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Rose Gold Chrome Nail Designs

Calling all chrome nail enthusiasts! We’ve been big fans of chrome nails for the past few months, you may have seen some of our other chrome nail posts. Silver and gold have been the primary chrome nail colors utilized until recently, rose gold has been making its presence and we’re really glad it is. If you like rose gold jewelry, you’ll likely enjoy rose gold chrome nails. People everywhere have already started designing with this nail color trend which means we were able to find quite a few different rose gold chrome nail ideas to share with you.

1Abstract + Chrome

We love when nails are painted with an abstract art type of look, these nails are no different. Seriously, how gorgeous are these?! Using rose gold chrome throughout the design adds so much dimension to the entire look.

2Black, White and Chrome

Chrome nail polish is great to use when you want to add texture to your manicure. The juxtaposition it offers when paired with matte nail polish, as shown here, is unmatched. This looks great with just solid black, but the black/white marbling is an unexpected (and chic!) addition.

3Striped Rose Chrome

Aren’t these so stylish? If you’re anything like us, black nails are a definite go-to color choice. Adding rose gold chrome striping really elevates the look of matte black polish, without adding a ton of details and design elements. Perfect do DIY at home!

4Chrome Combined

Pairing rose gold chrome with matte black adds an edgy flair to nails, flipping the script to pair the chrome nail color with glitter will give you a glam moment. These nails pretty much speak for themselves. Glamorous, fun and stylish.

5Rose Ombre

Love ombre nails? These are perfection! Using rose gold chrome on the ends, fading into a light white polish color is such a fun and light color combination for the spring and summer months. You get the light airy feel from white that pairs perfectly with rose gold.

6Rose Toned Design

These nails scream glam. Between the rose gold glitter and the rose gold chrome polish, they’ve covered all the glam nail textures. We really love that they paired the textured polishes with a neutral nude toned color, so the others aren’t overpowered.

7Clearly Chrome

Talk about a trendy nail moment! Clear acrylics + rose gold chrome + glitter = we’re in love. Who knew rose gold chrome polish would look so incredible with clear acrylics? Ok, well to be honest we could’ve guessed it would.

8Chrome Coffin

Keep your rose gold chrome nails simple, yet chic by painting them entirely with the polish. When you have a great nail shape, like this simple coffin shape, you don’t need a lot of other details for a gorgeous manicure.

9Corally Chrome

Summertime manicure coming right up! This is an unexpected color combination, but we’re really glad someone thought of it. Coral nails are a summertime favorite for many of us, adding in a few nails painted in rose gold chrome adds some glam edge to the mix.

10Dotted in Rose Gold

We absolutely adore these nails. While we’ll admit this particular design would look great with just about any color scheme, the rose gold chrome definitely adds something special to it. Using white as the base color softens and lightens the aesthetic beautifully.

11Embellishing Rose Gold

Who said short nails can’t be fun and glam?! We certainly didn’t. If rose gold chrome polish isn’t glam enough for you, add rhinestones to take it up a notch. As you can see with these nails, the added dimension gives even more of a glamorous touch to the nails.

12Rose Chrome Florals

While rose gold chrome definitely has that glam, edgy feel to it – it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to create a really feminine manicure. Here, they paired the chrome polish with white and finished the look with 3D floral embellishments. So pretty!

13Flaked in Rose Gold

The thing about rose gold chrome polish is even when you use it sparingly, it makes a pretty powerful impact on nails. These nails are a great example of that. Even with a neutral nail color, the subtle ‘flaked’ touch of the chrome really elevates the entire look.

14Rose Gold Meets Iridescent

Give your rose gold chrome nails a little more dimension by using iridescent rhinestones. You saw how classic rhinestones looked over chrome (a few slides back), so we wanted to show you how a simple change in the finish of the rhinestones can really change things.

15Marbling Rose Gold

Aren’t these pretty? It doesn’t look like the marble designed nail trend is going anywhere, anytime soon. Adding touches of rose gold chrome polish to the mix really modernizes the design of marble nails. Feminine yet edgy!

16Astrologically Rose Gold Chrome

These are for our astrology lovers! Use rose gold chrome to add a feminine aesthetic to your edgy nail designs. One of the reasons rose gold is so popular in jewelry is because the pink undertone brings about a more feminine, or girly, twist. Nails are no different!

17Rose Gold Chrome Glam

Hello gorgeous and glam nails. Nude nail polish got a major style upgrade with rose gold chrome, glitter and rhinestones added to it. This definitely isn’t your typical nude manicure, which is exactly why we love it.

