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Wire Nail Designs

One of the more unexpected nail trends that’s been gaining momentum in the industry: wire nail designs! Yes, you read that correctly. Wire nail designs are implemented using, well…wire! We always love new and creative ways to change up nail art designs, so we’re definitely on board with this nail trend. If you’re new to this trend, like we were until recently, scroll through to get a better sense of how others are using wire to add more design to their nails. Creativity at its finest on this list!

1Classic 3D

Talk about transforming classic black and red nails! Adding thin wire in addition to gold, round beads to even just one or two nails is all you need to make that happen. This use of wire and beads is a work of art!

2Colorful Wire Art

We absolutely love this wire nail design. Really, though…what’s not to love? The use of pink, white and other colors in a watercolor type of effect is incredible. What makes this particular nail design stand out even more is the use of wire throughout.

3Clear Black Wiring

Clear nails is a big ‘thing’ right now. Adding wire and touches of simple black designs is a trendy way to give clear nails a little extra style boost. This manicure is proof of that! The use of thin gold wire as an outline of a couple of nails really gives these nails a little shine that completes the look.

4French Tip Wires

French tip manicures have been transformed and elevated in ways many of us never could have imagined. Add edge to your go-to French tip manicure by using black polish on the tips of your nails. Give the classic design even more uniqueness with the touch of gold wire on an accent nail.

5Contrasting Faces

Creating artistic face shapes onto nails is one of the most popular ways people have been adapting the wire nail design trend. The use of wire adds a 3D effect to the faces in a way that really adds to the artsy feel. Use nail glue to keep the wire in place!

6Wired in Shades of Blue

We love how people have begun to use small amounts of wire to add more personality to an already incredible nail design. These nails are a great example of that. The manicure is gorgeous and fun on its own but the touches of gold embellishments and wire at the cuticles really adds to the look.

7Copper Outlined in Wire

How chic is this manicure? We’re all about using unexpected nail colors, like this nearly sheer cooper nail polish. It’s a unique choice on its own but it gets a trendy twist with wire used as an outline around each nail. So fun!

8Clear Cuticle Cuff

Hello clear nails! We don’t know about you but we’re not even close to being tired of the clear nail trend. It’s chic, modern and stylish. Especially when clear nails get little touches of embellishment to them. Here, they opted for gold wire at the cuticle area of two nails and it really changed the vibe of clear nails.

9Disney Wire

Calling all Disney lovers! These wire nails were made for you. Who knew you could get Minnie and Mickey inspired nails using wire? Turns out, you can. We love the use of wire and rhinestones to create the iconic Mickey head shape.

10Facing Wire

Another way to work the popular face outline using wire on nails. White nails get new life with gold wiring here. They really added fun personality by adding different elements of the face onto each individual nail.

11Blue Flower Wires

While you’ve seen quite a few wire nail designs that are ALL about the wire on our list so far (and will moving forward), wire doesn’t have to be the focal point for it to elevate your manicure. These floral nails have gorgeous details going on, subtle touches of wiring completes it perfectly.

12Love Flower Wire

Springtime nails are looking stunning here! The soft pink color scheme is perfection for the spring season, and pairs so well with dainty flowers. Adding heart and circle shapes with wires gives floral nails a bit of edge and shine.

13French Tip Wires

We’re sure you’ve seen quite a few renditions of the French tip manicure, especially if you’ve scrolled through some of our other nail inspiration lists. But you probably haven’t seen a French tip manicure quite like this. Using WIRE to create the outline concept of French tip manicure = we’re in love!

14Green Wire Art

If you begin to really get into the wire nail design trend, you’ll quickly find that you can use wires in different colors and thicknesses to play around with. Here they went with a thicker wire in colors we haven’t seen much of (at least not on this list!). Try different types of wires to make your designs stand out.

15Happy Wire Love

Classic symbols don’t look so classic when they’re created using wire. As you can see on these nails, a simple smiley face and heart gets a makeover with thin gold wire. Even just applying them to clear nails, you’re left with a modern, stylish manicure.

16Wire Shapes

Sometimes all you need is a little wire to get that fashionable manicure for yourself. These nails are SUPER simple, with just a rounded shape. The style element comes in thanks to copper colored wire in crisp shapes.

17Wire Art

Aren’t these nails so fun?! Clear nails don’t even look ‘clear’ when they’re topped with dainty embellishments and touches. Between the turquoise embellishments, gold wire and gold flakes you can really make clear nails detailed.

