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Mermaid Nail Art Inspiration

Give your nails a little under the sea vibe this season with mermaid nail art. Whether you’ve always wanted to feel like a princess (i.e. Ariel) or you just want to summer-ize your nails this trend is one you will want to give a whirl for your next manicure. Before you think this trend is all about Disney inspiration, scroll through some of the mermaid nail art designs we’ve stumbled upon. We think you’re going to be really inspired to get your nails done with a little mermaid vibe. Scroll through to see some of our personal favorite mermaid nail art designs!

1Abstract Ariel Nails

For most of us, when we think of mermaids we go right to the ultimate mermaid – Ariel. She was the mermaid most of us grew up admiring. We love the way this nail art embodies everything we think of when we think Ariel, but in an abstract way.

2Scaled in Glitter Nails

The turquoise colors in this mermaid manicure is perfection! Doesn’t it give you all the mermaid feels? Add scales to the turquoise color for even more sea creature inspiration. Of course, don’t forget to complete the look with glitter!

3Mermaid Edge Nails

Even though we often think of light, bright colors when we think of mermaids that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look with darker hues. For the edgy woman, this mermaid nail art was made for you. Black + iridescent + scales = edgy mermaid style done right.

4Tails for Nails

Want to have a little more than scales with your mermaid nails? Add a tail! Literally…a tail. Really nothing says mermaid like the tails of mermaids. Use a very thin paint brush or toothpick to draw the shape of the mermaid tail onto one of your nails.

5Artsy Mermaid Nails

Tail + seashell bra = every mermaid’s wardrobe. We love how one nail in this manicure is painted to look like Ariel’s seashell bra – added just to the tip to give a French mani kind of look. It breaks up the scales and green tones on all the other nails with a pop of purple.

6Disney Princess Nails

Go full Disney inspired with your mermaid nail art by adding Ariel’s face onto one of your nails. If you want to DIY this mani it may be tricky at home, unless you’re an artist. However, you can always try a sticker or stencil to get a similar look. Or…leave it to the nail artists!

7Embellished Mermaid Nail Art

Isn’t this mermaid nail art gorgeous? It looks so incredibly detailed with so many beautiful elements included in one manicure. The key to recreating nail art like this is mixing different embellishments onto the nails and not being afraid to make every nail a different design.

8Mermaid Fashion Nails

This year we are completely obsessed with making every nail different. It makes your nails look SO chic, don’t you think? This color scheme definitely feels mermaid-esque. Mixing in glitter, matte and iridescent finishes takes it to a whole different level.

9Antique Mermaid Vibe Nails

Add antique vibes to your mermaid manicure with this type of look. Combining colors like pale pink, gold and black creates that antique look. Glue on shell and other gold embellishments in different places on the nails.

10Pastel Scales Nails

Pink and turquoise are one of our favorite color schemes for mermaid nail art. What’s not to love about it, really? Whether you keep the nails a solid color or add gold scale detailing over the top all you need are a few sea-inspired embellishments to create a cohesive look.

11Illustrated with Ariel Nails

We can’t believe how amazing this illustrated Ariel is on this nail art. Even if you don’t have an exact image of Ariel, this shows you can get the same Disney look with an artsy flair. Although if you’re not able to create an illustration you can always stick with the glitter look on the other nails and skip Ariel.

12Iridescently Chic Pointy Nails

Mermaids are often associated with multiple colors, pastel tones and iridescent finishes. So why not just include all of those attributes to one mermaid nail design! This stiletto shape nail adds to the drama of the mermaid style, but you can create a similar design with any nail length.

13Glittery Scale Style Nails

Short nail ladies this is perfection for you! Keep it simple with a subtle ombre effect for the foundation of the mermaid nail design, adding just a hint of the turquoise color to the nails. What really brings this design together is the glitter scale design – use a stencil to make your life easier!

14Shells with Iridescence Nails

Seriously, how insane is this mermaid nail look? The colors are keeping with the mermaid theme and allow the shell texture added to one nail to really be the highlight. Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures to transform your nails!

15Under the Sea Nails

Ariel herself would be impressed by this under the sea inspired nail design, if we do say so ourselves. This nail art includes everything a mermaid loves. Mermaids are queens of the sea, which is why it’s a fun opportunity to go all out with your nail art.

16Subtle Mermaid Nails

Get the mermaid vibe without a lot of the intricate designs with a nail design like this. The turquoise glitter represents the tail of mermaids and is perfectly complimented by solid pale pink. Easy, cute and mermaid approved.

17Sea Embellishing Nails

If you want to make your mermaid nail art easy all you need is some gold decals! Search for shell and mermaid decals. All you need to do is paint your nails in a fun glitter color, add the decals and you’ve got a swoon worthy manicure.

18Coffin Glitter for Mermaids Nails

Didn’t we tell you there was a mermaid nail design for everyone? Keep it easy and chic with mermaid color glitter. Mix different sizes of glitter for a unique finish. The bonus of this nail art is when you don’t bring the glitter all the way to the bottom of your nails it leaves room for nail growth – and no one will know!

19Sea of Mermaids Nail Design

Is the Little Mermaid is your favorite movie, you will be head over shell (get it?) for this nail design. It’s painted to recreate the iconic image from the movie. Doesn’t get much more mermaid than that!

20Tail Nails Fashion

Rotate each nail to include a different mermaid theme. We adore the way this nail art has scales on one nail, mermaid tail on another, glitter on one, and a solid nail. Both hands are different making it even more unique.

21Mermaid French Tips Nails

22Star of the Sea Mani

23Colors of the Ocean mani

24Coral Reef Nails

25Sea Life Chic Nail Art

26Shells and Stars Nails

27Pretty in Pink Nails

28Styled Like a Mermaid Almond Nail

29Ocean Chic Short Nails

30Seashells in the Sea Nails

31Sharpen Your Shells Stiletto Nails

32Colorful Mermaid Shell Nails

33Mermaid Elements Nail Art

34Ombre Ocean Vibes

35Starfish Nail Art Style

36Chic in Shells Nails

37Keep Calm, Mermaid Sticker Nails

38Clearly a Mermaid

39Shell Nail Art

40Blue Sparkle and Diamond Nails


Are you on the mermaid nail art train yet or what?! We can’t imagine not feeling inspired by some of these gorgeous nail designs. Talented individuals have found so many creative ways to encompass the mermaid aesthetic in different ways. There really is something for everyone! If you want to stick to your favorite childhood mermaid, Ariel, we love the deconstructed idea with elements from the Disney Princess’s look on each nail (as shown in the first nail design).

Of course for the ladies who want to add some mermaid vibes to their nails in a not-so Disney kind of way there are plenty of other ways to do that. We love the use of scales on so many of the nail designs. Scales are definitely a mermaid staple. Hello, their tails! And because of that you can use your creative energy to try different colors and finishes to achieve a mermaid design on your nails. If you like the scale look we suggest using a stencil to create the look. It will be much easier than trying to free hand the design. Although if you can free hand scales on your nails – we fully admire your patience and skills!
Mermaid nail art is perfection for the spring and summer seasons because of all the beautiful colors used to design the artwork.

As you probably noticed as you scrolled through some of our favorite designs there’s no shortage of colors, glitter and embellishments. There is always something about the warm weather months that leaves a lot of us eager to embrace brighter, bolder colors for our nails (and clothes). If that’s where you’re at right now, mermaid nail art is going to be a new favorite for you. There are no hard rules with mermaid nail art so just have fun with it!