neon rainbow black drip

Dripped Nails

Chances are you’ve noticed this dripped nail design a time or two in the past. Recently, this particular design has become quite popular among the nail community and people have found incredibly inventive ways to adapt drip nails in ways we’ve never seen before. This is one of the reasons we love the nail world, between the ever changing trends and constant creativity there’s so much to enjoy. If you’ve been a bit hesitant to try dripped nails, we think you’re going to quickly change your mind by the time you scroll through our list of designs here!

1Pastel Rainbow Dripping

Pastel ombre is such a fun juxtaposition to solid black nails – don’t you think? We’re loving these dripped nails. Adding black dripping to the pastel ombre nails really brings the colors together to make the overall design feel more cohesive.

2Matte Black Glitter Drip

Another way to combine drip design with rainbow colors – love this! Matte black polish gives some definitely edge factor to this manicure. The flat texture of matte black also really gives the glitter colors more of a pop.

3Vampire Dripping

The ultimate Halloween manicure! We love this out of the norm nail design for the Halloween season. Red dripping applied like this gives the look of blood – making this perfect for a vampire costume. Using black to create the designs amps up the contrast between colors.

4Glitter Rainbow Drip

It’s all about rainbow nails this year, and by that we mean using a different color on every nail. You’ve probably seen this trend quite a bit throughout some of our nail ideas, because it’s a trend that’s everywhere. We love how this manicure used different color chrome polishes to with a dripped design here.

5Watercolor White Drip

Hello color! If you want a really colorful nail design this is a stunning way to make that happen using a dripping aesthetic. Watercolor design gets that added design element with white dripping on the tips.

6Rainbow Paint Dripping

Do you have short nails? Don’t worry you can add dripping design to any nail length – these nails are proof of that. We’re really feeling the way they added the dripped effect onto clear nails so the rainbow dripping is the focal point.

7Chic Drip Design

How cool are these dripped nails?! Applying pastel pink dripping on clear matte nails adds this really cool, unexpected texture to the nails. Such a fun compliment to gold glitter and chevron. Glam, chic and trendy!

8Donut Drip

Try not to get hungry after looking at these nails. If you like donuts, bring your love for the sweet treat to your next manicure. The way they utilized the drip design gives the look of icing to really encompass the donut vibe.

9Iridescent Drip Accent

Looking for an edgy manicure? Look no further! Matte black nails are the epitome of edgy style. The accent nail really amplifies the entire manicure here. White iridescent polish is a fresh pop next to the textured dark nails.

104th of July Dripping in Glam

These dripped nails are too unique not to share with you. Talk about a trendy way to show your American pride! We’re really into the use of iridescent glitter for a glam touch.

11Galaxy Colors Dripping

Galaxy inspired nails get a lightened up vibe with white dripping added to the base of the nails. If the purple and blue galaxy look isn’t for you, you can swap them out for any of your favorite colors.

12Gold Glitter Drip

Light neutral polish gets a whole different look with this design element. Painting the dripped design at the base of the nails using gold glitter keeps the color scheme neutral yet glam. This design would be great on any nail length, yes even short nails.

13See Through Slime

Clearly (pun intended) dripped nails are the perfect trend for Halloween! These nails are pretty epic for the spooky season. Clear pink acrylics are a fun contrast to lime green dripping added to the mix. Keep it with the basic drip design or add the skull look like they did to the ring fingers.

14Neutral Iridescent Drip

If you’re anything like us, you love a pretty neutral nail color. This shade of nude polish is gorgeous all year long. But let’s face it there are times when we want to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to our neutral nails. Enter: iridescent dripping!

15Green Dripping Iridescence

These dripped nails are stunning! Muted green iridescent polish is a standout as is, but the way they combined gunmetal chrome really takes it up a notch. Combining different textures like this is such a cool way to create a unique design.

16Neon Dripped with Hologram

Going all out with the nail trends with these nails! Rainbow, dripped design AND iridescent polish. We’re in love. Silver iridescent polish really highlights all the colors used on the tips in the dripped design.

17Dripping Lavender Pastel

How fun is this cartoonized dripped design?! Outlining the dripping in black is what really changes the entire look of the drip design and gives it that cartoon aesthetic. The black outline gives great contrast to the pastel tone, too.

