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Kawaii Japanese Nails

It’s no secret the beauty industry is majorly influenced by products and trends that pop up in Asian countries, like Korea and Japan, first. You’ve probably heard many people reference K Beauty (Korean) in the skin care realm, but other areas of the beauty industry are just as influenced – like the nail arena! Recently, kawaii Japanese inspired nail art has been making its way across other parts of the world. If you’ve never heard of Kawaii you’re in for a treat! Japanese nail art is quite different from the other nail trends we’ve been seeing recently and we really think you’re going to love it. Scroll through to get a better sense of what Kawaii Japanese nail art looks like.

1Sky Embellished Kawaii

One of the main attributes of kawaii nail art you will notice is the delicate aesthetic of it. These nails are the epitome of Japanese nails. The short length, subtle color scheme and embellishments added to the top.

2Kawaii Blues

For the individuals who just want a touch of embellishment added to their nails, this is a gorgeous option to try! The subtle ombre fading on each nail gives a peek of a modern feel thanks to some clear space, it’s completed perfectly with the subtle embellishing.

3Pastel Kawaii Flowers

Such a gorgeous take on floral nail art! Leave it to the Kawaii design aesthetic to give flower nails new life. The subtle, dainty aesthetic is a perfect match for an updated floral design. Adding gold embellishments to the center of the nails adds a gorgeous touch.

4Japanese Cherry Blossom Design

Another design element you’ll notice a lot in Japanese nail art is the use of negative (or clear) space. These nails have kind of a French tip inspired feel. Painting cherry blossoms onto the nails in different areas brings the Japanese inspiration full circle.

5Clear Japanese Florals

Aren’t these so fun? We absolutely love the neutral color scheme of these nails. It doesn’t look like your typical neutral nail art, either. The realistic floral designs, gold metallic ends and use of negative space are stunning.

6Delicately Embellished Art

This design is really popular among Japanese nail art. Again you’ll notice the use of negative space and gold embellishments. We’re really feeling the soft color scheme combining white and very pale purple.

7Japanese Watercolor Nails

Even though a lot of Kawaii nail designs are soft in the color scheme, there are designs that embrace various colors – like this! While the colors are brighter, the watercolor effect keeps the feel soft and subtle.

8Kawaii French Tip

This design is similar to the option we showed you a couple of pictures back, the difference is the placement of the color. Much like any other nail trend, you can really make Kawaii nails your own. If you want to have more of a French tip feel, this is perfect for you!

9Japanese Glitter Ends

Hello gorgeous! We thought these nails were so fun. Applying different types of glitter to the ends of the nails in an ombre effect keeps the transition feeling seamless. The gold embellishment applied to one nail really completes the look.

10Golden Kawaii Flakes

We thought these nails were so unique and pretty. Keeping things pretty neutral and subtle with the base of the nails being left clear, or a very nude polish, what brings life to these nails is the gold touches. Applying different types of glitter to all the nails gives so much style to the nails.

11Muted and Embellished

We absolutely love the way Kawaii nail art uses gold embellishments and wire to transform simple manicures. Here the color scheme is pretty neutral and muted, thanks to the use of all the fun embellishment designs the nails don’t feel so muted.

12Gold Leaf Marbling

Sometimes you need a nice pop of color on your nails! When that time comes, these nails are perfect to use as inspiration. The blue polish has a marble, almost see-through type of look to it that gives it the Kawaii feel. Of course the gold flaking gives nails some glam!

13Honeycomb Inspired

How fun are these kawaii nails?! They’re giving us honeycomb vibes. Again the delicate vibe brings in the Kawaii influence. Use a stencil or nail stamp to add shapes in a sophisticated design to nails like this.

14Japanese Marbling

Nails with a marbling type of look are another design element that’s pretty popular in the Japanese nail art world. It’s no wonder – look how pretty these nails look! Mix in different colors, since they’re on the softer side the colors feel a bit more wearable.

15Kawaii Blossoms

Few things scream Japanese culture inspiration quite like cherry blossom! Add an unexpected twist to cherry blossom nails by mixing in a soft turquoise tone, as shown in this image. It adds such pretty dimension to the nails.

16Chic Rose Gold

We adore these Japanese inspired nails. Mixing different nail elements together is a sure fire way to achieve a unique manicure. They really elevated the marble design with rose gold chrome and embellishments.

