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Gel French Tip Manicure

Do you love French tip manicures? It’s one of those designs that we all know we can lean on when we want a manicure that’s chic, simple and stylish. Fortunately, French tips have gotten some upgrades over the past couple of years as people everywhere have found unique ways to transform the classic design. If you’re a gel manicure kind of person and looking for ways to spice up your French tip manicures using gel – we have you covered! We took it upon ourselves to round up some gorgeous gel French tip manicure designs we know you are going to love.

1Baby Blue Tips

Easy way to change up your gel French tip manicure? Swap white out for pastel blue! This is a gorgeous look for the spring and summer months. When you want just a touch of color added to your manicure.

2Bejeweled French Tip

Keep your gel French tip manicure simple, with an unexpected glam twist! Applying rhinestones all over one accent nail is all you need to accomplish this. It keeps things neutral and subtle, but gives a little textured glam.

3Chevron French Tips

Changing the shape of the color painted onto the tips of nails is a really fun way to give new life to gel French tips. Here, they swapped white out for black and added a triangular shape to the tips for a different look.

4Black French Tip Mani

Do you resonate with an edgy style personality? Use black polish for your next gel French tip manicure instead of the classic white. You still get the classic, minimalistic feel but with a bit of edge thanks to black polish.

5Black Ombre Tips

This is the ultimate edgy gel French tip manicure. Using black on the tips and the base of the nail. What adds the dimension and separates the areas of the nail is the ombre effect applied to the base of the nail.

6Edged French Tip

Bring a little more shape and dimension to your gel French tip manicure with this take on the design. Applying more color to the tips of nails like this gives more focus to the ends of nails, especially with the pointed effect implemented.

7Shades of Blue Tips

Ok – how FUN is this gel French tip manicure? Using two shades in the same color family, like teal and blue as shown, gives the classic design a colorful twist. Such a cool take on the design.

8Blue and White French Tip

Looking for a way to add color to your French tip manicure, but in a way that’s different from applying color to the tips? Here you go! Keep the tips classic white and add a fun color to the base of the nail. Here they kept it springtime fresh with pastel blue but you can use any color.

9Tipped with a Bow

Completed with a bow! Applying a 3D bow to one accent nail is such a cute, unexpected twist to the classic French tip manicure. Keep it minimal by applying a white bow that’s consistent with the white tip polish.

10Burgundy with Chrome Tips

Get a dark, edgy feel added to your French tip manicure with a look like this. They added dark burgundy polish to the base of the nail and completed it with gold chrome on the tips. It’s an unexpected combination that WORKS beautifully.

11Chrome Stripe Tip

Give your French tips a little extra shine with a thin metallic stripe. Minimal, stylish but impactful! The placement of the chrome stripe is perfect for a smooth transition between nude and white colors used for the French mani look.

12Chrome Accented French Mani

Another way to add a minimalistic, chic flair to a classic French tip manicure. Here they left the ring finger free from the classic white tip and replaced it with silver glitter and silver chrome stripes. We love that they brought the lines down a bit from the end for a modern flair.

13Diagonal French Tip

The great thing about a French tip manicure is you can use the overall aesthetic of it, but implement it in your own unique way. Here they took the basic elements of a French manicure but added a diagonal shape to the tips to achieve a completely different look.

14Disney Inspired French Tips

Disney lovers we found this just for you! Whether you’re heading to visit one of the Disney parks or you just want to embrace your love for Disney this is a really fun manicure for you to style. Polka dots, black bows and glitter give you that Disney aesthetic.

15Emerald Embellished

Rounded French tip manicure feels extra feminine and gives nails the illusion of added length. It’s so pretty on its own so you can definitely leave as is. But if you want more glam – apply chic embellishments to the ring finger like they did here.

16Dainty Design with French Tips

Keep your gel French tip manicure classic, with just a hint of differentiation. Here they added extra style to the French tips with this delicate white triangular design and single rhinestone applied to the base of a couple of the nails.

17Glitter Ombre Tips

Simple, neutral and glamorous! Swap out the white polish for silver glitter applied to the ends of nails to get a glam twist for your nails. Fading the glitter out a bit gives this an ombre aesthetic.

