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Easter Nail Art Designs

The Easter holiday is a special one for those who celebrate, during the spring time. We’ve shared quite a few Halloween and Christmas themed nail art designs and realized that we haven’t given much inspiration when it comes to the spring holiday. So we’re changing that! We rounded up 40 Easter nail art designs that are going to blow your mind. Seriously, these designs are stunning and incredibly creative. No matter your style preferences, we have a nail art design that’s Easter themed for you. Scroll through and let us know which one is your favorite!

1Easter Edge

We’re kicking this list off with a less than traditional Easter nail art design. Typically, we see Easter nails designed using pastel shades which is why we love this edgy interpretation. Swapping out pastel tones for black and white is so unique.

2Baby Blue Bunny

A bit more of a traditional Easter color palette, we adore this baby blue design. Adding the Easter element to just one nail, with a cartoon designed bunny is just enough Easter flair. Mixing in a few touches of glitter never hurts either!

3Chic Peeps

Peeps are synonymous with Easter, obviously! We thought this was such a fun way to add a peep inspired design to nails. Painting the classic yellow peep and purple bunny peep to one nail, keeping the rest white with just a subtle glitter hint.

4Pastel Bunny Ears

How cute are these nails?! Painting nails in a rainbow aesthetic, using pastel shades, really encompasses the Easter vibe. Painting just the ears of a bunny onto the accent nail gives these nails that extra Easter feel to complete the look.

5Bunny Meets Carrots

These are so fun! Negative space throughout nails designs is a big trend, as you probably know, we really like how these nails have found a way to make Easter nails feel trendy. Carrots + bunny = Easter chicness!

6Polka Dot Easter Design

We couldn’t resist these Easter nails. They include all your classic Easter elements: chick in an egg, bunny, pastel colors and polka dots. When they’re all wrapped together they give you an epically fun Easter manicure.

7Chick Chic

You probably grew up seeing a lot of Easter decorations incorporating chicks and eggs. Hello…Easter bunny! We thought these chick nails were too adorable. Adding the egg shell element to the ends of the nails is the perfect finishing touch.

8Modernly Clear Easter

Another fun way to add negative (or clear) space to your Easter nail art. Adding the Easter design(s) to just the ends of nails, leaving the rest clear, highlights the colors and designs so beautifully.

9Floral Matte Easter

Talk about a chic Easter manicure! Once again, incorporating clear space into the design. The other elements really make this Easter design unique, too. Completing this particular design with a matte finish really gives it a whole different aesthetic.

10Delicately Easter Themed

We adore this Easter manicure! The shades of pink are stunning, and can be worn any time during the spring/summer seasons. The dainty bunny outline painted onto one nail instantly transforms the manicure into an Easter appropriate design.

11Easter Color Dots

If you’re not really into the classic Easter elements, this is a fun way to feel appropriate for the holiday in a less traditional manner. Paint polka dots all over the nails, focusing on the ends of the nails, in pastel tones and you’re all set!

12Easter Egg Rainbow

Many of us grew up painting Easter eggs. Bring some of that nostalgia to your manicure with a design like this. The fun part of this kind of design is you can really have fun with the design elements and colors to make it your own.

13French Tip Turned Easter

Love French tip manicures? Rock your favorite look AND make it Easter themed! Swap out the white ends for shades of pastel. Complete the look with a floral design painted onto one (or a couple) of the nails. Simple yet chic!

14Pastel Polka Dots

We really love the non traditional ways people have found to interpret Easter themed nails. Paint every nail a different pastel color and top it with polka dots in various sizes. This is easy for any nail length and shape to adapt.

15Easter Basket

What screams Easter more than the Easter bunny and a basket?! We can’t think of much! How fun are these nails, painting an Easter basket onto the nail, complete with Easter eggs. The peach and chocolate brown color scheme is different, in the most stylish way.

16Colorful Egg Art

Talk about a colorful nail design! We love designs like this because you can go all out with the colors, combining any of your favorites. To recreate this manicure, we recommend using stencils and tape to make it a bit easier on yourself.

17Speckled Easter Egg

We found quite a few (as you can see) Easter nail designs that took inspiration from Easter eggs. It makes sense! These speckled nails are taking inspiration from the trendy speckled Easter eggs that have been popular in recent years.

