2020 yellow neon paint

Cool Nail Designs 2020

New year = new nail designs! We have to say one of our favorite parts of welcoming a new year is the excitement of seeing what trends we can enjoy. If you’ve felt a little bored in the nail department you’re in the right place. We’ve taken the liberty of scouring the internet, so you don’t have to, and gathered up some of the coolest nail designs for 2020. Be prepared to feel inspired by the end of this list! There are some really fun designs that have already been trending in 2020, and we’re excited to see even more.

1Almond Abstract

How stunning are these nails? We’re obsessed! The use of iridescent polish and gold chrome is a perfect match. We love the way the design is abstract, giving that artistic type of look.

2Aztec Rainbow

You’ve probably seen Aztec inspired designs on nails before, but probably not quite like this! We’re in love with this take using matte pastel shades as the base for the black design. This would look great with any color scheme.

3Geometric Neutrals

Nude and black polish are two favorite color choices for many of us. This is a really cool way to wear both colors together and get a trendy manicure. The unique shapes and lines give these nails a major modern twist.

4Modern Black and White

Is this manicure so fun? It’s kind of like a modern, glam take on French tip manicure. Using white and subtle touches of black is what makes this unique. We, of course, love the little touch of glitter on the one nail.

5Blue Marbling

We’ve been admiring the marble nail art trend ever since it started. Fortunately, we can all continue to enjoy it as the trend evolves – like any good trend does! Leaving a majority of the nail nude, painting a small marble detail gives this the update we all needed.

6Monochromatic Blues

Painting each nail a different color is a trend we can all expect to see a lot throughout 2020. Chances are you already have. Switch up that trend with a monochromatic twist, like this! We love the blue monochrome here.

7Black and Yellow

Mustard yellow, a color most of us haven’t utilized much in the nail department. It’s a color that’s become extremely popular in fashion so naturally it’s making its way to nails. Leaving some negative space on a couple of nails breaks up the color and adds a bit of edge.

8Clear Glam Marbling

We think these marbled nails are stunning. Leaving negative space, or clear, like this is one of the biggest new nail trends. It adds a softness that allows the other details, like marbling and gold chrome, to really pop.

9Embellished Chrome Tips

How cool is this take on the French tip manicure?! Swapping out white tips for gold metallic and adding glitter and rhinestones turns the classic manicure into a glam manicure.

10Clear Hearts

Adding clear polish to nails makes for an easy foundation to design over. Here, they kept the nails simple with clear polish and painted pastel hearts over the nails. So cute for spring and summer! Swap out the colors to make it your own.

11Minimal Dots

This design is similar to the previous, but for those who aren’t really into hearts. Polka dots are another cool option and you can really use your own style preferences here by using any color scheme for the dots you like.

12Neutral Grids

White, black and nude nail polish hasn’t looked THIS cool in a while –if you ask us, that is. The matte finish on these nails gives an edgy, textured look that we’re really into for this design. We especially love the black and white grid on the middle nail.

13Modern Take on Flowers

Floral nail designs have been reinvented and applied countless times over the years yet now we have another new way to include flowers onto nails. Here, they left most of the nail blank with nude polish painting floral design in small areas of the nails.

14Ombre French Tips

WOW! Talk about a major style update to the French tip manicure. They left some of the classic elements here like the white tip, but added an edgy twist to the design by adding black polish in an ombre effect under the white tips.

15Negative Space, Shaped

We can’t get enough of the ways to rock black and white nail polish in updated, trendy ways for 2020. Using the colors in different shapes and lines here really gives this look that modern aesthetic. Use tape to get the sharp lines like this.

16Glitter Tips

Another cool way to update your favorite French tip manicure. This time using gold glitter polish on the tips instead of white. If you’re a glam type of woman, this is a gorgeous option for any nail length.

17Flaked in Rose Gold

Clear, or nude, nail polish gives you the chance to add fun details to the top. We’re in love with this simple, yet stylish, manicure. Adding in gold flakes throughout each nail gives nude polish a major style update.

