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Iridescent Nail Polish Colors and Designs

If you haven’t already noticed iridescent nails is one of the biggest nail trends that’s made waves over the past year or so. We have to say, we don’t think this is a trend that’s going to be short lived either. It’s fun, colorful and so unique – which is likely why it’s such a beloved nail trend. Iridescent nail polish can be added for a slight adjustment to your classic nail color, or turned into a design that’s over the top in the best way possible. Whatever your preference is we’ve found some of the most insane (in a good way) ways to embrace iridescent nail polish colors and designs on this list – scroll through to see what we’re talking about!

1Edgy Iridescent Flakes

One of our favorite ways to embrace the iridescent trend is by using iridescent glitter! These glitter flakes add such a fun dimension to black nail polish. It gives you color AND edge.

2Baby Blue Hologram

Go all in on iridescent nail polish and paint all your nails in the polish. We really love that this particular iridescent nail polish has a blue base tone that adds a sort of pastel vibe to the mix.

3Born to Be a Unicorn

Ok how awesome are these SUPER shiny iridescent nails? The added shine on top really enhances the multi-color nail polish. It’s a perfect match to unicorn design painted onto one of the nails.

4Clear Iridescence

Clear acrylics are everywhere right now, which makes it the perfect time to combine that trend with the iridescent trend. Adding an iridescent finish to the top of clear nails makes these nails feel futuristic.

5Seeing Through Hologram

Another way to rock the clear nail trend, but this is for the ladies who don’t have clear acrylics. Don’t worry – you can still do the clear nail thing! Add an iridescent finish to the top for more style and color.

6Stiletto Iridescent Shine

Sorry, we’re not done with clear nails incorporating iridescent nail polish! We couldn’t help ourselves because these nails are incredible! It gives the look of different size/shape glitter pieces floating in clear stiletto shaped nails.

7Chic Cobalt Holographic

This is for those of you who want more of a color pop on your iridescent nails. Starting with bright cobalt blue is a great foundation color for iridescent flakes. So much color and even more style!

8Dark Iridescent Polish

Pick this Nicole Diary iridescent nail polish up on Amazon! There are a ton of different variations of iridescent polish out there – we love the colors combined in this particular nail polish to DIY the look at home.

9Iridescent Ombre Tips

Love the French ombre design? Give that classic design a colorful, edgy twist by swapping out white polish at the tips for white based iridescent nail polish. The holographic polish adds such a fun twist to this.

10Rainbow Iridescent

We don’t know about you but we really love the rainbow nail thing that’s become so popular. Painting each nail a different color – love it! Add an iridescent finish to your pastel shades for a unique take on rainbow nails.

11Deep Holographic Nails

Sharp left from the previous picture using pastel shades, this is a dark edgy take on iridescent nail polish. We love this! It almost looks like a black base that makes this iridescent polish ideal for fall and winter.

12Matte Edge Accented

This iridescent nail design is edgy perfection. Starting with matte black polish and accenting the darkness with white iridescent nail polish, proving opposites attract! The stiletto shape adds to the edgy aesthetic.

13Chicly Designed with Iridescence

We are OBSESSED with this iridescent nail design. Incorporating negative space and clear acrylics into the nail designs gives this look a chic twist that feels incredibly modern. It also allows the iridescent finish to really shine.

14Flaming Holography

These nails are smoking hot! Literally. Start with clear, or matte nude as shown, nails to get a subtle foundation. This really gives the iridescent flame design to POP and be the focal point of the manicure.

15Iridescent Glitter Glam

Iridescent nail polish isn’t the only way to adapt the trend onto your nails. Try out iridescent glitter pieces to create a fun design, like these star glitter pieces! Star glitter pieces are such a fun addition to clear pink polish.

16Mermaid Inspired Iridescence

We don’t know about you but this iridescent nail design is giving us mermaid inspiration. We’re into it! Adding to the mermaid feel is the scale shaped glitter pieces on the ring finger nail.

17Iridescent Subtle Finish

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen the French ombre nail designs, well…everywhere. Using pastel purple at the ends changes the feel of the classic look and really balances the iridescent finish perfectly.