18Floral Designed Bunny

While we’ve already showed you quite a few bunny themed Easter nails, we thought this was an incredibly unique interpretation of the design. Adding flowers to the outline of a bunny shape really brings the springtime feel into the mix.

19Floral Rainbow Art

Calling all floral ladies! If you like floral nail art, these are the Easter nails for you. These daisies are particularly easy to DIY because they don’t require a lot of detail in order to get the aesthetic of the flower.

20Rose Glitter Bunny

Ahhh, you know we love when nails add a touch of glitter into the mix. We really like that these nails kept things a bit more monochromatic by using rose gold glitter in combination with pastel pink polish. It makes the manicure much more modern.

21Bunny Accent

We know a lot of the bunny nail art can be tricky to recreate, for the average person. That’s why we really like this particular bunny nail art. It’s VERY simple, making it easy for just about anyone to recreate. Proof you don’t need to be a professional nail artist to achieve a cute bunny manicure.

22Peeking Through Grass

Inspired by the French tip manicure, but this is anything but your typical French mani! An unexpected Easter nail design, by including grass, these nails are so fun. Clearly, the bunny ears is what really brings the Easter feel into the mix.

23He is Risen

While bunnies, eggs and pastel colors are cohesive with the Easter holiday, we know it is a religious holiday first and foremost. These nails are trendy, artistic and fully showcase the meaning behind Easter Sunday.

24I Heart Easter

Nude nail polish = everywhere right now! You already know this though, we’re sure. How fun are these nails, finding a way to make nude nail polish Easter ready? The additions are minimal, yet glam with the touch of glitter.

25Jelly Belly Inspired

Raise your hand if you love jelly bellies during Easter! We do, we do! If it’s your favorite candy, why not show some appreciation with your nails. Paint the jelly bellies over white polish so they have an opportunity to pop.

26Cartoon Easter

Add a fun, cartoon feel to your Easter nails with this design. In addition to the cartoonized feel of the nail art, we thought the use of nude polish colors really made these nails feel unique and different.

27Modern Matte Rainbow

Rainbow nails get an Easter twist! Quite literally, in fact. Painting each nail a different color is the rainbow nail trend of the year, in case you haven’t noticed. The zigzag element of these nails, over clear nail polish, really transforms the rainbow look.

28Minimalistic Easter Theme

We’re all about subtle ways to make simple nails holiday ready. Here, they kept the nails simple with pastel blue and white polish. Applying a minimal bunny outline to the accent nail is all you need for Easter themed nails.

29Muted Easter Bunny

An unexpected Easter color scheme, but they still have major Easter aesthetic. This muted color scheme isn’t your typical for the spring holiday, showing us you can really think outside the box when selecting the colors you use for your Easter nails.

30Combining Pastels

You probably know we can’t resist nail art that uses the principles of French tip manicures, with a unique twist. These nails have done that for Easter. Mix and match different pastel colors like they’ve done here, or stick to just 2 shades – it’s really up to your preferences.

31Peep French Tips

Peeps + French tips = Easter nails we’re obsessed with! These were too cute not to share with you. Of course you can use the same color for every nail, or include different colors as they’ve shown in the picture. We suggest using a stamp to get the peep shape just right.

32Easter Peeps

We know, we know we’ve shown you quite a few peep themed nails – but they’re just SO Easter we can’t resist. These nails (quite literally) scream Easter peeps. Outlining the peep shapes with black gives them more of a cartoon type of look.

33Pink Easter Designs

If you like pink nails – these are the Easter nails for you. Keep it simple with just pink and white nail polish for an adorable Easter manicure. Paint a bunny, eggs and polka dots to really bring things full circle.

34Easter Pastel Glitz

Pastel pink glitter is always a winning nail polish choice, if you ask us. Especially during the spring. We thought it was so adorable how they added a bunny to one nail. Keeping things light and pretty with pastel pink and white polish used on the bunny design.

353D Easter Nails

Ok, how awesome are these Easter nails?! The poof added to the chick designs is everything! We’re really in awe of these nails. So fun, so unique. Don’t be afraid to add 3D elements like this to your Easter manicure.

36Purple Bunnies

37Peeking Bunny

38Rainbow Pastel Dots

39Symbolic Easter Nails

40Easter Tulips