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Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nails – the nail trend that’s been sweeping the nation! This is one of the most colorful nail art trends we’ve seen in quite some time and it’s perfect timing for the spring and summer seasons. When you hear rainbow nails you may be a bit intimidated, especially if you’re typically not a colorful manicure kind of woman. Fortunately, much like a lot of other trends, there are a ton of different ways you can adapt the trend in a way that suits your own taste and personal style. Nail artists everywhere have already begun adapting the trend in unique ways. We’ve found 40 to get you started.

1Black Edgy Rainbow Tips

An edgy, yet classic take on the rainbow nail trend. We love how they combined the design elements of a French tip manicure here. Painting the base of the nail black adds edge and gives the rainbow striped tips a chance to really pop, with edge.

2Neon Stiletto Rainbow

One of the easiest and most popular ways people are adapting the rainbow nail trend is by painting every nail in a solid color, making every nail a different color. Perfect for the DIY manicure! Add your own personality to the look with different nail shapes and lengths.

3Chrome Finished Rainbow

Continuing the classic way to adapt the rainbow nail trend, with every nail a different color, we’re in love with this design aesthetic. Adding a chrome like finish to the top of the nail colors is such a unique way to adjust the look of these colors.

4Glitter Clouded Rainbow

How cute are these nails?! This is a more literal take on rainbow nails. Painting an actual rainbow onto nails, we’re really into the way they included the rainbow design onto two nails and completed it with a cloud at the base of the rainbow.

5Cool Toned Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nails don’t have to always mean a huge variety of different colors are utilized. These nails are a perfect example! Choose a color scheme you’re drawn to and work with that to make your rainbow nails stand out. Here they stuck with cool tones and we love it!

6Warm vs. Cool

Ok, how cool are these rainbow nails?! We thought this was such a creative way to rock the trend. These nails are giving us warm vs. cool vibes and we’re here for it.

7Artsy Striped Rainbow

Give rainbow stripes an artistic flair with a design like this. Placing rainbow stripes in different directions and areas of each nail really takes the rainbow look to new heights.

8Fully Striped

Bring the full rainbow vibes to your nails with this interpretation! Adding the stripes in a diagonal direction gives a bit of dimension to the stripes and allows you to fit in even more colors to the design.

9Glitter Rainbow Stripes

We couldn’t resist this glitter rainbow manicure. Really…is there anything that glitter doesn’t make better? We can’t really think of anything. Swap out your classic nail polish for glitter colors for a glam rainbow design.

10Jelly Iridescent Rainbow

This is a really modern, trendy rainbow nail design. Jelly nails are another HUGE trend this year, as you’ve probably seen on our site. Add colors with an ombre-like fade to get the rainbow aesthetic using jelly acrylics. Iridescent embellishments give even more color.

11Jelly Glitter Rainbow Nails

Another way to combine jelly nails AND the rainbow feel. The stiletto shape of these nails really emphasizes the jelly effect on the nails. Naturally, we really love the glitter touch to complete the design.

12Matte Neon Rainbow

Playing around with different color schemes and tones is a great way to really make rainbow nails unique to you. These neon rainbow nails are PERFECT for the summer season. When you want to make a bold statement with your nails, even if they’re on the shorter side, neon is a gorgeous choice.

13Rainbow Mattified

Just like mixing and matching different color schemes, using different finishes is also an easy way to change the aesthetic of rainbow nails. This is especially true when you keep it simple with solid color nails. Ahh the matte finish is so perfect here!

14Monochromatic Rainbow Stripes

Hello rainbow French tips! We’re all about the use of clear space on these French tip inspired nails. Leaving clear space gives these nails a modern appeal, and highlights the colors on the tips.

15Matte Neon Rainbow Tips

We can’t resist all the ways people are using rainbow nails to change up classic French tip manicures. Here they went with a neon color scheme to really shake up the classic design. Of course, the matte finish also helps!

16Pastel Rainbow Stripes

Ah how gorgeous the use of pastel shades are on these nails. Painting nails a light nude tone is the perfect complement to pastel rainbow stripes. We love that they went for a semi French tip inspired design, but painted the nails on a diagonal for a fun difference.

17Rainbow French Tips

Ok, ok we aren’t quite done with the French tip rainbow nails – there are just SO many good ideas out there! Here they really changed things up a bit by making the colors fade on the tips of the nails for kind of an ombre fading technique.

