Rhinestone nails


Nail Designs With Rhinestones

Want to add some glam to your nails? Rhinestone nails are the epitome of glam. Obviously, right? This season rhinestone nails are going to be a huge trend and we’re here for it. For the ladies who want to be a little extra with their manicures, you’re in the right place because we’ve gathered 40 stunning rhinestone nails to use as inspiration for your own nail art. Whether you want rhinestone nails that are super over the top or something that just has a touch of glam we have you covered with a great variety of rhinestone nail designs to check out.

1Rhinestone Nail Art Simplicity

Adding rhinestones to your nails can mean simply adding one stone to each nail. This rhinestone nail design is gorgeous for the woman who just wants subtly elevate her nude manicure color. If you’re not into the one glitter nail you can keep them all the same with a nude color base completed with the stone placement.

2Glam Black Nails with Rhinestones

Black nails will never get old, in our humble opinion. There’s something about black that’s always classic yet edgy. The mixture of different textures in this nail design creates a unique aesthetic we adore. It’s edgy, chic and trendy!

3Shining Ombre Grey Nails with Rhinestones

Ever since ombre nails came onto the scene a while back, they haven’t gone anywhere…with good reason! It’s such a stylish way to paint your nails. The light color tones in this ombre design are perfection for the spring season, of course it’s complimented so well with the pop of glam with rhinestones.

4Leopard Blue Nail Combo with Rhinestones

Leopard print, rhinestones and bold colors are all glamorous elements on their own. When these elements are combined you get the ultimate glam manicure design. The leopard and cobalt blue are stunning, we love the touch of rhinestones added for that extra pop.

5Navy Nails with Rhinestones

Navy is an underrated nail color and we don’t know why because it’s absolutely gorgeous! This rhinestone nail look is ideal for the woman who wants to be chic with her nails. To keep the rhinestones a bit more subdued the stones are also in blue tones for a monochromatic vibe.

6Burgundy Rhinestone Nails Goes Glamourous

Burgundy is going to be a huge nail color trend in 2019. This rhinestone nail art is a fresh way to rock burgundy nails all year long. Mix different size rhinestones to create a unique look with your stones.

7Chromed in Pastel Nails

Chrome nail colors can feel a bit over the top and an easy way to make the finish feel less ‘in your face’ is to pair it with a pastel tone like they’ve done here. The color combination is beautiful and gets a glam element added with strategically placed rhinestones.

8Cleared Rhinestones Nail Design

Nails with negative space are all the rage right now. It’s a fresh take on nail art and looks incredibly modern. Keep your nails blank and just add rhinestones to the tips for a different take on a French manicure.

9Coffin Rhinestone Nails

Long nail lovers will love this rhinestone nail design! Coffin nail shapes are a statement on their own so keep it simple with a white, or almost clear, color and just add rhinestones to one nail.

10Nude Nails with a Glam Touch

Spring and summer tends have us all drawn towards lighter nail colors. Nude nail color(s) is always a chic choice. If you want to give your nude nails a glamorous touch just add rhinestones to one or two nails on each hand. Isn’t this stunning?

11Designer Glam Pink Rhinestone Nails

Fashionistas unite! This rhinestone nail design is for you, for obvious reasons. Use stencils to paint your favorite designer logo onto your nails. Add rhinestones to the mix for added fashion vibes.

12Chic Purple pink Rhinestone Nails

Create a chic rhinestone nail look with a gorgeous pale pink base. Place rhinestones in symmetrical designs on the nails. The varying placement of the rhinestones on each nail makes it extra chic.

13White Pink Stiletto Rhinestone Style

Statement-making nails don’t always mean bright colors or prints. Keep it neutral with the colors in your manicure, the statement comes from the rhinestones. Each nail in this nail design is different giving it an artistic flair.

14Updated Glam French Mani With Rhinestones

French manicures will always be a go-to nail design but even classics need a little update every once in a while. This nail design references some of the aesthetic of a French manicure in a bit of an exaggerated way. It gets a glam vibe added with the rhinestones, too.

15Pointy Rhinestones Nails

We instantly fell in love with these pointy rhinestone nails. The nails completely covered in rhinestones is a major nail look that’s perfect for the woman who’s searching for an over the top look.

16Statement-Making Coffin Nails

Placing different size rhinestones onto nails is one of our favorite ways to achieve a stylish rhinestone nail design. When you use a mixture of sizes in stones you can keep the design fairly simple without sacrificing style.

17Golden Beige Rhinestone Nails

Beige nails have never been more glamorous than they are in this nail design! The neutral color pairs perfectly with gold glitter and rhinestones.

18Short Green with Shine Nails

Green tones are going to be everywhere come fall/winter 2019. If you want to rock the nail color trend now adding rhinestones in a flower arrangement is a great way to transition the color into spring and summer.

19Holographic Stones Coffin Nails

Holographic nails are a glamour girl’s dream. Right? The iridescent finish is the ideal complement to rhinestones. This can be recreated with any nail length or shape, too.

20Hot Pink Nails Goes Glam

Bring the summertime vibes with a bold nail color. Hot pink is always a win during the warm weather months. Instead of keeping your nails solid hot pink add rhinestones to one nail for a new take on the design.

21Edgy Iridescent Nail Art

22Touched in Gold

23Perfect Black Nails With Rhinestones

24Grey Nails Elevated with Glam

25Modern Ombre Rhinestone Nails

26Mermaid Nails with Rhinestones

27Ringed in Navy Nail Design

28Glam Monochrome Nails

29Rhinestones Styled Nails

30Outlined in Rhinestone Nails

31Pastel Rhinestone Art

32Glittered with Peach Nails

33Spring Glam Nail Art

34Half and Half Nails

35Gradient Warm Tones Nails

36Edgy in Beige Nails

37Metallic Design Nails

38White and Black Nails

39White Rhinestone Nail Design

40White Almond Nails


Are rhinestone nails your favorite yet? We’re officially obsessed with this nail trend after we found all these designs. Even though it is a trend that we often associate with being rather over the top and ultra glamorous some of these designs definitely show that rhinestones can be subtle and discrete. The best thing about nail design is it’s a great way to let your personality and creativity shine in a way that isn’t permanent. If you end up with a nail design you’re not obsessed with you can always change it – pretty great, right?

For the do it yourself women rhinestone nail designs can be created at home, you will just need a few tools. Obviously rhinestones are a necessary component to creating a rhinestone nail design. This is where you can really have fun, we suggest getting a variety of different rhinestone colors, shapes and sizes. There are plenty of places you can purchase rhinestones. Your local craft store should have a pretty good selection of rhinestones. For the online shopper check out sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress for a wide rhinestone selection. In addition to the actual rhinestones you are also going to need glue and tweezers. Make sure the glue you use is safe for your nails, don’t just use any old glue you stumble across. The tweezers are to make placing the rhinestones onto your nails easily. We don’t suggest trying to use your fingers to place the rhinestones. The stones will likely stick to your fingers and make it really difficult to achieve the precise design you want.

We have to admit we love some of these rhinestone nails so much we’re hoping this nail trend stays around for a while. Use these rhinestone nail art designs to try the trend out on your own nails!