17Abstract Accent

If you like the look of Kawaii nail design, but want something that’s not as over the top these nails are for you! Keeping the look subtle with nude polish painted onto all of the nails, the addition of abstract art is the perfect accent.

18Japanese Grid

Can you tell Japanese nail art is all about the embellishments? Such a fun way to change up your nail art. This manicure is a bit more glam with iridescent glitter flakes, gold embellishments in various shapes and bright colors.

19Kawaii Art

Another gorgeous way to rock Kawaii nails, subtly! These nails are proof you don’t have to add bright colors and bold design elements to achieve a stylish manicure design.

20Clouded in Kawaii Design

Looking for Kawaii nails that are a brighter statement? Here you go! The subtle ombre effect using shades of blue keeps the kawaii aesthetic consistent. Adding clouds is an unexpected twist to the nails, but we really love it for the spring/summertime.

21Clear Kawaii Designs

Tap into your creative side with Kawaii nail art. As you can see on these nails, you don’t have to use the same colors or designs on your nails in order to get a pretty manicure. Leaving negative space is what gives the Japanese influence here.

22Monochromatic Accent

Neutral nail colors strike again! We love that they made the nails monochromatic, using different shades of the same color. Applying glitter flakes in the same tones to the accent nail gives the nails a completed feel.

23Love Kawaii

We told you – Kawaii nails have a way of elevating neutral nail colors. Nude nail polish gets a major Japanese upgrade with heart shaped glitter, wire and pearls added to the top of the nails.

24Textured Kawaii Design

Aren’t these kawaii inspired nails fun? We love that the embellishments and glitter gives the look of texture added to nails. Since there’s a lot of goodness happening on the nails, mixing in a few neutrally painted nails balances things perfectly.

25Neutral Marble

Mixing in a few nails with color and more design is a great way to add more interest to nude nail polish. We love the red marbling on these nails, especially because they only painted it onto a couple of nails. Once again, gold embellishments take things up a notch!

26Japanese Leaves

Cherry blossoms aren’t the only way to add nature influence to Kawaii nails. Here they went with a dandelion and leaves for more of an earthy take. Keeping things consistent with the design, the color scheme is gorgeous.

27Fun Graphics

We thought these nails were SO fun. The fact that every nail showcases a completely different design gives these nails so much personality. The unexpected designs like the bunny and pearls are some of our favorites. Lesson: have fun with Kawaii nails!

28Seeing Through Pink

If you’ve scrolled through some of our other posts, you’ve likely seen that jelly and clear nails are a major trend this year. It’s no surprise that trend has made its way to Japanese nail art as well. This see through pink tone is so pretty for the warm weather months.

29Pink Embellished Nails

Love pink nails?! Well, here you go! Pink nails get new life with these kawaii inspired nails. Mixing various tones of pink, gold accents and embellishments, and of course the ever popular use of negative space. Perfection!

30Japanese Rainbow Design

Another nail trend that’s everywhere this year? Rainbow nails! Just take a peek at the rest of our posts from the past couple of months and you’ll see. We thought this was such an adorable way to add rainbows to your nails, with a Japanese design twist.

31Love, Japan

Red nails looking incredibly chic here! Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, we love a design that includes some heart elements. Using very thin wire here keeps the hearts delicate, the perfect complement to pearls.

32Abstract in Red

A lot of Japanese nail art uses pastel tones, but we wanted to make sure we gave some variety in case you’re more of a dark color kind of person. Deeper tones of red get a Kawaii upgrade with abstract art elements mixed in.

33Iridescent Shells

Beach inspired nails?! Yes please! Ok, well they’re not just beach inspired because they’re also Japanese influenced. We’re in love with the color and dimension iridescent flakes add to these nails. The perfect addition to seashell shaped embellishments.

34Stone Marble Design

Another gorgeous example of how you can opt for a darker color scheme for Kawaii nail art. Even mixing in just one nail that’s a darker tone is enough to make nails feel unique. These nails, due to the various colors applied, is a year round design.

35Kawaii Striping

These Japanese nails are similar to some of the other ideas we’ve shown you on the list. What makes these stand out, and the reason we had to share it with you, is the striping painted on the accent nail. Just enough design to transform the solid colors!

36Stylish Watercolor

37White Kawaii Nails

38Dainty Japanese Floral

39Floral Kawaii Ends

40White Foiling