18Gold Glitter Tips

If the ombre effect using glitter from the previous picture isn’t really your thing, but you still want to use glitter to transform your gel French tip manicure this is a great option for you to try out. Use any color glitter you like for this manicure.

19Golden Gel Tips

Chrome polish has become incredibly popular recently. It’s great because it gives you the neutral aesthetic of a metallic shade, but with a slight edge thanks to the chrome finish. Add a metallic edge to your gel French tip manicure using chrome on the tips!

20Green French Mani

We’ve shown you how a few different colors applied to the tips can look with a French tip manicure. If you can’t choose just ONE color – opt for two! Here they used two shades in a similar tone to create a streamlined aesthetic to the color combination.

21French Manicure Mattified

Keep your gel French tip manicure classic with the typical colors used to achieve the look, but with a slight update. That update? Applying a matte finish to the top! Amazing how changing the finish can really transform the feel of this manicure.

22Modern Matte Manicure

Whew! We’re loving this matte French tip manicure. It’s classic with just a subtle twist with this minimalistic design painted onto the ring finger nail. Stunning and modern wrapped up into one manicure.

23Neon Floral Tips

Looking to add more of a POP to your gel French tip manicure? Look no further because this is perfection. Using neon on the tips is a stunning way to give your nails that major pop of color. Leave it just with the tips or incorporate some other design elements like they did here.

24Delicate Glitter Tip

This gel French tip manicure is delicate and beautiful. Start by painting your nails a soft nude hue. You get the French tip element by applying glitter to the very ends of the nails. We love the subtly here.

25Textured French Manicure

Another way to keep the classic feel of your go-to gel French tip manicure, with a subtle style transition. Adding a soft, monochromatic glitter texture to the ring finger nail is stunning here. It’s not a major difference but just enough to make it a unique manicure.

26French Ombre Tips Gel

Classic gets a modern update! We’ve seen a lot of people making a small transition to the classic gel French tip manicure. That transition? Using white polish to create an ombre fade. It gives a softer transition between the colors that feels fresh and modern.

27Pastel Rainbow French Manicure

Bring the rainbow nail color trend to your French tip manicure! No need to choose one color on the tips, go all out and apply different colors to each tip of the nail to achieve that rainbow trend look. Such a fun way to add color to your French tip mani.

28Pink French Tips

The rainbow color from before not really your thing? Stick to just one pastel shade on the tips of the nails, here they went with a pretty pastel pink. Such a pretty choice for the warm weather months when you want color but not TOO much color.

29Pink Shade French Tip

If you love pink you probably love this design. Choose two shades of pink to achieve this look. We love that they painted the shades of pink in rotation to the design here. It gives so much dimension to the design!

30Deep Red French

We’ve shown you quite a few pastel shades used on the tips of French tip manicures. But we can’t forget about all the other gorgeous nail polish colors! Apply dark red to the ends of your nails for a different take on the design. This is great for the fall and winter.

31Stone Accent French

The French tip manicure design is pretty subtle here, but that’s what makes it so special. It’s a soft, barely there transition. The soft aesthetic is a perfect complement to rhinestones glued onto the accent nail here.

32Extra Shine Tipped

You’ve seen a matte finish added to the classic gel French tip manicure, now we’re giving you the SUPER shine finish look. The added shine element gives a whole different vibe to the classic French tip. We’re in love!

33Silver Chrome French Manicure

Hello chrome lover! We thought this take on gel French tip manicure was so edgy and fun. Combining metallic polish with incredibly shiny chrome on the tips = sign us up!

34Silver Tips

Like the idea of adding metallic to your gel French tip mani? This is a great option to give a try if you don’t want an all-out chrome look like the picture before this. Use your favorite metallic color for this!

35Striped French Tips

Adding thin stripes to the ends of nails here is just enough of a design difference to make it unique, but simple enough to keep the consistency of the French tip mani look. Add a touch of black, like they did here, or use another color – it’s up to you!

36Yellow Tipped Sunflowers

37Tulip Tip

38Black and White Edge

39Floral Stripe Ends

40Matte Yellow Manicure