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Neon Color Nails

The nail trend of the year has to be neon color nails. You’ve likely seen neon throughout the fashion and beauty industries the past year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Honestly, we’re ok with that! Neon nails are SO fun and in the world we’re living in – we can all use a little dose of colorful fun. Giving you nail inspiration is what we’re all about so scroll through the list to take a look at some epically gorgeous neon nail color nails. Let us know your favorite(s)!

1Fierce in Neon

Animal print + neon colors = sign us up! Adding neon hues into the leopard print design really adds an unexpected, colorful twist to the classic design. We love that they used white as the base color here to allow the neons to be the highlight.

2Aztec Inspired Neon

These nails are gorgeous! The geometric design element gives these nails an Aztec like look that pairs perfectly with neon colors. Using silver glitter within the design gives added dimension and shine.

3Minimally Neon

Hello gorgeous neon nails! We thought this minimalist take on neon nails was so fresh and modern. Adding just a small stripe of neon with nude and black polish gives you just enough of a pop.

4Cool Toned Neons

Love blue nails? Try blue NEON this season. This particular shade of blue is so great for the summertime, the added boldness of neon gives a different vibe to the nails. Leave as is, or add neon yellow stripes to a couple of nails like they did here.

5Disco Embellished Neon

Talk. About. Glam. Neon yellow polish got a major glam overhaul with this manicure. Gluing rhinestones onto an accent nail gives a 3D effect to the nail color, and pairs so well with the disco ball glitter polish. More is more with this manicure!

6Spotted in Neon Colors

Give neon colors an edgy, dark juxtaposition with matte black. We don’t have to remind you how versatile black polish is, but we did have to show you how awesome these neon nails are. Such a unique way to include polka dots!

7Neon Flowers

Looking for a way to wear neon on your nails, with a feminine twist? Here you go! The 3D flowers do a perfect job of encompassing the feminine aesthetic to the nails. Everything is pulled together without taking away from the flowers with neon colors painted onto just the tips of the other nails.

8Rainbow Neon

Aren’t these nails fun? Applying neon hues onto nails, with just small touches like this gives the nails a modern feel. We especially love the way the colors fade into one another for an ombre effect.

9Cartoonized Design

These nails are the ultimate nail art design. Combining various designs like stars, rhinestones, and even a tiger – who knew all of these would look so great on one manicure? Thanks to the neon color scheme, it’s elevated even more.

10Fading Neon Color

We adore this take on neon nails for women who want something a little more subtle on the neon front. Let’s face it, neon nails are generally BOLD – this manicure gives you the best of both world. Neon color fading into clear polish, completed with gold flakes.

11Louis Vuitton Goes Bold

Love designer fashion? Add your favorite designer to your manicure. While this isn’t the traditional Louis Vuitton color scheme, it’s proof we can customize just about anything when it comes to nail art.

12Neon Mattified

Painting every nail in a different neon color = all the rage! Personally, we really like that these nails broke up the solid nail colors with an accent nail painted with polka dots. The white foundation color flows gorgeously with the neon hues.

13Neon Modernized

Another gorgeous example of how you can adapt the neon nail trend, without a SUPER bold nail look. These nails have the perfect modern flair to them with nude polish paired with black lines. It gets the extra twist with neon colors strategically placed.

14Abstract Neon

We just LOVE the creative ways people have utilized neon nail polish recently. These abstract designed nails are EVERYTHING. They’ve found such a cool way to combine trends: clear space, abstract design elements and neon colors.

15Brightly Dotted

Simple but certainly NOT boring. Elevate even the most simple nail look, like this nearly nude nail polish color, with tiny dots painted onto the nails with neon colors. Use any colors you like here to make it your own!

16Neon Flames

Hot fire flames – literally! Talk about a nail statement, are we right? We think so. Neon pink and orange are a fun color scheme for a flame design.

