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Clear Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nails have a special place in our heart. The opportunities and options are endless with acrylic nails. If you’re an acrylic nail wearer, you know this! Clear acrylic nails have begun sweeping the hands of women all over the world recently. Not familiar with clear acrylic nails? They’re exactly what they sound like – acrylic nails that are, in fact, clear. Scroll through some of our current favorite clear acrylic nail designs below. If you want to give this kind of acrylic look a try we have you covered with some amazing design ideas.

1Clearly 3D

Aren’t these clear acrylic nails cute? We think they’re perfect for spring/summer. Giving flower nails a different aesthetic with the 3D effect. The flowers feel even more three dimensional when applied to clear acrylics.

2Clear Almond Glitter

Love these! Almond shaped nails are one of our personal favorites right now. It’s chic, easy to wear and elongates fingers. Add different shaped glitter pieces all over your clear acrylics for a gorgeous manicure.

3Almond Glitz

Another way to rock almond shaped clear acrylic nails. Applying a soft metallic glitter all over the nails keeps the design subtle and neutral, with just a hint of glam.

4Clear Butterfly Acrylics

Clear butterfly acrylic nails are everything this year. You’re likely going to begin seeing quite a few designs utilizing butterfly shaped glitter. It’s really no surprise because look how cute these nails are!

5Butterfly Tipped Acrylics

Yep, it’s another way to add butterfly glitter pieces to your clear acrylics. We love that they switched it up here, keeping just the tips of the nails clear and applying the glitter pieces in that area.

6Clearly Chic Winter Design

We’re in love with this take on a winter themed manicure. These nails are the epitome of chic design and a total shift from the typical winter manicure. Using clear acrylics really amplifies the design.

7Clear Clouds

Bring the sky right to your nails! We thought this was such a creative nail design. Clouds have begun making their way into the nail world and clear acrylics are the perfect counterpart to the trend.

8Confetti Inspired

These confetti inspired nails are giving us all the party feels. Clear acrylic nails, regardless of their length and shape, are the perfect foundation to add colorful glitter pieces over them for a more subtle take on rainbow nail colors.

9Crystal Dust Ombre

We love a design that incorporates an ombre effect. Clear acrylic nails are an easy foundation element to build off of. The ombre effect at the ends of these clear nails are giving us crystal dust vibes – super glam and chic.

10Dried Flowers

Floral nails are always popular during the warm weather months. It’s no surprise, as we often wear floral clothing this time of year as well. These floral nails are totally different from the normal, thanks to clear acrylic nails!

11Clear Glitter Flakes

Rotate clear acrylics with a painted acrylic nail for a really cool way to add depth to your manicure. We love the combination in this picture, including white shimmer polish with clear acrylics topped with iridescent flakes.

12Multi Glitter Ombre

Ombre is getting new life, yet again! Add color and glamour to your clear acrylic nails with multi color glitter pieces in various shapes. The different shaped glitter adds even more style and design to the overall manicure.

13Glossy Clear Coffin

Keep your clear acrylic nails simple yet chic with this take on the trend. All they did was add a glossy finish to the top of coffin shaped acrylics. Aren’t they so fun!? Glossy chic!

14Clearly Flaked Stiletto

Textured chic! Clear acrylic nails are a perfect opportunity to add different textures and embellishments to make your nails stand out. Here the use of gold foil completely changes the aesthetic of clear acrylics – we’re in love with these.

15Delicately Designed

This design is for our ladies who enjoy a soft, delicate nail design. Clear acrylics can be designed to look bold and glam, soft and dainty, and everything in between. Touches of pastel and light color glitter really encompasses the spring, dainty feel.

16Seeing Through Money

Money, money, money! We thought these nails were so unique. Including design elements taken from the US dollar bill isn’t something we’ve seen before but we’re all on board for this.

17Clear Pink Acrylics

While we’ve shown you quite a few clear acrylics that are, well…clear you can add color to the clear nails to still have see through look. Pretty cool, right? These clear PINK acrylics are what nail dreams are made of.

