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Green Nail Polish Designs

Feeling a little green with envy? If you’ve been on the hunt for an out or your norm nail polish color, we suggest giving green a go! You don’t have to wait for fall or the holiday season to have a stunning green nail color. Believe it or not, there are quite a few different shades of green polishes that will quickly make this your new go-to manicure color. To prove it to you we’re sharing over 30 green nail polish designs we know you’re going to obsess over. Get ready to book your next nail appointment after you see some of these green beauties!

1Army Green Nails

The perfect early fall nail color = army green! Ok, to be honest we think this shade of green is pretty all year long but you get where we’re going here. Keep it simple and stylish with a solid army green nail color to highlight a simple nail shape.

2Edgy Green

Into edgy nails? These beauties are calling your name. Mixing green and black is a major win (obviously). We love the green glitter used in these nails, it adds some depth and dimension to solid black nails.

3Green Light Style

There will always been something really fun about a bright nail color. It brings a little pep to your day, right? We think so, especially when the bright color is green. This color would look awesome on any nail length, giving it that little *pop* that we all need every once in a while. For some added interest, go for a matte finish.

4Camo Inspired

No list of green nail designs is complete without at least one camo print design. Camouflage is a big trend in fashion that can be easily transitioned into nail art. This camouflage nail design shows us how to keep it simple, even if you’re not a professional nail artist you can achieve this at home.

5Green Chrome Chic

Make your nails shine with CHROME polish. You may have seen chrome polishes in the classic metallic shades recently but if you’re a woman who wants more color – you’re going to love green chrome polish. It’s the best of both worlds!

6Dark Feminine Greenery

We’ve officially added dark green hues to our go-to list for this fall/winter season. This dark matte green polish is EVERYTHING. It’s beautiful on its own, but we love the feminine touch to this design with one nude nail painted with a leaf design. The fall version of floral nail art.

7Green Goes Glam

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed rhinestone nails are…a trend. One of our favorite trends, we must add. Go monochromatic with green rhinestones added to dark green nail polish. It’s just enough glam to have fun with.

8Whitening Greens

Add this to your end of summer manicure list! White polish is a staple
color choice for many of us, as the weather changes we begin adapting the darker hues. Combining white with dark green is giving us all the pre-fall vibes.

9Lime Green Nails

We told you green comes in a variety of shades, you probably forgot about! Lime green is a gorgeous choice for the spring and summer seasons. A great alternative if you’re tired of rocking white polish all the time and want a little more color. Add some glam with silver glitter in a faint design like they’ve done here.

10Shocking Greens

Do you want nails that GLOW?! These green nails are sure to make a nail-statement. The almost neon shade looks great alone, but we love the added design with gold shapes to the top. Gold is an easy way to add instant glam to any nail color, even neon green.

11Green Accented

Didn’t we say gold adds glam, instantly? These dark green nails get a super simple, chic upgrade with gold stripes. We love that they placed the stripes in different areas of the nails for even more interest.

12Embellishing Green Nails

Get the ultimate glamorous green nail design with gold embellishments. You can get embellishments like these online and at beauty supply stores. The great thing about embellishments like these is you can apply them to a solid green nail to achieve an over the top look with minimal effort! Or go all out like this design – we support either!

13Modern Geometry

Mixing colors can be intimidating but when you paint green with neutrals like nude and black you’re bound to get a gorgeous result. These nails are rather simple in design with a nude base and green polish applied in to create a triangle. It’s the thin black lines that take the simple nails and completely transform them into modern marvels. Simplicity is anything but SIMPLE.

14Green Glitter Design

Think outside the box with glitter polish. So often we all stick with the classic glitter colors but what’s not to love about GREEN glitter?! Color + glitter = nail glam done right. Mixing different green glitters is an easy way to add even more style to your nails.

15Glitter Greens

You saw bold green glitter, don’t overlook pastel toned green glitter polishes. Isn’t this pretty? When you want an easy DIY nail look this is a great go-to option to try out. Your nails will sparkle in style.