18Love Wire Design

Use wire to spell out your love – literally! The fun thing about using wire to create letters and words onto nails is you get this kind of illustrated look in the process. Thin wire tends to be much easier to work with to accomplish this type of look.

19Wire Marbling

These nails are a true work of art! Incorporating different design concepts onto each nail is such a cool way to add your own personality to your manicure, as you can see here. Use embellishments and gold wiring (as they did here) to take it to the next level.

20Watercolor Golden Wires

Using clear space in nail designs is a really great way to add a light, modern aesthetic to nearly any design. These nails show us how leaving some space clear does that. We love that they added touches of gold with gold flaking throughout each nail to tie in the gold wiring accent.

21Matte Black Outlined

Keep your nails simple and edgy with this wire nail design. Matte black, even on short nails, doesn’t feel like just your solid black manicure. Completing the textured black color with an outline of gold wiring gives nails that styled edge.

22Combining Wire Styles

If you’re really into girly, feminine styles you probably love this particular nail art. Between pink and red flowers, watercolor effect and heart – all the feminine ‘things’ are covered in this manicure. We really love that they added gold wiring into the mix to add even more dimension to the look.

23Clearly Striped in Wire

It’s all about that clear space…clear space! Ok, so honestly clear space on nails probably isn’t going anywhere. We’re definitely not mad at it, especially when there are manicures like this to use as inspiration. Leaving stripes of clear space on each nail gives these solid colors a whole different look. Gold wire at the cuticle really completes it!

24Athleisure Meets Wire

Talk about a 3D wire effect! We were in awe of these wire nail designed nails. This is an exaggerated version of the wire French tip manicure we showed you a few images back from this. We have to say the thick wire is a great combination to the Nike swoosh logos.

25Neutral Nails, Outlined

Even if you just add a very subtle touch of wire to neutral nails you can achieve a stunning design. As you can see here! Light nude nail polish gets a subtle style upgrade with thin pieces of wire glued at the base and tip of each nail.

26Wired in Pearls

Sorry, we’re not quite done with clear nail ideas using wire! This is your classic, clear coat manicure. What makes this standout and gives clear coated nails a trendy twist is the addition of gold wire and a pearl embellishment added to just ONE nail. How fun!

27Peony Cuticle Cuff

Metallics and florals aren’t often combined together in manicures, but when you see how great of a combination they make (in this picture) we’re starting to wonder why it’s not utilized more often. We adore the minimalistic flair of this manicure with clear nails given just a slight touch on various nails.

28Rosey Wires

Spring and summer are approaching and that means florals are going to be everywhere in beauty and fashion. Roses are so pretty on nails and they can really get an elevated design look with wire applied to them. Here, the wire adds even more detail to make the rose look even more lifelike.

29Rounded Wire Style

Aren’t these wire nails so chic?! Think outside the box with the placement of your wire and gold embellishments. They don’t have to be perfect, as you can see, to look fashionable on nails. Just make sure you use the right kind of nail glue to hold everything in place!

30Silver Edge Wire

We’ve shown you a lot of gold wire, but we didn’t want to forget about silver. Both shades of metallic wire look great when applied to nails. Silver, as you can see on the nails shown, has a different aesthetic from gold. Whatever your preference you can achieve a gorgeous manicure.

31Wire Striping

We’re all about simplicity with nail design. If you love black nail polish, this subtle design shift is a great way to give new life to your favorite nail polish color. Leaving a bit of clear space at the base of the nail, and adding a gold wire between the clear and black polish = modern, stylish, edge!

32Wire Swirls

We couldn’t resist another option to rock the ‘face’ inspired design using wiring on nails. These wire nails are really simple, with the nails itself being painted with just a simple clear coat. The clear coat offers a lighter, fresh type of feel paired with wire details.

33Twisted Wires

Hello gorgeous! We fell in love with these wire nails. The combination of wire French tip and the swirl design using wire, we’re hooked. Ok, ok the addition of an iridescent accent nail definitely doesn’t hurt.

34Minimal Wire Edge

In case you haven’t noticed, using wire and other gold embellishments is a really easy way to keep your nails really simple without having to worry about nail polish while still having a manicure that stands out from the crowd.

35Wiring Face

Elements of the face are hard to get away from with wire manicures. We love this interpretation of the trend, with most of the nails being left clear or bare and just one accent nail painted in a matte black polish. Edgy, stylish and so artistic!

36Artistic French Tips

37Striping Wires

38Wire Lines

39French Mani Wrapped

40Zodiac Wiring