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Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. We know it’s hard to realize that now but the holiday season sneaks up on us every single year. Regardless when you’re stumbling upon this, we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re here because you want to get into the holiday spirit! Nail designs are such a fun way to add a little extra holiday pizazz to your look. With all the chaos of the world, it’s also a small thing that can bring you some extra joy and fun to your day. Believe it or not there are a ton of ways you can add a Thanksgiving vibe to your nail design for the holiday. Seriously! We’ve found some pretty incredible designs. Regardless of your personal style and just how Thanksgiving-y you want to get there’s a nail design for you in this list somewhere. Scroll through to find one you love to try out for your Thanksgiving mani!

1Thanksgiving Holiday Art Vibes

Add some holiday vibes to your manicure for Thanksgiving, with an artistic flair. The geometric style of this nail design is so pretty and modern. Rock this any time of year, with different colors for a different aesthetic too!

2Leaf-ing Through Fall Nails

Falling leaves are synonymous with the time of year Thanksgiving takes place. Add leaves to just one nail to act as an accent to matte brown nails. The matte finish creates a true fall look. We love the subtle touch of gold glitter mixed into the leaves, too.

3Candy Style Warm Color Nails

The candy that we all symbolize as a Thanksgiving icon. Candy corn isn’t just for eating with this Thanksgiving nail design. This is such a fun, modern take on the classic candy design. Adding the yellow, orange and white to just the tips of the nails gives the mani that French manicure look.

4Zig-zagging to Turkey Nails

Missoni vibes, anyone? Even if you’re not a Missoni person this chevron design is SO gorgeous. Don’t you think? The various designs incorporating chevron into each nail adds gorgeous dimension to the overall look of the nails. Pops of white incorporated lightens things up a bit for extra highlight of the design.

5The Modern Holiday Nail Design

Thanksgiving nails don’t have to be literal to be holiday inspired. This is a stunning example of using the aesthetic of Thanksgiving, the dark bronze metallic, to encompass the holiday in a fresh manner. Great option for any nail length!

6Corn Inspired Nail Design

You saw candy corn inspired nails…now you’ve got CORN inspired nails. You probably remember images of the first Thanksgiving meal and all the colorful corn represented. Bring that history into your nail design with something like this. So fun!

7Corning Around

Corn is a pretty big staple for Thanksgiving, if you ask us. Not much of a corn on the cob kinda gal? Try acorns on for size! We thought this was so cute and festive. Use a stencil to recreate this look at home with your brown polishes.

8Turkey Glam

We couldn’t forget about our glam girls who want to go all out for their Thanksgiving nail designs. This Thanksgiving design is pretty epic. Isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate different designs, embellishments and colors on each nail. It doesn’t have to all be symmetrical!

9Creatively Chic Holiday

Shades of brown area perfection for the fall season, so naturally they’re representative of Thanksgiving as well. This Thanksgiving nail art is so pretty. Even though it doesn’t scream turkey or corn the use of gold, orange and dark brown give the vibe gorgeously.

10Glitter Holidays Nails

All the glitter lovers, please stand up! This Thanksgiving nail art is what you’ve been looking for if you love glitter. Mix colors like orange and black, like they’ve done here, to get into the Thanksgiving spirit with that glitter edge you know and love.

11Turkey Day Football

Combining two Thanksgiving staples: Turkey and football. This is such a creative way to design nails for Thanksgiving this year. We love that they used footballs to replace traditional feathers of the turkey. Since that’s quite the design, it really only needs to be on one nail to make an impact.

12Abstractly Festive

Another gorgeous example of thinking outside the box to show your holiday spirit this Thanksgiving. When you combine classic thanksgiving colors together, the result is something like this modern geometric design. Pretty cute, right? The best part is you don’t have to be PERFECT for a great result. It’s art!

13Giving Thanks Nail Art

Say it with your nails! Give thanks for all you have this year and say it with pride – on your nails. Use a tiny paint brush or toothpick to spell out the words onto a nail if you decide to DIY with design. Of course if you want to keep it simple you can skip the leaf and acorn designs.

14Pumped Up Glitz

No, we didn’t forget to include a few pumpkin nail designs! You can’t have a list of Thanksgiving nail designs without a few pumpkins in the mix. This pumpkin design is for the girl who likes a little glam. Using gold glitter instead of orange nail polish adds that glam, and gives it a modern touch.

15Thanksgiving Embellished

SERIOUSLY?! Our jaws dropped when we saw this Thanksgiving nail design. It’s so creative, thoughtful and modern. The stiletto shape definitely lends to the modern vibe, but you can use this design for inspiration regardless of the shape of your nails. Add gold embellishments strategically for a fun update.

16Orange You Grateful?