18Easter Inspired Rainbow

Whether it’s Easter or not, there’s something about the softness of pastel hues that’s always so pretty. If you like the rainbow nail trend, but want a color scheme that’s not as bold – pastel shades are a great alternative.

19Rainbow Tie Dye

Feeling creative with your nails? Few things scream creative quite like rainbow tie dye. Seriously though, these nails are SO fun. You can create a similar manicure with any color scheme you like, just make sure the colors are all the same tone.

20Rainbow Accented

So often we see nail art and designs that incorporate primarily solid color nails with an accent nail that really elevates the look. Primarily we see the ring finger used as the accent nail, which is exactly why we love that they made the pinky fingers the design pop on these nails.

21Clear Clouds

Aren’t these rainbow nails adorable? Clear nails get the cutest design update with these dainty rainbows. The addition of the mini clouds and glitter falling from the clouds is everything!

22Dripping Rainbows

Hello gorgeous! What a unique way to rock rainbow nails. Using glitter polish instead of the traditional nail lacquers gives these nails such a fun texture with the dripping design at the tips.

23Rainbow Faded Tips

You didn’t think we were done with the French tip rainbow nails, did you? These were too pretty not to include. Including all the rainbow colors on each tip, with the colors fading into one another gives such a seamless transition from color to color.

24Rainbow Flames

These nails are HOT! Literally. Ok, on a serious note we just thought the use of a flame design was such a cool addition to nails. Using all the rainbow colors makes the flames feel super artsy, the perfect complement to the flower design.

25Colorful Hearts

These rainbow nails are a bit more of an out of the box way to incorporate the trend onto nails, but that’s what we love about it. Using your favorite colors to paint hearts all over nails = so cute! Make it easier to DIY with a nail stamp.

26Rainbow Jelly Colors

We love all the ways people have found to mix jelly nails with rainbow nails. Another STUNNING nail design with both trends wrapped together. The ombre fade between the colors gives such a great flow to the color transitions.

27Neon Tips

Love French tip manicures? So do we (obviously from this list)! But we also love modern renditions of the design. Here they made French tip feel super modern, and colorful, with the colors at the tips added in a VERY thin line using neon hues.

28Rainbow Ombre Fade

We don’t know about you but we hold a special place in our hearts for ombre nails. There’s something so special and nostalgic about the faded effect. Add some softness to your rainbow nails by painting the colors in an ombre French tip fade like this.

29Rainbow Dots and Stripes

Classic elements combined with rainbow colors? We’re all ears! We really love that they kept the designs light and fun by incorporating white into the polka dot and stripe designs. The bright rainbow colors really pop on white.

30Rainbow Splattered

Ok we have to say these may be one of our favorite takes on rainbow nails, because it’s just so out of the box. Creating a paint splattered design, using rainbow colors, is the ultimate creative way to rock the trend on your nails no matter their length.

31Matte Black Spotted Rainbow

Are you impressed with all the unique ways to try rainbow nails? We sure are! Matte black polish gets a major bold twist with rainbow dots added in a horizontal stripe across them. So fun!

32Neutrally Striped Rainbow

Nude nail polish is the perfect foundation shade to use for rainbow stripes. The color is neutral so you don’t have to worry about competing with rainbow colors and it also gives kind of a modern aesthetic to the nails.

33Rainbow Stripe French Tip

This is the last French tip inspired rainbow nail look. But boy does it not disappoint! Use tape or a piece of paper (something with a straight edge) to get those crisp lines on the tips. The squared off shape of these nails perfectly suits the horizontal stripes.

34Matte Rainbow Tie Dye

Jaws dropped. When we came across these nails we immediately saved the image because, well…hello! Tie dye nails get the most colorful update yet with all these rainbow hues mixed together. We really love that they added in a few solid color nails to break up the design a bit.

35Rainbow in Red

Rainbow stripes are such a cute way to add a fun accent to solid nails. Paint all of your nails in one color, like a bold red as shown, and mix in some fun personality with a rainbow striped accent nail. Perfection!

36Short Rainbow Nails

37Subtle Rainbow Art

38Painted Rainbow

39See Through Rainbow Stripe

40Warm Toned Rainbow

41Pastel rainbow nails