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Rossi Nails Review

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear we are always on the hunt for emerging brands and trends within the nail and beauty industries. Rossi Nails is a brand that specializes in nail products that promise salon-quality manicures, without going to the nail salon. Over the past couple of months, while many of us have been quarantined, brands like Rossi Nails have exploded in popularity.

Rossi nails has quickly grown to become one of our all-time favorite brands for at-home manicure. This isn’t your average nail brand, they offer an incredible variety of nail products that give you OPTIONS. Yes, even at home!

1Why Rossi?

Allow us to break down a few of Rossi’s stand out products. They offer products in two main categories: gel and dip. Two categories that most of us only think to be able to get from a nail salon, but Rossi makes it super easy to DIY. If you’re brand new to the at-home manicure world Rossi offers starter kits where you can get everything you need. We highly recommend taking advantage of these kits, not only do they generally save you a bit of money but they also ensure you’re prepared from the start.

2Rossi Gel Polish

In addition to Rossi’s dip (also known as glam powder) and gel polishes, they also have a product that’s a type of gel but a bit different from the typical gel polishes we’re all pretty familiar with. This product is called their ‘nailgel.’ It’s said to be a hybrid between acrylic and gel nails that’s made for home application. The NailGel products are easy to use, just like the other Rossi products.

3What else?

We know you may be thinking applying gel or dip powder products to your nails doesn’t seem very easy for the average person. Fortunately, Rossi has really thought of everything. They made it really simple with step by step instructions. All that’s left is to use your creativity to have fun with your manicures!
Now that we’ve introduced you Rossi Nails as a brand, we wanted to give you a better sense of how their products look along with a handful of the color options they offer. Scroll through to check out some of our favorites!

4Gray Star

Gray hasn’t often been a go-to color, until recently. We just love this gray dip powder shade, and if you’ve noticed, gray is a nail color that’s become widely used. It’s a pretty color if you want something in the neutral family, but don’t want white or black.

5Bee Mine

Add a little sunshine to your nails with ‘bee mine’ glam powder. The Bee Mine yellow color is the epitome of a summertime manicure. It’s pretty on its own, but it’s a shade that can be paired with a variety of other colors for something a little different.

6Mermaid Blue

This blue glitter dip powder definitely gives mermaid vibes – the name makes perfect sense! We really like how they applied the glitter dip to just one nail for that little pop of glam among solid blue nails. Colorful, stylish and fun!


We don’t know about you but we’re always down for a glitter manicure. The Celebration Rossi dip powder is a pretty epic glitter concoction, too. With gold as the base tone, we really love the iridescence of the glitter pieces adding even more colors into the mix.

8Endless Galaxy

Purple glitter?! Yes! The Endless Galaxy dip powder is such a fun option! Purple nails have been all the rage this year, Rossi is staying on top of the trends by not just having glitter colors but also mixing in a purple GLITTER. A woman needs options, and Rossi has options.

9Flawless Gel

We didn’t forget about Rossi’s amazing gel polishes! This light pink tone is, well…flawless. They really hit the nail on the head with this name. It’s so hard to find the perfect nude pink tone – until now.

10Winter Wonderland

This is most likely a mix of a couple of different Rossi glitter glam powders. A great example of how you can really mix and match their dip powder products to get a pretty gorgeous manicure. Adding the different colors and shapes really enhances the look here.

11From Paris with Love

We looove the Rossi From Paris with Love color! This is another manicure that’s mixed together with a few different glam powder colors – we love the creativity here! If you decide to take your manicures from the salon to your home, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things.

12Gingerbread Ombre

Clearly, there’s no shortage of glitter options from Rossi. Here they added ‘gingerbread’ to the top of black. Classic color combination that’s perfect for the holiday season or a special occasion!

13Mixing Glitters

There really is something about mixing together different colors of glitter that always results in a fun manicure. These nails are no exception to this. We like that they mixed different size glitter for added dimension.

14En Vogue

The name of this color is spot on, it’s pretty ‘vogue’ if you ask us. The purple color has some red/pink undertones to it that adds a gorgeous brightness to the hue. We adore this shade for the fall and winter, if you’re tired of classic black.

15It’s a Boy!

The name in itself is pretty cute, but the color…it’s a whole other level of cute. Looking for a color that’s a little different? Rossi has you covered with their ‘it’s a boy!’ glam powder. The perfect shade for spring and summertime.

16Las Vegas Nights

Black dip powder with iridescent glitter mixed in? Sign us up! Las Vegas Nights is such a fun color option when you have a special occasion or just want something fun for the weekend out with your friends. The iridescent glitter pieces add subtle touches of glitter to the edgy black shade.


Every now and then (maybe more) you need a pop of pink added to your nails. Don’t worry – Rossi has the perfect bright pink. The brightness of this particular pink is giving us major summertime feels, which is probably why it’s named margarita.

18Summer Melons

Feeling a little creative? Add the ultimate summer twist to your nails with a green color melon design. How cute are these nails? The ombre fading gives it an effortless vibe that’s easy to DIY using Rossi’s glam powders.

19Pink Ombre

If the melon design was a little too much for you, but you still want more of a design added to your nails – ombre is a gorgeous option. It’s subtle, soft and stylish. The mix of pink and white here is classic, giving you a neutral manicure that’s fashionable.

20Ombre Purple

Ombre doesn’t have to be applied in subtle, light nail colors. Rossi really has a range of colors available in their glam powders – so you can create an ombre design with just about any color scheme you can imagine.

21Rossi Red

Looking for a classic red nail color? Here you go! The thing we love about Rossi’s dip powders is they give you a long wearing manicure look. You don’t have to worry about needing to touch them up every couple of days thanks to their salon quality.

22Dipped in Rhinestones

A common misconception with dip powders is many people don’t realize you can add embellishments to the top of them, just like a gel polish. Add some personality and added style to your favorite dip powder with rhinestones!

23Summer ombre

Talk about an epic ombre design, right? The color combination of orange and pink isn’t one we see often, but we hope we’ll start because it’s so pretty. The bright tones are perfection for the summer seasons.


The Tiara is the perfect shiny and glittery pink!

25Vacay Time

26Holographic Green

27Summer on My Mind