Orange has never looked more stylish on nails than with this manicure. If you ask us, that is! It’s perfectly complimented with gold glitter. Mixing different sizes of glitter adds even more dimension to this design.

17Gobble Gobble, There’s Pie!

French manicure: Thanksgiving edition. Skip the classic white tips and swap it out for gold glitter. It’s the holidays after all. To make this super easy on yourself use decals and stickers to place onto the nails.

18Fall Elements Stylized Nails

Gold glitter is probably one of the most versatile nail polish colors you can come across. Is there anything it can’t do? Simply paint gold glitter as the base of your nails and top it with fall classics like leaves, acorns, pumpkins, etc.

19Leaves Falling Chic Nails

This manicure is a great example of how you don’t have to be super detailed to paint a leaf onto your nails, and still have the same look. The leaves themselves are pretty simple in how they were painted onto the nail, the touch of gold pulls them together.

20I Leaf Fall Nail Art

Thanksgiving = fall. Get into the fall AND thanksgiving spirit with a nail design like this. The burgundy base color is stunning for this time of year and really pops with the orange and yellow tones used in the leaves.

21Feathering Into Fall

We know everyone isn’t all about a literal Thanksgiving nail design. That’s exactly why we love this particular design. Feathers are often associated with Thanksgiving because of Turkeys as well as traditional Native American apparel. Add just one feather to the nails and compliment with other simple designs for a fresh design.

22Thankful for Modern Elegance

The French manicure has really been getting a lot of modern updates the past couple of years with women all over the world using different colors to mimic the traditional design. Use thanksgiving classic colors like they did here if you want something with minimal design.

23Thanks for the Glamour

Glitter isn’t a type of nail polish that’s just meant for applying to the entire nail. Use it to create the look of leaves on a tree, like they’ve done with this design. Talk about a glamorous tree!

24Leaves Falling Lightly

Nude and beige tones have grown in popularity recently. It’s classy, modern and fresh. Stick to your favorite nude nail polish color and add just a splash of Thanksgiving aesthetic with some muted color leaves. So pretty!

25Pumpkin Edge Thanksgiving Nails

This is another great example of adding just a touch of design to your favorite nude nail color. Keeping it simple and on point for the holiday. Painting pumpkins at the base of each nail gives these nude nails a whole different look- in the best way possible.

26Falling Colors

Who doesn’t love a good ombre nail design?! We never get tired of it. Take the ombre into the Thanksgiving holiday with various fall colors, completed with glitter for that extra special touch.

27Speckled with Gratitude

Make use of those Halloween glitter polishes you see every year and transition them into the Thanksgiving season. When the black and orange glitter is sparingly applied over muted neutral colors it suddenly goes from Halloween chic to Thanksgiving style.

28Iconic Food

Drawing on varying Thanksgiving symbols like pumpkin pie, acorns, and a turkey is really all you need to be spirited with your nails. Use a marker or pen to draw the designs, it’s easier to control than a brush often times!

29Checked The Turkey

Plaid sweaters become a staple this time of year but plaid isn’t just for sweaters – add it to your nails! We suggest using tape to create the lines to get them nice and straight.

30Spotted Holiday Style

Who knew there were so many ways to rock nude nails for Thanksgiving?! Another great way to keep the design minimal, and anything but boring. Strategically placing glitter pieces into polka dot format adds that minimal freshness to this manicure.

31Brown Beauties

So many of us often forget about using brown nail polish on our nails. There’s no better time to rock this gorgeous color on your nails than in the fall for Thanksgiving. Add more style and dimension to the brown polish by using different finishes to the nails like they’ve done here.

32Feminine Gratitude Nails

We love the feminine feel of this Thanksgiving nail design. The white base and lighter hues used in the polish gives it that girly twist. Of course you can’t deny the complimenting gold glitter nail adds an extra style boost.

33Sharply Sharing Thanks

This Thanksgiving nail design has great edginess to it, primarily because of the stiletto nail shape. But don’t be discouraged. If you don’t have this nail shape or don’t like it for yourself this can be recreated to look amazing on any nail length and shape.

34Tipping Towards Thanksgiving

Didn’t we say French manicures have gotten a fun upgrade recently? Another fun example of using the idea of a French manicure and building onto it for Thanksgiving. Use a thin paint brush to gently swipe various tones of brown, orange and gold onto the tips of the nails.

35Cozy Sweater Vibes

Whether you like wearing argyle sweaters or not, this manicure is so cute for Thanksgiving. Between the colors and the design…we’ve got all the festive holiday feels with this one.

36Grateful for Glitter

37Changing Leaves

38Turkey Time

39Coloring Turkey Feathers

40Traditional Centerpiece Thanksgiving Nail Art