black nail design, incorporating one of this year’s biggest nail trends – iridescence!

4Red Rose Stiletto

How cute are these stiletto nails? The floral + polka dot pattern combination is perfection for short nails. Since the designs are rather simplicity they don’t overwhelm a short nail length. We have to say the mattified finish of these nails really takes the look to a whole other level.

5Turquoise Crystalized

You’re probably already having a hard time choosing which of these stiletto nail designs to try out first, and this manicure isn’t making the decision any easier. Turquoise is typically a spring/summer inspired nail color but when paired with black like this, you can take this hue into the fall and winter months with ease.

6Detailed Stripes

Edgy ladies everywhere are falling in love with these short stiletto nails. Matte black nails are everything for an edgy style woman. But why stop with solid matte black? Adding strips in glitter, chrome and even white is easy to do and adds so much style.

7Topped with a Bow

These stiletto nails were too cute not to include in our list. This pink color is so pretty on its own, a color you really can’t ever go wrong with. But pairing solid pink with black/white chevron and a white bow embellishment = design heaven!

8Bright Florals

Add these stiletto nails to your list of ‘must try’ designs for the spring and summer. We love a good color combination like pink and coral. It’s so pretty for the warm weather months. Take the colors to another style dimension by mixing in an easy floral design onto 1 or 2 nails.

9Sprinkled Stilettos

Anyone else love a good donut? Ok, ok we know – everyone loves donuts! Unfortunately we can’t live off of donuts every morning (total buzz kill, right?). Instead, just add the donut vibes right to your stiletto nails. Sprinkles always make everything better!

10Neutrally Glam

Keep the base color of your nails super neutral with an almost nude nail color, this allows any design you paint over to really pop. This Aztec inspired design is so pretty and unique. The use of neutral colors like black and white makes it so wearable. Complete a design like this with small gold embellishments for a 3D addition.

11Nude Ombre Glitz

Classic yet updated! This is such a fresh take on a French manicure, using an ombre effect instead of the typical straight lined tip. We love that they exaggerated the white ends a bit on these stiletto nails and added rhinestones for a little dose of glam.

12Lavender Glitter

Light purple tones are so pretty on nails. Don’t you think? These short stiletto nails are gorgeous, especially for the spring and summer. The color is fresh and light, but gets just enough of a dose of glam with glitter added to rotating nails.

13Disco Ball Stiletto

Let’s be honest ladies, gold glitter polish is always a winning nail choice. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or the occasion. Gold glitter = style win. When you want to give your nails that glam touch, add some depth to the look by selecting one nail to act as the accent and paint it in a pretty nude nail color. It makes an all gold manicure feel more ‘everyday’ ready.

14White, Striped

Ah, white nails. Another nail color that knows no bounds in terms of what time of year it is. It’s truly a universal nail color. Feel like giving white nails a stylish twist? Add metallic striping to the mix! For a seriously unique manicure apply the stripes in various places and designs.

15Dipped in Green Glitter

Didn’t we say glitter is always a good choice? These stiletto nails are such a pretty way to rock glitter polish in a completely modern way. Leaving just a touch of the nail clear gives nails an elongated effect and really emphasizes the stiletto shape.

16Spooky Style

With Halloween right around the corner, we didn’t want to leave you hanging without any holiday inspired nail designs! Because stiletto shaped nails already offer an edgy vibe with the sharp tips, you can keep your design simple and still encompass the Halloween aesthetic like these nails!

17Iridescently Neutral

How stunning are these nails?! We’re in love! These beauties are chic, trendy, yet neutral. Using a nude nail color as the base keeps the design on the subtle side. The way the iridescent detail was applied in a glass window type of manner creates a beautiful design.

18Leopard Stones

There’s no such thing as too much animal print…right? We didn’t think so. Lately, we’ve really loved the way nail designs are using nude polish as the foundation color to create a more neutral look to leopard print. The nude + leopard is stunning on its own, but if you want more glam to your nails add rhinestones as shown.

19Bright Animal Print

We showed you a few neutral animal print nail designs, so we had to include a bolder design! For all our fierce ladies who really want to make a statement with animal print nails this is such a cute option. Compliment a bold leopard print design with solid polish on all of the other nails, using any colors you like.

20Tipped with Chrome

These stiletto nails are the epitome of edgy style! So sharp. Matte black offers the perfect juxtaposition to chrome because of their opposite finishes. Focus on the very tip of the nails to highlight the stiletto shape. Of course you can use any contrasting color polish on the ends according to your personal style.

