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Best Nail Dipping Powder Brands

Dip powders have significantly grown in popularity recently, poising themselves as a highly favored way to get your nails done by women everywhere. It’s long-wearing and easy to apply to nails – what’s NOT to love? While many of us have lived through being quarantined, and not having the option to go to our beloved nail salons for the first time, we’ve grown to really love the at-home manicures. Fortunately, we live in a time where at-home manicures come with options. Gone are the days of the standard nail polish (although those have definitely elevated themselves as well!). Now, we can get the look of salon manicures without leaving the house. Dip powders are included in this!

Since dip powders have become so popular (along with the at-home manicures), there have been quite a few brands that have made their mark on the category. We thought we would do some of the hard work for you, and we rounded up the best nail dipping powder brands to use.



Nugenesis Nails boosts themselves on offering a wide range of color options within their dipping powder selection. It’s a brand that’s used by beauty and nail professionals often, and that’s really who they initially created the products for. Their dipping powders are really easy to use and provide great color pay off. Even if you’re not a beauty/nail professional you can get Nugenesis on Amazon! We found this dipping powder starter kit, but you can also get single color dipping powders like this gorgeous light pink color. Their dipping powders are formulated with added vitamin E and calcium to be a healthier color option for your nails.

2Rossi Nails

We’ve recently discovered Rossi Nails, and we’re not disappointed. You can find out a bit more about the brand here. It’s no surprise they’ve grown to become one of the best dipping powder brands around. Thanks to how easy they are to us, the gorgeous selection of colors, and how long they stay on nails – Rossi’s dipping powders are perfect for the at home manicure. Rossi’s dipping powders were created with a revolutionary formula that’s said to be chip and crack resistant. The powders are fragrance free, long lasting and non-toxic.

Something we really love about Rossi’s dipping powders is how they’re sold in kits on Amazon. If you’re anything like us, it can be difficult to just pick one or two colors so it’s fun to get a handful of options all at once.

3Kiara Sky

If you spend any time scrolling through Amazon and the nail products, you’ll quickly stumble upon at least one Kiara Sky product. It’s definitely a HOT brand, particularly due to their dipping powders. Kiara Sky doesn’t just offer dipping powders, but that’s definitely one of their major specialties. We love that Kiara Sky offers products to the everyday individual, as well as salon professionals. Similar to some of the other brands they have a starter kit that comes with everything you need to get the perfect dip powder manicure at home. But if you already have some of the necessary items and just want more color options they have you covered there as well, they have a stunning color selection. We love this pinky/coral color for the spring and summer season.

4Born Pretty

We originally came across the Born Pretty brand when their holographic nail colors seemed to be everywhere. After a bit more searching, we realized Born Pretty is also one of the best dipping powder brands – and bonus, you can buy them on Amazon! What makes Born Pretty a bit different is their selection of glitter, chrome and holographic dipping powders. While a lot of brands offer glitter, chrome and some of the other statement color options aren’t as easy to find. We love a brand that makes a statement with their color variety. Get your glitter game on point with this kit of glitter dipping powders. We have to admit, we’re absolutely IN LOVE with this iridescent dipping powder set. The colors are all absolutely gorgeous and give you so many options to wear all year long. Even though Born Pretty seems to be a brand that really focuses on some of the more unique finishes and colors, they didn’t forget about your favorite solid colors! They really have a full line of colors, textures and finishes – anything you can imagine or want from dipping powder colors.


SNS is one of the originators in the dipping powder world. They originally launched their dipping powders in 1990. SNS was founded by a salon professional who understands the importance of using products that are good for the health of your nails, which is why they formulated their dipping powders with nutrients that do wonders for nails. Nutrients like vitamin A, E, D, and more are included. In addition to focusing on dipping powders that are good for nails, SNS is always staying on the cusp of nail color trends to make sure their selection is up to date and trendy. Like some of the other brands we’ve mentioned, SNS originally started offering their products to salon professionals but consumers are now able to purchase their products to use. It’s great when you’re able to use the same products they use in the salon – right at home! Scrolling through Amazon, you will find a wide selection of colors available. Purple is having a major color moment, and this light shade of purple from SNS is perfection! No surprise, they also have some incredibly gorgeous glitter dipping powders.

6Glam and Glits

Made in the USA, Glam and Glits is another one of the best dipping powder brands on the market. They’re a brand that seems to put a lot of focus on staying on top of the latest and greatest with technology, the industry, and trends. Glam and Glits even has a color-changing dip powder that changes based on your mood, body temperature, etc. Talk about innovation, right?! Of course, they have a vast selection of colors available to suit your personal style preferences, and fortunately you can get them right on Amazon.

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