18Seeing Stars

We’re seeing stars with these nails – in the best way possible! Add a simple design, like stars, to your clear acrylic nails for instant style. DIY the star portion by using a stencil.

19Rhinestone Bedazzled

Talk about a glam nail moment. Applying rhinestones like this completely transforms the look of clear acrylic nails. All the shine, texture and glam you get from rhinestones is a perfect complement to clear acrylics.

20Rose Gold Touches

Mix up your metallic nails by using rose gold instead of traditional gold or silver! We love the use of rose gold flakes and chrome polish on the nails. It adds a feminine touch to the sharp clear acrylic tips.

21Star Glitz

We’ve shown you quite a few long clear acrylic nails, but you can rock the trend with a shorter length as well! That’s the great thing about clear acrylic nails, it makes a statement no matter the length of the nails you prefer. Use any glitter here!

22Sunflower Design

Summer manicure done right! Every year as the temperatures start to rise, it’s a great opportunity to make a bold color statement with your nails. It just feels right! These bright yellow nails are summertime perfection and look even better with the dimension of clear acrylics mixed in.

23Clearly Tipped

Incorporate clear acrylic nails, in a more subtle manner, leaving just the tips of the nails clear. This look gives such amazing dimension to the nails thanks to the ombre fade between the purple hue and clear tips.

24Clear White Acrylics

Soften the feel of clear acrylics by adding white polish to them. The combination between white polish and clear acrylics are amazing on these nails. It’s a soft transition between the two and gives this cloud like aesthetic.

25White Flutter Acrylic Nails

We couldn’t resist another way to rock clear butterfly nails. Painting every other nail solid white looks amazing with the other nails being left in all their clear acrylic glory. Applying white butterfly glitter onto the clear nails brings the two nail styles together.

26Clear Blue Sky

A new take on a clear blue sky. Aren’t these clear nails so fun? We love the pop of color with clear blue tips giving an edgy French tip vibe. Leave as is, or take it to the next level with white star shapes painted onto the nails.

27Colorful Yet Clear

Hello colorful nails! Clear acrylics doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve a colorful manicure – as you can see here. Adding colors in an abstract, foil, kind of way allows for the clear acrylic to still shine through and be a part of the design.

28Glam Floral

We absolutely love all the ways people have been transforming floral nail designs. These floral nails have a dried floral look that gives such a realistic, texturized design aesthetic. Completing with touches of gold adds just a hint of glam.

29Clear Flames

Looking for a way to add some edge to your clear acrylics? Look no further! This flame design is a sure fire (pun intended) way to give clear nails edge. Apply the flame design in any color palette you wish and you’re bound to have a stand out manicure.

30Sharp Clear Glam

Talk about a nail statement, are we right?! These clear acrylics are a stand out because of the exaggerated stiletto shape, but in all honesty you can achieve a similar manicure with a length and shape that’s more subtle if this isn’t really your thing.

31Pastel Iridescence

We love when manicures combine different design elements, textures and trends. Clear acrylics are a great trend to build from. Applying iridescent flakes onto clear nails is pretty gorgeous, combined with pastel polish and glitter adds a soft springtime feel.

32Clearly Striking

How cool are these nails?! Such a unique way to add an unexpected design element to clear acrylics. These are giving us lightning bolt vibes, and we’re here for it. We love that they completed it by adding white stars.

33LV Clear

Bring your love for your favorite fashion brand to your nails with a manicure like this! Even using solid white polish you’re left with an incredible design. The Louis Vuitton logo hasn’t looked this edgy before.

34Clear Stiletto Tips

Another edgy, statement making manicure. Leaving just the tips of your acrylics clear is a great way to incorporate the trend without an ALL clear look. Matte nude polish at the base keeps it neutral and really allows the gold metallic foil to stand out.

35Ombre Clear Coffin

Here we go – we told you leaving just the ends of your acrylics clear is a fun way to go about the trend. Adding glitter pieces around the clear area gives a bit more of a stylish twist and it’s an opportunity to bring your own style aesthetic to your nails.

36Orange Ombre

37Pink Clear Glitter

38See Through Purple

39Edgy Clear Tip

40White Ombre Tips