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Halloween Nail Art Designs

Halloween is just around the corner. Even though Halloween is going to be a bit different this year, it’s still a fun excuse to get into the festive spirit. Painting your nails with a Halloween nail art design is a small, easy way to do exactly that. If you’re looking for an opportunity to feel the Halloween spirit you’re going to want to look through some of these fun designs! We found some really unique and different Halloween nail art designs that will have the season feel SLIGHTLY more normal this holiday. Let us know which Halloween nail design you’re going to give a try!

1Candy Corn Style

Love eating candy corn this time of year? Bring your love for the Halloween candy to your nails! Ok, even if you don’t eat it you can still adapt the design to your nails. The color scheme screams Halloween.

2Batty Chic Halloween Nails

We absolutely love these Halloween themed nails. The use of nude nail polish gives a modern, chic aesthetic to the design that feels like a grown-up Halloween manicure. Bats in different sizes add some dimension to the nails.

3Ghosts, Bats and Pumpkins

Incorporating clear nail space into nail art has been a big trend over the past year. Clearly it’s a trend that can work its way into Halloween nail art, too! We love the way the clear space adds a modern edge to this design.

4Disney Halloween

This is for our Disney fanatics! Add your love of Disney right to your Halloween manicure. Our favorite element of this design is definitely the pumpkin turned into Mickey Mouse.

5Chicly Embellished Spiders

If these are chic Halloween nails, we don’t know what is. The rhinestone and pearl embellishments really take this design up a few glam notches, don’t you think? Another gorgeous and stylish Halloween design.

6Ghostly Halloween Nail Simple Style

Add just a small Halloween touch to your fall time manicure with an accent nail design. Black nails are a staple choice this time of year, with this manicure you get to keep your go-to fall nail color with just enough Halloween pizazz.

7Glam Ghosts Halloween Nails

How fun are these nails?! They’re so on trend with the use of clear and nude polish as the foundation colors throughout the design. Adding glitter throughout gives a little extra glam to nails.

8Metallic Pumpkin Nails

Do you love metallic polish? These Halloween nails are perfect for you then! We really like the way pumpkins were elevated with orange metallic polish to complement the use of gold glitter.

9Stitched Up Halloween Nails

These nails have more of that cartoonized Halloween look. Using bright colors as shown gives a fun pop of color to nails while still encompassing a Halloween aesthetic. The stitching detail really brings it all together.

10Haunted Nail Idea

Halloween is a holiday you can really have fun with when it comes to your nail art. This is a great example of adding that Halloween flair, without taking it too seriously. Add text, fun colors and anything you really enjoy about the season.

11Slime Nail Styles

Slime meets stitching meets ghosts? Yes! Aren’t these fun? For the woman who wants a bright pop of color for Halloween nails, this may be the perfect design to recreate.

12Halloween Polka Dots Nails

There’s just something about polka dots…right? Every woman seems to hold a special place for the classic pattern. Keep it classic yet Halloween themed with polka dot nails painted in orange, black and white.

13Spooky Iridescence Nails

Now we’re getting into some more detailed Halloween nail art. Here they went all out with the spooky Halloween aesthetic with an eerie sunset and added a stylish twist with iridescent polish and a matte finish.

14Magenta Web

We really love the unique color choice on these Halloween nails. Showing us you can rock Halloween nail art in your own way, and it doesn’t have to include the typical orange and black color scheme.

15Seeing Eyes Nails

How cute are these nails? Adding funny eyes to matte black nails transforms the manicure from a classic fall look into Halloween appropriate, and with a small addition! Here they made the manicure extra fun with different placement of the eyes.

16Matte Jack O Lantern Nail Art

Keep your Halloween manicure classic, with a modern twist. Nothing says Halloween quite like a jack-o-lantern design. What makes these nails modern and stylish is the use of matte black for added edge.

17Scary Sunset Nails

Here we are with another creepy nail design, of course in this case we say creepy in the best way possible – it is Halloween after all. They really got creative with this design, adding gold rhinestones and fun design elements throughout.