16Gold Flakes Green Polish

Add gold to your nails in a new way, with flakes! We are so into this nude and gold accent nail. It feels so modern paired with dark green polish. Another great design for any nail shape and length!

17Green Touched with Glitter

The ultimate DIY green glitter manicure. It doesn’t get much easier to achieve a stylish nail look. All you need is a dark green polish and some gold glitter. Applying glitter to just one nail is a stunning accent, and really all you need with a gorgeous green polish.

18Green Marble Design

Marble nail design has been another big trend but most often we’ve been seeing the design in white and black. We’re loving the green interpretation of the trend. Using white as the color showing through green gives the nails some lightness.

19Mermaid Aesthetic

Embrace your inner Ariel with these green nails. The accent nail has a scale-like effect, especially when it’s paired with the stunning deep green polishes. For added dimension play around by mixing and matching matte vs shiny finishes to the nails.

20Swirling in Green

Who said you have to stick with ONE green color in a manicure? We sure didn’t. These green nails are proof you can combine various shades of green together for a stunning result. Use a thin brush to gently sweep colors onto the nail to get the swirling look. HINT: it doesn’t have to be perfect!

21Green Tea Nails

Enjoy tea? Bring your love of tea into your next nail design with green tea nails! Who would’ve thought TEA could inspire such cute nail art. Paint the floral design onto just one nail for a simple design, or go all out with every nail designed – the choice is yours.

22Summer Bug

We’re all about using simple touches to elevate a simple nail look. These nails couldn’t be a better example of how effect a simple touch can be on solid green nails. Applying a ladybug to the nail is totally unexpected and FUN.

23Lime Style

These lime green nails scream summertime chicness. Don’t you think? Sometimes you just want to keep it solid with nails. When you have a gorgeous color, like lime green, that’s all you need.

24Ombre Limes

Now for the woman who wants some lime green in her nail life, but wants to take it up a notch these are the lime green nails for you. Go ombre with lime green! Stunning choice for the spring and summer seasons.

25Chic Leafs

You know those palm printed walls we’ve seen across Instagram? We introduce to you the nail art version of those walls. And we have to say, we like the nails even more than the pictures! Take inspiration from everywhere for your nail designs – the options are plentiful!

26Matte Olive Green Nails

27Mint Green Nails

28Minty Iridescence

29Dollar Bills

30Toned Down Green

31Clearly Green

32Neon Green Nails

33Shocking Stripes

34Bright Tips

35Earthly Flowers

36Chic Olives

37Textured Greens

38Extending an Olive Branch

39Slime Style

40Twisted Olive


Now that you’ve scrolled through some of our favorite green nail designs we know what you’re thinking…you need to get some green nail polish in your life. We know, we felt the same way. It’s funny how so many of us almost forget about all the different nail color options we have at our finger tips (pun intended). Green tends to be one of the forgotten nail colors which is why we wanted to spend some time highlighting the color. It’s such a fun nail color choice that offers so many options to change up the look of your nails.

We loved the use of green with nude nails. The ‘nude’ nail look has become a HUGE trend, we’re expecting to see quite a bit over the next year or so. There’s something about the appearance of some empty space on a nail that provides a modern aesthetic. One of our favorite examples of this is the nude nails with very thin line of neon green on the tips of the nails. The pop of color on just the tip of the nails is unexpected and so stylish. Of course, we also have a special place in our hearts for the neon green nail designs. Neon anything is fun, particularly on nails.

As we’re beginning to close out the summer season it’s one of those times of the year where we all need that extra boost of inspiration. Whether it’s with fashion, beauty or nails – the beginning of one season and end of another calls for trying out something different with your look. Our hope is that we’ve inspired you to try a different nail color. Hopefully you’ll give green a go, if you’ve never tried it in the past. Whatever style you resonate with, we’re certain there’s a green nail design that will suit you.

Just be prepared to have everyone envious of your green nails!