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Fiberglass Nails Guide

Believe it or not, there are quite a few different types of nail extensions. Most of us are familiar with the common application types, which is why we’ve decided to introduce you to some of the lesser-known options available. Fiberglass nails went a bit viral last year. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them! They’ve been around for quite some time, but thanks to the internet they’ve been gaining some newfound popularity. Have we perked your interest? Great! We’re giving you all the juicy details you need to know about fiberglass nails – keep reading.

1So what ARE fiberglass nails?

Don’t worry, they’re not made of the material used in building actual homes and walls. Instead, fiberglass nails are created when very thin (aka fiberglass) is applied on top of nails. The fiberglass is generally applied in extremely thin strands that have a cloth like appearance to them. Fiberglass nails can be applied to create a variety of different nail lengths and shapes.

2Fiberglass VS Silk Wrap Nails

Interestingly enough, fiberglass nails are often confused with silk-wrapped nails. They have a few similarities, but both have their own unique characteristics and attributes. Fiberglass and silk-wrapped nails are applied in a very similar manner. The main difference between the two is silk wrapped nails are generally used in shorter lengths that are very close to the natural nail length, while fiberglass nails add length to nails much more effectively. Another difference between these types of nail extensions is silk wrapped nails are known to be quite thin and natural-looking, while fiberglass nails are a bit stronger and thicker in appearance and structure.

3How to Apply Fiberglass Nails?

Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on what fiberglass nails are, you’re probably wondering how exactly very thin strands are applied to give you the look of a nail extension. Right? Allow us to explain. We mentioned the fiberglass material is thin and generally applied in strands, those strands are applied to the top of clean nails (make sure they’re CLEAN and bare before beginning application). Experts recommend applying to the base and working your way towards the tips of the nails. The fiberglass is applied on top of a glue, which is what holds the material in place. Once the fiberglass is applied to the entire nail, you can cut/shape the fiberglass into your desired length and shape, and then another layer of glue is applied to the top – this is what turns the cloth-like material into something that’s harder. After the glue has dried completely you can continue to shape the nails to your preferences. The final step to the process is applying dip powder or gel polish over the fiberglass. This is where you can choose the color/design you want for your nails.

As intimidating as it may sound, you can get an at-home kit to DIY fiberglass nails. We found this kit on Amazon and it comes with everything you’ll need.

4Sharp Edges

Turn neutrals into an edgy nail design. Fiberglass nails are easy to create unique nail shapes with, even the shape pictured here. Adding black in a triangular shape to the tips is an edgy take on French manis.

5Corally Chic

Looking for the perfect manicure for summer? We have you covered! Coral nails are the epitome of summertime style. There’s no denying this pop of color is gorgeous. A great color to apply to fiberglass nails – no matter the shape or length you choose it will look stylish.

6Brown Holographic Fiberglass

Because you need to apply a color, at least, over the top of fiberglass nails we really like the idea of keeping it simple and painting ONE nail polish color on top. Especially if you’re DIYing the nail extension. Holographic nail polish will give you all the style you need to complete your manicure.

7Cherry Blossom Design

The fun part of fiberglass nails is the ease they allow you to achieve long nails. French ombre, using white polish on the tips, always seems to be a design that looks great – especially when you have longer nails. Completing the look with a little extra dose of style, with florals painted onto one nail.

8Fiberglass Chic

Aren’t these fiberglass nails chic? The ultra nude hue is modern and stylish. You’ve probably noticed nude nails are kind of a thing – and likely will be for a while because they look so great. This particular nude shade is barely there, complementing the natural look/feel of fiberglass nails.

9Marbled in Fiberglass

If you’re feeling a bit creative with your fiberglass nail extensions – creating a marbled aesthetic is a unique way to add some dimension to the nails. This subtle swirled effect gives this soft marble appeal. Such a fun design to use for just about any color scheme.

10Metallic Finished

Add edge and shine to your fiberglass nails with a solid coat of metallic nail polish. This particular metallic shade is unique because of its blueish gray color. We love this particular shade, although we’ll admit we like just about any metallic polish.

11Hologram Style

How this unique nail polish?! Holographic nail polish isn’t new, but because it’s such a growing trend you’re able to find options in a ton of different finishes and color schemes. Thanks to the holographic element you’re able to get a mix of different colors with just one nail polish.

12Iridescent Glam

Keep it chic and modern with a French ombre design applied on top of your fiberglass extensions. It’s classic, and happens to be easy to build off of. Here they applied iridescent rhinestones in a unique design, completely changing the look of ombre French nails.

13French Tip Mattified

We don’t think variations of French tip manicures are going to go away anytime soon, and we’re not mad about it. There are so many ways to make the classic design unique and fresh. It also happens to be a pretty easy design to paint onto fiberglass nails using gel polish.

14Marvelous in Mauve

Mauve done right! We thought this color scheme was so pretty. Shades of mauve have never looked better. Don’t be shy with your fiberglass nails – you can add glitter, matte finish, etc. on top to really have fun with your nails.

15Stars in the Sky

Matte gray polish + silver glitter = we’re in love! The colors create a unique monochromatic design, primarily thanks to the juxtaposition of the finishes of the polishes used. We’ll admit we think this color scheme would look great with just about any design, but the moon and stars definitely are a favorite.

16Pop of Neon

Summertime is the perfect time to add a bold POP of color to your fiberglass nails. All you need is a simple coating of your favorite neon hue and you’ve transformed your fiberglass extensions into the perfect summer manicure.

17Fiberglass Pink

This nail color is for the women who want something on the neutral side, but still with a feminine flair in the mix. This pinky neutral shade is gorgeous on its own, making it great to apply over fiberglass extensions – any time of year!

18Pink Ombre Fiberglass

We’ve shown you a few different ombre designs, but since it’s summer we didn’t want to leave out the bright color design ideas. Replace the typical white ombre shade with hot pink for a switch up that’s perfect for summer. Add rhinestones for a glam effect and you’re all set!

19Swirled Pinks

20Purple Designed Fiberglass

21Red Ombre

22Silver Glitz

23Stylish in White