18Red Matte Dripping

Red, black and white are a few of our favorite colors to paint nails. They’re classic and chic no matter the time of year. Using the classic hues with dripped design, and adding a matte finish really amplifies the colors here.

19Grey Drip Glam

Grey nails have quickly been growing in popularity. We’re here for it! It’s a color that’s still neutral but a bit different from the typical neutral shades many of us often lean on. These matte grey nails are elevated with rhinestones and gold metallic dripping.

20Dripping in Neon

Add a pop of neon to your nails with this take on dripped nails. Use different neon colors on every nail to bring in the rainbow trend, or just stick to your favorite neon color – it’s up to you! Since neon is such a bold statement, leaving the rest of the nails a subtle neutral color is a great compliment.

21Glitter Coffin Drip

Dripped nails may seem intimidating at first, particularly if you’re more of a neutral nail kind of person. We wanted to make sure we included some pretty options for our neutral ladies. These nails a perfect example of how you can make dripped design feel feminine and pretty.

22Lip Drip

Kylie Cosmetics made waves when they used lips with the look of paint dripping on them. It’s a really fun design that looks just as great on nails as it does on lip kit packaging. Whether you’re a Kylie fan or not – we’re fans of these nails.

23Pink Pastel Drip

Another pretty, soft interpretation of the dripped nail trend. Give matte pastel pink nails a stylish twist that doesn’t take away from the soft color with pink dripping. We like that they painted the dripped detail onto just one accent nail to let the pink tone really be the focus of the manicure.

24American Flag Drip

4th of July inspired nails get a major style upgrade with these nails! If you want to show your love for America, but want to do so in style bring this picture to your nail artist for inspiration. You’ll be a trendsetter for sure!

25Dripping in Black and Pink

Black and pink = winning color combination no matter how you pair them together. We are obsessed with the way the colors are used on these nails. Rotating the placement of the colors from nail to nail gives such a cool twist to the nails.

26Pink French Drip Tip

French tip manicure gets new life here. Swapping out the white tips for pastel pink and adding dripping makes this look far from your classic French manicure. Such a fun twist!

27Hot Pink Dripped with Iridescent

These hot pink nails are perfection for the summer season. Hot weather + hot pink = can’t go wrong. Add even more style and dimension to hot pink polish with iridescent glitter applied to the base of the nails in a dripped design.

28White and Pink Dripping

Pastels feel a bit edgy with the dripping detail. Don’t you think? Between the dripping and matte finish it really changes the vibe of the light color scheme. While the colors are fairly close together, they offer just enough contrast to see the design.

29Bright Rainbow Dripped in Black

Adding black dripping to just about any nail color or design is an easy way to add dimension, style and edge to your nails. These nails are a great example of that! Ombre rainbow nails are a great POP of color that aren’t your average rainbow nails thanks to black dripping.

30Drip for Halloween

We couldn’t resist another Halloween inspired dripped nail look. This particular design is a bit easier to achieve if you’re a DIY nail person, compared to some of the previous Halloween options we shared. Matte black and red polish are all you need to achieve this look.

31Slime Style

You probably didn’t think SLIME would look so stylish on nails, did you? Well we’re thinking these nails changed your perspective. Neon green is the epitome of slime and it really makes sense to use that bold color with dripped design like this – so fun!

32Dripping Stars

While adding dripped design to your nails is a fun statement as it is, there are easy ways you can add even more of a customized twist to the look. Here they did so with glitter! Place a few pieces of glitter right into the dripped color and you have a whole different look.

33Stripe Drip

34Rainbow Stripe Dripping

These nails are kind of the opposite of the previous picture – overall elements are the same but just done so in reverse. We love it! Use a very thin paint brush to get the rainbow look within the dripping area of the nails here.

35Tipped Turquoise Drip

Black is (probably) always going to be that go-to nail color. Spice it up with an under-utilized color combination to add dripping to the tips of the nails. We really like the use of turquoise here, a color we often forget about but looks SO awesome with black.

36Pink and Turquoise Dripped

37Unicorn Dripping

38White Glam Drip

39Pastel White Drip

40Yellow Edgy Drip