17Leopard Meets Neon Yellow

Here we have another way to combine animal print and neon colors. This is a bit different from the previous design in that they kept the traditional leopard print color scheme and added neon yellow polish to the complimenting nails.

18Racing Vibe

Fast and furious, nail edition! Neon green is a really cool color choice, particularly for a race themed manicure. This would look just as great on shorter nails – just in case you were wondering.

19Rainbow Neon Nails

Scroll through some of our other recent posts and you will find rainbow nails is just as big of a trend as neon. Rainbow nails = when every nail is painted in a different color (as seen here). Using a neon color scheme is a super fresh way to rock the trend.

20Neon Stars

Basically clear nails get a whole different aesthetic when they’re topped off with neon color stars. You can stick to just one neon hue, or mix it up as they did in the picture – the choice is yours!

21Simply Striped

We really can’t get enough of the modern takes on neon nails – here’s another stunning example. This nail design is super minimal, which is what gives them that modern appeal. Adding just a slight neon touch is all you need!

22Ended with Neons

Rainbow, neon and v-tip design – hello! Talk about a winning combination. This is an epic choice if you want something edgy yet colorful for your next manicure.

23Matte Yellow Design

Soft, subtle…yet still bold and bright. The juxtaposition is effortlessly chic on this manicure. We’re head over heels for this design. It’s so unique and different.

24Orange Neon Nails

Keep your neon manicure simple by painting your nails all one shade. It doesn’t get much easier than that, but because it’s a neon color it makes a bold statement as is. Any nail length, shape can rock solid neon nail polish.

25Sunset Design

Whether you’re on the beach right now or not (thanks covid!), we can get a little beachy vibe onto our nails. The palm trees here get a major sunset aesthetic with neon yellow ombre as the background.

26Pineapple Style

Calling our pineapple lovers! Neon yellow nails are gorgeous as is, but we have to admit we really like the simple design touch added here – even when it’s just painted onto one nail. Love this for summer, especially!

27V-Tip Neon

We couldn’t resist another v-tip, also known as French tip manicure inspired, nails. Especially when they aren’t your average nails and include an unexpected color addition. Neon pink doesn’t disappoint!

28Glam Neon

How fun is this color combination? Neon yellow and pink is the combination we didn’t realize we would love so much. As if the colors weren’t gorgeous enough, the rhinestones amplify things even more.

29Dripping with Neon Hues

Our jaws dropped when we saw these nails – talk about a major style moment. Neon colors paired with stiletto shaped nails AND black paint in a ‘dripping’ design. If you’ve been looking for an over the top design this is it.

30Lined in Rhinestones

Switching gears a bit, here’s a design that’s on the subtle side of things. Painting your nails in a solid neon color is really all you need, but sometimes you want a little extra glam and that’s where rhinestones come in.

31Neon Signs

We’ve seen neon signs all over Pinterest and Instagram as décor and we have to say we’re on board with that trend. What we love even more? Taking neon sign inspiration and painting them onto nails!

32Green Snake Print

Ahhh the beloved animal print. We’ve shown you a couple of leopard print neon nails, but don’t worry we didn’t forget about the other animal prints. Snake skin has major edge and gets even more of a bold statement with neon green.

33Sharply Bright

The thing about neon that many don’t realize is just how many different shades and colors neon actually comes in. These nails are a great example of some unexpected (or less known) neon colors. They’re still a bold color statement and still just as fun.

34Ombre Neon Stripe

Minimalism done right, once again! We told you, we couldn’t resist all the modern designs including neon colors. What makes this design a bit different is the ombre fade effect throughout the thin stripes, using neon hues.

35Bright Sunset

Ok, so we know we showed you another palm tree nail design on this list – but how could we NOT include another. Especially when this one is so gorgeous. Using neon yellow as the primary color, with neon pink applied just to the accent color is downright epic.

36Coffin Neon Tie Dye

37Watermelon Chic

38Yellow Neon Striped

39Star Light Star Bright

40Mixing Neons