18Ombre Designed in Chrome

By now, we’re sure you know we love a glam manicure moment. You can always count on rhinestones to make just about any manicure feel much more glamorous. Adding rose gold chrome to the ends of the nails is an unexpected pairing, but works beautifully.

19Ombre Chrome + Glitter

These nails are stunning, especially for the women who love ultra feminine manicures. The rose gold chrome used here has a lot of pink undertone to it, giving that extra feminine feel. We really like the pink and white glitter ombre mix applied to two of the nails for a fun compliment.

20Textured Rose Gold Chrome

Adding different finishes and textures to nails, while keeping a monochromatic color scheme, is one of the latest ways to create a unique manicure. As you can see here, mixing chrome with shimmer and rhinestones is so stunning.

21Reversed in Rose Gold

Even with just a subtle peek of rose gold chrome polish, these nails are top notch. Painting the nails in a neutral matte color certainly isn’t neutral or basic thanks to the touch of chrome applied to the base of the nails.

22Rosey Chrome and Matte

Clearly it’s all about adding rhinestones in various finishes and colors to rose gold chrome for the ultimate glamorous manicure. Of course the chrome and rhinestones are amazing, but we also really appreciate the soft pink matte polish for added contrast.

23Rotating Chrome Glitz

As much as we love over the top nail designs, there are times you just want something that’s fairly simple to accomplish while still getting a fun outcome. They kept it pretty straightforward with these nails, painting them in rose gold chrome and silver glitter and rotating the nails.

24Accented in Rose Gold Chrome

You didn’t think we were done with the super glam nail designs, did you? Of course not! Rose gold chrome is the latest nail color to elevate your dramatic manicures. Combining various neutral and pink tones, like they did here, keeps things cohesive.

25Dripping in Rose Chrome

Well this is an out of the box design concept! We’re here for this creativity. They kept the nails really neutral with this gorgeous nude matte shade, completing the look with rose gold chrome ‘dripping’ down the nails.

26Glittering Rose Chrome

This is monochromatic done right! Not only is the color scheme cohesive and stunning, but they went the extra mile by adding dimension using chrome and glitter in addition to solid nail polish. Aren’t these so pretty? Perfect for all nail lengths.

27Rose Gold Chrome Textures

Another example of how you can simply pair rose gold chrome polish with glitter of the same color and end up with a standout manicure. All the shine is beautiful! Proof you can’t have too much.

28French Ombre Chrome Finished

Talk about a twist to a French ombre design. Flipping the placement of white polish to being on the base, and rose gold chrome on the nails is the upgrade this design needed. If you want to lighten up the feel of rose gold chrome, pair with white!

29Rose Gold Roses

Bring the ‘rose’ in rose gold chrome to fruition by painting actual roses. The pink color scheme is soft and feminine, we really love that they used rose gold chrome to create the rose outlines. Such a unique way to use the colors.

30Sharp Chrome Style

While we’ve shown you quite a few manicure with a similar design and aesthetic, we wanted to show you how the shape of nails can be another way to transform your nail art. The subtle point at the ends of nails adds a bit of edge and sharpness to the overall look.

31Simple Rose Gold Chrome

Want a simple manicure? Here you go! Because rose gold chrome is such a gorgeous nail color on its own, you really don’t need to add any embellishments designs to get a manicure that stands out from the crowd.

32Outlined in Rose Gold

How about this for unique? Painting an ever so thin line around the ends of the nails, using rose gold chrome polish, gives matte nude polish a major style shift. You can paint all the nails the same, or add an accent nail like they did in the image.

33Stiletto Designed in Chrome

Stiletto shaped nails have become increasingly more popular. While they’re trendy, it isn’t a shape that’s functional for everyone. The good news? You can adapt a design like this to just about any nail length or shape and still get an epic design.

34Shaped in Rose Gold

Since we’ve shown you quite a few extremely detailed designs, we wanted to make sure we also included a few simple options. This is another example of painting the nails in a solid rose gold chrome polish. The difference? The nail shape!

35Rose Chrome Striping

Aren’t these nails fun? Applying rose gold chrome in striped detailing onto neutral toned polish gives this an artistic flair. Elevate your favorite neutral nail color with chrome striping!

36Neutral + Chrome

37Speckled Rose Gold

38Tipped in Rose Gold

39Glamorous Rose Gold

40Chrome Finished Neutrals