18Monochromatic Ghosts Nail Design

We’re so impressed with the creativity everyone has with Halloween nail art this year. This monochromatic color scheme has been a HUGE trend. How fun to add a Halloween twist to the look?

19Mummified Nails

Looking for nail art that’s fun for the holiday this year? Mummy nails are perfect! They’re cute and just plain fun. Use a straight edge make the mummy’s wrapping easy to DIY at home.

20Nightmare Before Halloween

We all love a good Halloween movie. If you’re a big fan of this movie you’re probably a huge fan of this manicure. This is such a beautifully detailed design that you will want to show off on social media all Halloween season long.

21Neutral Bats Pointy Nails

Painting simple Halloween themed designs onto neutral nails, like this picture, is a great way to add more of a festive flair to your manicure. This is great if you don’t want the classic Halloween color scheme, but prefer something more neutral.

22Glitter Halloween Theme Nails

We’re pretty sure glitter ombre painted onto nails is a trend that will never go away, and we’re OK with that. Have fun with that design trend for Halloween by using black and orange glitter!

23Ombre Webs Coffin Nails

Ombre for Halloween? Yes, please! You really can’t go wrong with a matte ombre nail design. Here they used orange and completed it with spider webs painted onto two nails to bring the Halloween feels to the look.

24Pumpkin Expressions Nail Art

Express yourself with your Halloween nail art! This is such a fun and unique way to personalize your Halloween manicure. Paint different pumpkin faces onto the nails to show all your moods with your nails.

25Ouija Board Themed Nails

A less obvious Halloween manicure, Ouija boards still give that spooky aesthetic we all associate with Halloween. Truthfully this is a Halloween design you can rock any time of year, which is why we love it so much.

26Pastel Bats Nails

Talk about a major Halloween shake up! Who said Halloween nails can’t be achieved with pastel colors? We sure didn’t, and this manicure is exactly the reason we’re fans of using out of the normal color choices for your holiday manicure.

27Girly Bat Design

Another less traditional color choice, this time using lavender as the foundation color. This is such a cool way to turn a Halloween design into more of a girly vibe. It also makes the bats feel friendlier and less ‘scary’ if that’s what you prefer.

28Iridescent Spiders Nails

We hope you love all the different color choices as much as we do! Purple iridescent polish, who knew?! Well, now we all know it makes for a gorgeous Halloween nail design. Using dark purple adds contrast while still keep the design monochromatic.

29Red Drip Nail Art

Of course we couldn’t leave out sharing some ‘scary’ nail designs. If you like all the spooky feels the holiday is synonymous with this is a fun idea to use as inspiration. Bright red gives that blood aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the dripping design.

30Fun Skeleton Nails

Ok…how awesome is this design?! Epic! Another super fun and fresh way to express your personality through nail art for the holiday. Skeletons are a great design to use for a personalized twist for your manicure.

31Skeleton Hands Nail Design

All hands on deck! Get it? Ok, enough jokes but in all seriousness, we can’t get over how fun this design is for nails. Painting skeleton hands onto each nail is such an out of the box idea!

32Splattered Eyes Nails

Halloween is a holiday that really gives us all an opportunity to tap into our creativity and think outside the box, even with our nails. This is a great example of how doing that will land you with a pretty incredibly manicure.

33Halloween Edge

This manicure is for the ladies who want a holiday themed manicure that’s a little more subtle. Sticking with an all black theme, mixing in textures and painting delicate spider webs will give you nail art that’s pretty gorgeous for Halloween.

34Halloween Splatter Nails

Incorporate the orange and black Halloween colors, in a not-so Halloween way. Even when you paint your nails with an artsy design like this paint splattered look, using orange and black will leave you with a holiday feel.

35Clear Halloween Theme

Can you even deal with how cute these are?! We can’t. Matte clear nails is what really sets these nails apart from a lot of other Halloween nails. We have to say, we really like that they added stars and moons throughout the nails for added style.

36Blood Stitches

37Pumpkin Striping Nails

38Orange and Black Design

39Black Cat Tip Nails

40Vampire Drip