18Rhinestone Iridescent Glam

You’ve seen iridescent glitter as a way to incorporate the trend into your nails, but don’t forget about iridescent rhinestones! This is for those who like to be all glam with their nails. Have fun with placement of the rhinestones to make it your own.

19Loving Holographic

Hello lover! We’re seriously in love with these iridescent heart glitter pieces. Applying them to nearly nude nail polish makes the manicure feel a bit more neutral and doesn’t take away from the multi-color hearts.

20Iridescent French Tips

This iridescent nail design is perfect for those with shorter nails. Although it would look great on just about any nail length. Switching white polish for dark iridescent polish for the tips is the style upgrade we didn’t realize we’d love so much.

21Mix and Match Hologram

Iridescent glitter flakes can really be added to just about any nail color and design to bring it up to a whole different style level. Here they mix and matched different designs, splashing iridescent flakes into the mix on a couple of nails.

22Iridescent Astrology

Astrology hasn’t been this trendy before! White based iridescent nail polish is a winning choice no matter how you design it. We love how they’ve paired it with moon and star rhinestones for an astrological twist.

23Neutral Iridescent Nails

Neutral nails get an iridescent accent. Who knew nude nail polish could be so unique?! We’re head over heels for iridescent flakes applied down the center, in a stripe, to a couple of nails to completely change nude polish. Subtle details for the win!

24Opal Inspired

Does this give anyone else opal vibes? We love the sought after stone that we often see in beautiful pieces of jewelry. If you don’t have any opal jewelry you can still embrace the opal beauty on your nails.

25Pastel Rainbow Iridescence

The rainbow nail concept is getting a modern, colorful edge here! Leaving negative space at the base of each nail is a great way to allow iridescent pieces to really shine through. The pastel shades really enhance the colors of the iridescent pieces, as well.

26Pearlized with Iridescent

The great thing about their pearl-like iridescent polish is you can apply this to any nail length and shape and know you’re going to be making a stylish nail statement. Shine, subtle colors and beauty!

27Pink Ombre Hologram

How cool is the way these nails combined ombre and iridescent polish? The finish of the nails is iridescent which really pulls the ombre effect to the forefront of the manicure. Adapt this with any color scheme.

28Purple Meets Pink

Do pink and purple ever get old? We don’t think so. Use the classic colors to create that gorgeous ombre effect we all know and love. Complete the look with an iridescent finish that adds shine and depth to the nails.

29Holographic Rainbow Nails

Another incredibly chic way to pair up rainbow and iridescent trends together. We can’t get enough of the edgy iridescence on these rainbow nails. Of course the stiletto nail shape definitely adds to the edge!

30Rotating Holographic Ombre

We’ve show you quite a few ways to rock ombre and iridescence onto nails. This is a totally different interpretation by applying the ombre effect in different places on the nails creating this rotated type of look.

31Sea Shell Hologram

Calling all our mermaid lovers! If these iridescent nails don’t give you mermaid vibes we don’t know what will. We have to say we think the iridescent addition to the nails really brings the mermaid feel to another level.

32Shining Iridescence

Adding extra shine to the top of white iridescent nail polish = we’re in love! Adjusting the finish of just about any nail color can change the vibe up. Shine gives this iridescent polish an almost glass-like appeal.

33Star Iridescent Nails

Looking for a way to add more design to your favorite iridescent nail polish colors? Add embellishments! Even when they’re dainty embellishments like mini stars it gives the nails so much more design.

34Striping Iridescent Glitter

How incredible are these nails? Nail goals! Between ombre, glitter, and the iridescent stripes you really can’t go wrong using this manicure for nail inspiration. Embrace one or all of the elements for your next nail appointment.

35Swirling Opal

Over the top opal! Yes the iridescent nail polish is a stand out on its own, it never hurts to add some additional glam touches to add your own personal style to your nails. Mini rhinestones and white swirled lines doesn’t overpower the polish, but adds so much personality.

36Taupe Goes Glam

37Iridescent Glitter Fade

38Unicorn Hologram

39White Iridescent Striping

40Modern Iridescent Mani