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Plaid Nail Designs

Plaid isn’t just for shirts anymore! Nope, the popular pattern has officially made its way to nails. If you’re curious about plaid nails you’re going to want to hang out for this post (maybe just start scrolling now). We’ve found plaid nail designs that are unlike anything we could’ve thought of ourselves. It’s a trend that’s quickly on the rise and we’re already in love. Seriously, the creative nail artists around the world have found incredibly unique ways to work the trend onto nails and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. Go ahead – start scrolling!

1Baby Blue Plaid

We’ll admit, we didn’t think plaid nail art was a trend that would feel appropriate during the warm weather seasons. That is, until we stumbled upon these plaid nails. The use of baby blue and white instantly transforms the design to feel spring/summer reason.

2Black and Brown Plaid

If you’re an edgy type of woman, these plaid nails may be perfect inspiration for you. It’s not often we see chocolate brown and black used together, but it works beautifully with plaid here. Using glitter and white lightens things up a bit.

3Bronzey Neon

This is a totally different take on plaid nail art, we love it! Using completely unexpected colors is a great way to give plaid nail art new life. Bronze polish with this touch of neon isn’t a color combo we’ve seen before, which is what makes this so great.

4Touch of Gold

These plaid nails are more of that classic plaid design most of us know and love. What makes these different is the subtle touch of gold throughout the nails, adding a bit of dimension and glam to the look. This is a fun manicure for the holiday season, too!

5Modern Plaid

Modernize your plaid nails by adding elements of clear nails throughout the manicure. As you can see, leaving the negative space showing through on the plaid nail design turns it into your not-so-average plaid look. We like that they paired it up with a solid clear nail and matte blue nails for contrast.

6Clueless Inspired

If you’ve ever seen the movie Clueless, you know what these nails are all about! Bring some 90’s nostalgia to your plaid nails by painting them yellow, like Cher’s iconic outfit from the movie. We love the ‘as if’ touch to really bring the movie reference in.

7Combining Colors

Can’t choose a color scheme for your plaid nail design? You don’t have to! We thought this was so fun. Painting each nail a different color of plaid is unexpected but makes the nails stand out even more. Keep the colors in the same tone to establish cohesiveness.

8Plaid, Embellished

Even plaid nail designs can be embellished for a glamorous twist! Since they left these plaid nails matte, the contrasting finish of rhinestones gives amazing texture to the nails here. Don’t be afraid to add embellishments to your plaid nails!

9Holiday Perfection

Holiday nails turned chic! Ok, most holiday manicures tend to feel pretty glamorous and stylish. But we love the idea of adding plaid to your holiday manicure. It really brings that cozy winter feel to your nails.

10Luck of the Irish

It’s not often we see St. Patrick’s day themed nail art, which is exactly why we wanted to include these nails in our list. Plaid + green = St. Patty’s day style done right! The small four leaf clover really brings the Irish aesthetic full circle here.

11Lavender Plaid

We love all the different colors people are using for plaid nails. Lavender is a MAJOR nail color trend this year. So what better color to rock plaid nails with for the spring/summer?! Combine lavender with white and touches of gold glitter for a hint of texture and glam.

12Loving Plaid Design

Even though plaid nail design is a statement, it doesn’t mean you can’t add any other fun artwork throughout your manicures. Here, we really like that they painted small hearts onto the nail next to the plaid design. The hearts are minimal but because they’re in the same colors as the rest of the design everything flows with ease.

13Burberry Plaid Theme

We can’t ignore the fact that Burberry is a brand that really made plaid iconic in the fashion/beauty worlds. Everyone can spot the classic Burberry plaid. Whether you’re a Burberry fan or not, there’s nothing wrong with going classic with your plaid nails.

14Blue Toned Plaid

Highlight the plaid design painted on an accent nail by pairing it with solid painted nails. The nude painted nails add a bit of a modern touch to this overall look, because nude polish has become so synonymous with modern nail art.

15Mixing Plaid Designs

The thing many of us don’t realize about plaid is there isn’t just ONE plaid design, there’s actually quite a few different plaid prints. As you can see on these nails! If you can’t choose one type of plaid, go ahead and combine them like the picture.

16Monochromatic Plaid

These plaid nails are for our neutral nail people. Painting the plaid design on one nail allows you to keep things neutral and minimal. Adding a matte finish gives the nails texture to bring that plaid vibe even more into the picture.

17Neutrally Plaid

Another gorgeous way to paint your nails with a plaid design, while still keeping things on the neutral side. We really appreciate the simplicity of this particular plaid design, with simple stripes being the element that establishes the plaid design.

18Plaid Turned Neon

We couldn’t resist and opportunity to show you NEON plaid nails. Because neon nail colors are such a big trend, we love that this individual used that bright colored trend in combination with plaid. So unique and trendy!

19Neutral Glam

Here we go again – another plaid nail design using classic neutral shades. Painting a couple other minimal designs to the other nails compliments the plaid, without taking away from it. We adore these nails!

20Edgy Matte Plaid

Ok, we’ll admit – we can’t get enough of all the neutral colored plaid nails. It makes sense that so many plaid nail designs are using colors like black, nude and white because these are colors that are trending throughout the nail world as a whole.

21Pastel Plaid Shades

Pastel shimmer polishes for the win! This particular plaid nail design is giving us Easter vibes, although we think this design is one you can wear throughout the entire spring/summer seasons. Using white as the base color gives added pop to the colors.

22Accented in Plaid

Keep it classic and edgy with these plaid nails. The plaid painted here definitely has that classic feel to it, with the touch of red for a little color. Painting the rest of the nails black gives a bit of edge and darkness to the overall manicure.

23Royally Purple

We love that so many people are using the nail color of the year (in our opinion): purple! Painting the complimenting nails in purple glitter gives some extra texture and shine to the nails to really make it unique.

24Rainbow Bright Plaid

Love rainbow nails? We’ve got you covered with these plaid nails! Who would have thought to use rainbow stripes throughout plaid nails?! We sure didn’t, but we’re really glad someone else did to give us more inspiration.

25Black and Red Plaid

This particular type of plaid design has that cozy winter jacket feeling to it, don’t you think? While we get that vibe, we think it’s really fun that they used glitter polish on the other nails to change up the cozy vibe a bit.

26Scottish Plaid Vibe

27Stiletto Plaid

28Plaid Sweater

29Teal Plaid Style

30Plaid Tips