21Mattify Floral

If you prefer nails with a softer feel, this muted toned design is for you. Start with a pretty, soft grey color polish as the base of the design. Add a matte finish for extra texture to the look. Now you can keep the nails solid, the color is a great standalone, or add a feminine touch with a white floral design.

22Stylish Mermaid

Mermaid inspired nails have been a thing in the nail world for the past couple of years. One peek at these stunning nails and you understand why, right? The colors, details, etc. all provide that mermaid vibe that’s so chic. So pretty for spring/summertime!

23Stiletto Striping Style

All our neutral nail loving ladies, please stand up! All you need to elevate your nude nail polish is a few minor details. These stiletto shaped nails are proof of that. When you have a fun nail shape, like stiletto nails provide, you can keep things simple and still adapt a gorgeous manicure.

24Golden Chrome

Chrome polish for the win! Talk about a heavy hitting manicure here. They’ve given us all the gorgeous details we love: gold chrome polish, stiletto shaped nails, rhinestones, and gold glitter. Really, what’s NOT to love about these nails? If you don’t love the olive nail, swap it out for another one of your favorite colors.

25Tie Dye Stilettos

Tie dye shirts, dresses, etc. are all over retail stores and now it can even be on your nails. We adore this take on ombre/tie dye using a light color palette. These nails were taken up a notch with silver ‘foil’ details and dainty white stripes added to the mix.

26Pastel Hologram

Pastel nails haven’t looked this edgy before, have they? The fun thing about stiletto shaped nails is the shape alone adds more interest to even the most classic, soft of nail colors. We really love the way they emphasized the shape of the nails here by applying subtle iridescence long ways on the nails.

27Pastel Elevated

Elevate pastel pink polish with glam details added to the design. Applying white polish, in a fun design, over the top of pink polish offers a delicate design element. To add some contrast to the design, incorporate a couple of nails in a full glitter polish – in a contrasting color like they’ve done here for even more style.

28Neon Chic

We’re all about neon everything right now. It’s fun, bright and trendy so there really isn’t much NOT to love about the hues. Instead of just sticking with a solid neon stiletto nail (not that there’s anything wrong with that) work in a couple of nails with a French manicure type of look, replacing white tips with the neon color. Leave the clear space blank or glue a few rhinestones on for some glam.

29Plum Perfect

This deep plum nail color is such a gorgeous option for the fall and winter seasons. It’s a way to add color to your nails, instead of black polish, while still sticking to the dark color family. To add some extra interest to your short stiletto nails simply choose an accent nail and apply rhinestones all over. Use different sized stones for added depth.

30Touches of Cobalt

There is something about a bright color on nails that we can’t get away from. Sure neutral colors are beautiful, but sometimes you just want that POP bold colors provide. Highlight the natural shape of your stiletto nails with a colorful take on French manicure, swapping white tips for a cobalt blue polish.

31Pretty in Pink Stilettos

Sometimes you want a pretty manicure. Something that’s minimal in design but gives you that feminine feel. When you feel that itch, this is the nail look to come to. All you need is a soft pink nail color and a glitter polish that’s in a similar tone/color. Using similar colors will give you a softer look with glitter because of the monochromatic color scheme.

32Purple Haze

‘Tis the season of dark nails. Do you feel it in the air? We sure do. As much as you probably want to go right to your favorite black polish, consider combining it with another dark hue like purple for a seasonally appropriate color combo. You really can’t go wrong with black and purple, these nails are beautiful.

33Pops of Red

These stiletto nails are pretty simple and minimal but they look the exact opposite. It’s incredible what a few simple touches can do to elevate nail design. Instead of keeping the nails completely clear, adding a VERY subtle glitter touch into them is genius. Between the subtle glitter and RED rhinestone addition these are giving us major nail envy.

34Vampire Inspired Stiletto Nails

We showed you a beautiful fall/winter color combination a few slides back with black and purple. If purple isn’t really your thing, or you just want to try something else…red is for you. Seriously…how incredible are these nails? Combining various trends, designs and textures gives these such a chic look.

35French Red Tips

Red makes for a beautiful manicure, regardless of the length or shape of your nails. Because it’s such a standout color you can use it in a very simple way and achieve a manicure you will love. Just like they’ve done here! Add that extra sharpness to the tips of the nails with a triangle finish as shown.

36Sharp French Style

37Silver Stiletto Accents

38Turquoise Shine

39Simple Stilettos

40Elevated Simplicity