18Artistic Matte

This turquoise green hue is so pretty for spring and summer, when you want a fun pop of color on your nails. Adding a matte finish gives the color a different aesthetic, in the best way! Painting an artistic type of design using the same green polish and white is so unique. We love that it’s not perfect – adding to the artistic flair.

19Cobalt Iridescence

We have to admit we’ve been head over heels for cobalt blue nails for quite a while, and we’re really excited to see the color trending for 2020. It’s such a bold, gorgeous color. Adding an accent nail in blue toned holographic polish really takes this look up a notch.

20Edged Negative Space

The negative space trend strikes again! This time with a major edgy feel to it. Adding pops of clear, negative space on a couple of nail is a cool juxtaposition for matte black nail polish.

21Chrome and Matte

Another chic, trendy way to use black, white and nude polish! We really can’t get enough of all the new ways to design nails using this color scheme. Adding touches of chrome and silver glitter adds some dimension to the matte finish.

22Mattified Leopard

Animal print lovers – these nails are for you! If you love animal print, you’ve probably been a fan of the print applied to nails. This is a whole new way to adapt the print to nails. With a muted nude color scheme and matte finish it’s the upgrade we’re loving.

23Mauve Monochrome

Ahh the monochromatic nail trend, another trend we can’t get enough of. The fun thing about this trend is you can adapt it with any color scheme you like. Here they kept it a bit more neutral with mauvey tones and added a matte finish to complete the look.

24Metallic Stars

These star nails are everything! Matte nude nails are anything but neutral when metallic stars are added to them. We love that they mixed it up using different color metallics for the stars to add even more personality.

25Sky Blue Design

We have to admit, the negative space trend is not to be missed in 2020. As you’ve probably noticed from our list so far – it’s all about leaving blank space in your nail design. Adding pops of pastel blue and thin lines of black gives this look the modern feel that’s still soft.

26Neon Leopard

These leopard print nails are definitely different from the other leopard design we showed you a few slides back. This design is a major bold moment. Adding pops of neon pink pops like a dream next to matte black polish in the design.

27Paint Splatter Neon

The undone feel of the paint splatter design is so cool! To recreate you can take the nail polish brush, pull back gently and release over your nails. We recommend doing this with something protective over the table or counter to prevent making a mess.

28Neon Meets Clear

Talk about a neon statement, right?! Neon nails were trending last year, but we have to say we really love how they’ve updated the color for 2020. Adding just pops of the neon hue to otherwise clear nails is simply stunning.

29Pastel + Nude

We hope you aren’t tired of all the use of nude and clear polish, because it’s bound to be EVERYWHERE (this list included). Adding pops of nude polish into your manicure like this adds a softer feeling to the nails. This is so pretty for spring and summer!

30Pastel Rainbow

Remember when we mentioned painting every nail a different color is a big nail trend? Here it is! The rainbow nail look is not to be missed in 2020. Give the rainbow trend a spring feel using pastel shades.

31Subtle Ombre

You’re probably well versed in the ombre design – it’s been popular for quite a few years now. While we always love a good ombre nail design, this subtle interpretation of the trend is incredible. It’s kind of a mix between French tip and ombre.

32Rainbow Tips

The French tip manicure style upgrade continues! Notice a trend this year? We’re all about the combination of the French tip design, using rainbow colors on the tips. Colorful, fun and cut!

33Swirling Rainbow

Ok, how cool are these nails?! The swirl design is really highlighted when painted over clear nails. Section off the areas to get the lines the way you want by using tape.

34Pastel Shape Tips

This nail design is similar to what we showed you a couple of slides back, but it’s unique enough we wanted to share this design with you too (we’re generous like that!). Giving the French tip a bit of a twist by adding the color tip off to the side like this is a subtle, cool adjustment.

35Clear Stars

You can always count on shaped glitter to make even a very neutral nail, like these clear nails, feel a lot more detailed. Strategically placing star and round shaped glitter like this makes it easy to make your nail design – no steady hand required!

36Subtle Edgy Tips

37White Base Colors

38Clearly White Marble

39Neutrally Metallic

40White Hearts